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Bianca Allaine Kyne Issues Statement Attempting to Spin a Recent Court Loss Into a Victory

A little over a week ago I wrote about a significant partial dismissal granted to Marilyn Manson on July 2nd in the lawsuit issued by Bianca Allaine Kyne. First, it stated that Manson's motion to dismiss all allegations in Kyne's complaint referencing sexual abuse as a minor in 1995 when she was 16 years old was granted. Second, any reference to Kyne's own personal drawings of Manson from when she was 16 are to be removed. Third, Kyne is therefore ordered to make a Second Amended Complaint within 30 days removing all of the above. Despite this significant victory of Marilyn Manson in managing to get a partial dismissal in this case, on July 15th Bianca Allaine Kyne and her lawyer Jeff Anderson decided to issue statements spinning their loss into a victory. They argue that since Manson was not granted a full dismissal (which he was not seeking), then he lost and they won in this particular ruling. What Was the Ruling on July 2nd?   When you read the ruling issued on July

Marilyn Manson in the News (December 6, 2021) - Jamie Bell Says Ex-Wife Evan Rachel Wood "Defies Credibility", Esme Bianco Announces She is Suing Marilyn Manson for $10 million

On December 6th it was revealed that two media sources, the Daily Mail and Radar Online, decided to finally do some journalistic work. For me, this is a story in and of itself, because very little effort has been made by journalists since February to actually seek the truth in the cases Marilyn Manson is involved in. Daily Mail did a good job unearthing some court documents filed by Evan Rachel Wood in April as part of her ongoing child custody battle with ex Jamie Bell, though it was presented sloppily. Radar Online obtained more recent court documents of a joint status report from both Esme Bianco and Marilyn Manson, though only extracts from the docs are presented in a confusing way. I'll go through both of these below.

Marilyn Manson Named in the Joint Custody Battle Between Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood

Jamie and Evan first dated in 2005, they then rekindled their romance after her relationship with Manson fell apart in 2010 and she came out as bisexual in 2011. In 2012 they married in a small ceremony with close family and friends (Jamie says it was not a "formal" wedding), and in July of 2013 they had a son named Jack. The couple separated and divorced less than a year later in 2014. Jamie married actress Kate Mara in 2017 and welcomed a baby girl in 2020, while Evan is currently single. It is now reported that a custody battle has been going on between Jamie and Evan for a few years, and the latest documents unearthed by the Daily Mail and published on December 6th reveal how Evan brought (used?) Marilyn Manson into the custody case. It should be noted, that Evan Rachel Wood has been hinting at her custody battle on Instagram for many months now, elevating herself as the good parent and degrading Jamie as the bad one.

The Daily Mail obtained a "Declaration of Evan Rachel Wood" from this past March that was filed in April, and it can be partially read below:

Though the Daily Mail doesn't quote the other things Evan is claimed to have said in context, she is reported to have said that:

- Marilyn Manson threatened the families of women who accused him of sexual assault and sex trafficking.

- Marilyn Manson told Evan Rachel Wood he would "fuck" her eight-year-old son.

- "I took his threat seriously, then and now," she said.

- Evan told the judge she installed bullet proof glass windows, a steel door and a security fence around her Los Angeles house.

- "I am looking into attack dogs and security guards at night," she said.

- She further said: "I only recently learned that (Manson) was involved in human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of minors on a large scale. These new developments, combined with the pending criminal investigation, lead me to be very concerned about our child's safety when in Los Angeles."

- She further said: "I am extremely afraid of the alleged offender. I have suffered severe, traumatic physical and emotional injury at his hands, and I am afraid he will seek retribution against me for testifying by harming me, our son, and members of my family. In my experience, the alleged offender is very retaliatory and has always made it clear that he will ruin my life."

- Evan said one of Manson's other alleged victims recorded him saying he had pictures of her children going to their mailbox, as well as their social security numbers. "I've got everything, they're fucked, and they're going to be fucking destroyed," he is said to have told the unidentified woman.

- He allegedly said he knew where all the people who had "created his problems" were. "I know where they live, where their fucking kids go to school, where they work, their parents…"

- Evan said she had been deluged with death threats since making her allegations against Manson in February. "You take Manson from me, I'll take your life," one of the messages read. Others said: "We know where you fucking live," and "I'm about crazy enough to come kill you myself."

"I cannot stress enough that it is not just the alleged offender, as one person, who presents a risk to our safety, it is the combination of the alleged offender and his network of fanatics, who, like him, are also extreme Satanists, pedophiles and Nazis."

She justified calling Manson a Nazi by saying he targeted Jewish women and used Nazi paraphernalia as weapons.

"The alleged offender's network of followers helped him kidnap, abuse, and ritualistically torture people which included binding, whipping, cutting, rape and forcing people to drink blood."

Jamie Bell filed court papers in a bid to regain joint custody of Jack after what he called Evan's "unilateral" decision to move from Los Angeles to Tennessee. His statement is as follows:

"Evan's story defies credibility. I frankly do not understand what is happening. Either Evan's claims that she is receiving 'death threats' are true and Jack is not safe in her care, or they are not true and she is withholding our son from me for other reasons of her own invention.

