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Marilyn Manson in the News (May 4 - May 28, 2023)

May 9 - Anti-SLAPP Rulings Revealed and Why Marilyn Manson Has a Strong Case for an Appeal Anti-SLAPP laws work by putting more burden than usual on defamed plaintiffs like Manson, forcing them to clearly show at the outset that their case is legitimate. In California, the reason strict anti-SLAPP laws exist is because they have so many cases to go through, and it helps to alleviate the pressure of the courts by making cases less time consuming by eliminating certain aspects of a claim before they go to discovery. The major drawback of this is that a plaintiff must enter the case with all their evidence in hand when it comes to defamation claims even before discovery can be conducted. Thus, it makes it almost impossible for a defamation claim to pass into the discovery portion of the case unless the unquestionable evidence already clearly exists. In some cases, like Manson's, the intentional infliction of emotional distress claim can also be part of the anti-SLAPP.   Summary of the

An Analysis and Investigation of the Photo of Evan Rachel Wood's "Self-Inflicted" Scars

  Evan Rachel Wood Coming Into 2019 As we entered 2019, Evan Rachel Wood continued her activist role as a self-proclaimed warrior fighting on behalf of all women, and she made sure all women knew this when she gave a stirring speech at the third annual Women's March on January 18th, where she said among other things: "When you are knocked down, you get back up. Keep getting back up. Now, women are really good at that. We’ve had a lot of practice. But we are tired. I’m tired. As a mother, as a rape survivor, as a domestic violence survivor, I am tired." Almost a few weeks later, Evan revealed in a Nylon essay she wrote that she had once committed herself to a mental hospital, specifically when she was 22 years old after a suicide attempt. A few days after publication, on February 2nd, the Daily Mail published an awkward article of Evan emerging from LAX in her first public appearance since writing that essay. Chronologically, her stay in the mental hospital coincides wi

Darkness and Coldness in "A Christmas Carol" Compared to the Marilyn Manson Environment

In A Christmas Carol , Charles Dickens associates coldness and darkness with vice and melancholy, while warmth and brightness are associated with virtue and merriment. He effectively uses these to establish for the reader the abyss that exists between that which is evil and that which is good. We see this in how Charles Dickens describes the weather: "It was cold, bleak, biting weather: foggy withal: and he could hear the people in the court outside, go wheezing up and down, beating their hands upon their breasts, and stamping their feet upon the pavement stones to warm them. The city clocks had only just gone three, but it was quite dark already—it had not been light all day—and candles were flaring in the windows of the neighbouring offices, like ruddy smears upon the palpable brown air. The fog came pouring in at every chink and keyhole, and was so dense without, that although the court was of the narrowest, the houses opposite were mere phantoms. To see the dingy

New Information Shows Evan Rachel Wood Cheated on Marilyn Manson and Had an Abortion as a Result While They Were Engaged - What This Tells Us in Light of the Allegations Against Manson

In the latest exclusive interview by Colonel Kurtz, she talked with Manzin, a friend of Marilyn Manson who shared with us some very interesting and relevant stories of times he spent not only with Marilyn Manson, but also with Evan Rachel Wood. Some of these stories are directly tied to some of the things I have already shared, which add some fascinating details, and these I would like to concentrate on with this post, saving some of the rest for for future posts. Nonetheless, I encourage everyone to listen to the entire interview for more context  (see video below) . Manson and Evan's Sex Life, Evan Cheats on Manson At around the 21 minute mark of the video interview, Manzin tells a story of the time Manson contacted him from an apartment in Tribeca in New York City, in June of 2010, where he was visiting Evan who was filming Mildred Pierce , and he asked him to drive them to a hotel, because it was hot and their air conditioning was broken. Arriving at the hotel, at around dinner

The Real Reason Evan Rachel Wood Checked Herself In To A Mental Hospital

  Evan's Nylon Essay on Checking Herself In To a Mental Hospital Evan Rachel Wood penned an essay for Nylon , published on January 31, 2019, that talks about the time she checked herself into a psychiatric hospital after a suicide attempt. "When I was 22, I willingly checked myself into a psychiatric hospital, and I have absolutely no shame about it. Looking back, it was the worst, best thing that ever happened to me." After a suicide attempt, she called her mother asking her to take her to a mental hospital. "I hadn't eaten or slept in three days. I felt like if you'd dropped me I would shatter. I felt like nothing." When her mother asked why she attempted to take her own life, she replied that she was looking for peace. "My mind was not a peaceful place. My mind at the time was filled with scars and shadows and, most importantly, so much shame. I was struggling with PTSD and didn't know it. PTSD is considered a mental illness; it can be caused