A Brief Look at Two Articles Released on March 15th 2022 Set to Coincide With the Release of Evan Rachel Wood's 'Phoenix Rising'

When it comes to Marilyn Manson news in the month of March 2022, it was pretty much dominated by Evan Rachel Wood's documentary Phoenix Rising , released conveniently on the Ides of March, on March 15th and 16th on HBO as a two-part series. During the week of its release, Evan made four television appearances and Amy Berg the director made one appearance, and these I have already covered here . A few weeks before this, earlier in the month, Marilyn Manson issued his lawsuit complaint against Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore, which changed the narrative a little in media circles, though it would soon be ignored (because we know how much the media hates their narrative changed and how scared they are to go against a woman who makes accusations in the MeToo era).  Besides the documentary and the multiple television appearances, we were overwhelmed with a large amount of media coverage, whether it be film reviews for the documentary, interviews, podcasts, and other types of investigatio

How Growing Up With False Rumors Made Me a Fan of Marilyn Manson

I grew up with two older sisters, one four years older and the other two years older, and they often experienced things before I did and I relied on that information to make a lot of my decisions growing up. We also had two uncles slightly older than us that I grew up close to and looked up to, and what they told me I also trusted. This was before the internet age, when rumors about various things were in abundance, and if you didn't experience something yourself then you had to rely on other people to tell you, and usually you trusted their experience. Naturally, because of this, I grew up believing a lot of rumors that frankly were just not true. Below are five examples out of many showing how false rumors influenced me and how this played a major part in me becoming a Marilyn Manson fan. 1. In the early 1980's, when I was around seven years old, my sisters and I slept over my grandparent's house. My two uncles were in high school at the time, so they slept over one of t

Accused Con Artist and Forgerer Evan Rachel Wood Caught in Awkward Moment on 'The Tonight Show'

  On September 19, 2020, Evan Rachel Wood appeared on The Tonight Show to promote her new film Kajillionaire .    During the interview she was asked by Jimmy Fallon if she has ever been involved in a con or forgery in real life, like her character. The reason this is awkward is because during the time of this interview, Evan and Illma Gore were involved in a con against Marilyn Manson and they impersonated an FBI agent as well as forged an FBI letter.    For more on these allegations and to see a copy of the forged letter, read the complaint of Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner) vs Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore at this link .     * I tried uploading this video to YouTube, but was not allowed, so I uploaded it directly. If video won't upload, you may need to refresh a few times and wait for it to do so about 20 seconds. Otherwise, here is the direct link .    

A Brief Analysis of Evan Rachel Wood's Testimony on Being a Victim of Coercive Control While in a Relationship With Marilyn Manson, and How She In Turn Implemented Coercive Control in her Custody Battle With Jaime Bell

Evan Rachel Wood testified over Zoom on 24 March 2021 before the Connecticut State Senate in favor of a domestic violence bill nicknamed “Jennifer’s Law,” for Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos, who disappeared in 2019 amid a contentious divorce with her husband. The state senate bill, Jennifer’s Law, would expand the definition of domestic violence in Connecticut to include “coercive or controlling behavior.” As I stated in my last post , in 2020 Evan began to significantly change her own narrative of abuse in order to fit her story according to the accepted signs of coercive control, while working on a new bill that she helped pass in California with Senator Susan Rubio in September 2020 on "coercive control". This is why we see in Phoenix Rising a more targeted emphasis on signs of coercive control, such as isolation from family and friends as well as isolation in the home. The Coercive Control Bill is separate, though a supplement, of the Phoenix Act and is related to domest
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