As an actor myself, I am no stranger to threats, and many people I know who are public figures have had to take security precautions. I have received no indication from Evan that she has even a security guard in place."

In the court papers, Bell said he knew Evan had moved to Nashville with Jack while he was making a movie in New Mexico last fall. She was due to fly him back to LA on December 18 last year so the boy could spend Christmas with his father. On December 19, Bell claimed:

"I texted Evan asking if they had arrived ok and she said that they had. However, this was not true. Jack was never put on a plane…Evan had me believe, for four days, that Jack was in California when in fact he was still in Tennessee. During those four days, I was not able to connect with Jack over FaceTime even though I tried every day. I tried contacting Evan's mother because I had grown suspicious of Evan's evasiveness and concerned about Jack's whereabouts, but her mother, sadly, also would not respond."

Evan sent him an email on December 22 saying that she and Jack would be staying in Nashville "for the immediate future."

"As you will soon find out, I am a material witness in a high-profile criminal investigation which likely will be public in the near future. I have been advised that both Jack and my safety is at risk and that it is in our best interests to remain in Nashville."

She told Bell she would "do whatever I can to accommodate you" if he wanted to fly to Tennessee to see his son before ending the message with the words "Shine on."

In a later email, she said: "The solution is not having Jack stay with you because he remains in danger in LA, where the perpetrators live, not far from your house."

Here are some of my thoughts on everything mentioned above:

1. I have discussed in previous articles that Evan Rachel Wood is a woman of many mental illnesses. She attests to this fact. One of these mental illnesses is the inability to distinguish reality from an illusion. She attests to this. If there is one mental illness she has not diagnosed herself with, though she may hide it under another name like PTSD, is that she consistently comes off as being very unreasonably paranoid with conspiratorial thinking. In every statement she makes about her abuse, her paranoia shines like a lighthouse over the treacherous dark ocean waters. Her Declaration above is a very good example of this paranoia.

First, the one time you should feel most safe in a dangerous situation with a famous person is when you have publicly named them as a rapist and an abuser and you become a key witness in a trial against them. This is the one time when the accused will stay as far away from you as possible, because they know that if something mysterious happens to them, then it will be the accused who will be prime suspect #1.

Second, even if you still feel threatened, as a successful person who can easily afford security; having security in place is usually enough to deter even the most credible threats.

Third, if you have a legitimate claim to your safety being threatened, the next thing you do after hiring security is you obtain a restraining order against the one you are accusing. This will ensure the accused comes nowhere near you, and if he does then he gets put in jail.

Fourth, the fact that Evan got no security and did not file a restraining order is a clear indication that the threats are not real, even if she may think they are real in her extreme paranoia. If Evan really felt threatened, she would do this in Los Angeles, and she would also do this in Tennessee, since Manson and those loyal to him can easily travel there and do what they need to do, probably in a more convenient and less distracted way. It seems she has not done this anywhere, and is just using this language for the sake of her custody battle.

Lastly, if Evan asked, I am sure Jamie would have provided enough security for Jack to at least give Evan the peace of mind that he was safe. Instead, she took the parenting of their child in her own hands and snuck away as if she had something to hide.

2. It has wrongly been assumed that Evan moved to Tennessee in 2016 because of a custody battle. There is no indication this is true. People who say this are confusing the timeline of Evan moving there in 2016 and Evan setting up a permanent residence there in November of 2020. In 2016 Evan said in many interviews that she moved to Tennessee to give her son some of the southern roots she grew up with in North Carolina and to also not raise him in the Hollywood scene. I believe this is probably true. When she says she moved there to be there permanently to get away from Manson, it refers to the time she moved there permanently in November 2020, three months before she publicly named Manson as her abuser. It could possibly be true she believed Manson to be a threat, but from her actions it seems these insinuations are unfounded and based on her paranoia.

3. Evan lied in her email to Jamie dated December 22, 2020. She said: "I am a material witness in a high profile criminal investigation...." There has never been a criminal investigation against Manson. An investigation into the allegations began in February 2021 with the LASD, who are preparing for the case to be presented to the District Attorney. The cases are civil cases, not criminal cases. As of right now, the only thing we know of that Evan will be doing is testifying for the prosecution in the Esme Bianco case. This is hardly a life-threatening situation. Everything else she is doing is media stunts and participating in hit pieces against Manson as an anonymous source.

4. Evan is making a big deal out of Jamie making a big deal about her having to live in Los Angeles. However, there doesn't seem to be an indication on Jamie's part that he is requiring her to live in Los Angeles if it is true she is in imminent danger. Jamie is making the case that Jack is safer away from his mother if his mother is truly in imminent danger, as she believes, and Jack should stay with him during this time, otherwise she is placing his son in danger by keeping him with her without the proper security precautions.

5. The Daily Mail does a horrible job putting all this information together, causing confusion for the reader to tell when a certain statement is being said and in what context.

6. Why hasn't Evan presented any of these statements and threats made by Manson to her? Were they said to her in person? Were they emailed to her? Did Manson leave these on her voicemail? Is this hearsay from anonymous sources? Is she referring to his album The High End of Low, which she may take as a literal death threat? Why exactly did Manson contact Evan if he was under investigation, as she says? None of this makes sense, as it has always been assumed they have not talked to each other since 2010.

7. If Marilyn Manson threatened the families of women who accused him of sexual assault and sex trafficking, then there should be plenty of evidence of this, yet none have been brought forward. If these women want to be believed, they should provide the evidence that Manson is threatening them.
8. When Evan says Manson threatened to fuck her eight year old son, she is telling us she is in current communication with him. She needs to prove this if she wants to show any credibility. Instead, she is using a statement like this to make him look like a pedophile and child trafficker without evidence in order to strengthen her claim that her son is in danger and needs to get as far away from Los Angeles as possible, and thus away from her father.

9. It is suspicious that Evan did not contact Jamie about this situation until it was too late for him to do anything about the situation.

10. Installing "bullet proof glass windows, a steel door and a security fence around her Los Angeles house ... I am looking into attack dogs" just showcases her paranoia. All these are unnecessary in her situation. All she needed in the worst case scenario was a security guard and maybe security cameras, which she did not seem to have. Evan appears to be over-dramatic.

11. Evan reveals that it is because of the allegation that Manson is involved in human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of minors on a large scale that she is preventing Jamie from seeing his child in Los Angeles and forcing him to come see his child in Tennessee. She believes in her delusional mind that Manson is going to snatch Jack away, rape him, then sell him to be a sex slave. Her delusions are so absurd you can only shake your head and laugh in disbelief.

12. Evan says: "In my experience, the alleged offender is very retaliatory and has always made it clear that he will ruin my life." The fact of the matter is that Manson has never talked about Evan once since they broke up in 2010, unless he was specifically asked, and even then it was done very reluctantly. He could have come out against her any time to try and destroy her, but never did. In fact, this only reveals that Evan knows he has evidence against her that will reveal who she truly is, and she is saying this to cover her ass in case Manson decides to expose her.

13. She calls Manson fans a "network of fanatics, who, like him, are also extreme Satanists, pedophiles and Nazis" who "helped him kidnap, abuse, and ritualistically torture people which included binding, whipping, cutting, rape and forcing people to drink blood."

If this doesn't tell you how absurd and paranoid Evan is, then I don't know what will. This statement makes anyone that believes her words look as idiotic as she does. It is more disgusting and infuriating than when Hillary Clinton said half of Trump's voters were a "basket of deplorables" that were "racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic." This is how the radicalized mentality views their opponents, even those who just disagree with them, putting them into conspiratorial categories to strike the naive with a fear of their opponents. This is the essence of slander and a witch hunt mentality. In fact, it is nothing but a wacky conspiracy theory. If it were true, then all Manson fans pose a threat to human society and should immediately be rounded up and imprisoned. It is false accusations like this that started the early Christian persecutions by the pagans of the Roman Empire, that were responsible for such heinous punishments as concentration camps and gulags in the 20th century. 
The fact of the matter is Evan knows this is all not true. She is very much aware of it. She is simply using these false accusations once again to cover her ass just in case any fans or friends of Manson come out with evidence against her, because she knows there is a lot of evidence proving she is an evil and conniving liar and a slanderer whose conscience has been smothered by her ego. This is why she allegedly filed a report against Leslee Lane and Lindsay Usich in December 2020 because they had photo evidence against her and she felt threatened, and falsely claimed it was her that actually distributed photos online dressed as Hitler and spinning the story as if Manson forced her to do it. This is Salem Witch Trial/Spectral Evidence type of accusations. This is all further proof that Evan is a manipulative radical who will do and say anything to justify her actions and elevate her status as the only voice that matters, since she claims to have suffered more than anyone else, and envisions a future when the victims alone will have a voice, since it is their voice alone that matters (yes, she believes this). And if what she says is true about Manson and his fans and his friends, then it would make all of Manson's girlfriends, fiance's and wives the most extreme Satanists, pedophiles and Nazis of all, and this would include Evan and Manson's other accusers. Yet none of them have renounced their extreme Satanism, their pedophilia or their Nazism. Such an absurd conspiracy theory, the product of a delusional paranoid mind with extreme mental illnesses, who has no ability to distinguish reality from fantasy, is indicative that she should be shut up in an insane asylum for the rest of her life, and not allowed to ever have her child in her custody.

14. It is revealing how Jamie says that everything Evan alleges "defies credibility". Anyone with common sense and right judgment would say the same. The fact that they have known each other for so many years and were married for two years, yet this information about Manson seems incredible reveals this was something they never discussed, which is odd if it really happened. The fact of the matter is that when they got divorced, the radicalization process for Evan really began, and she became a very different person from what he was married to. "Reasons of her own invention" is a key phrase. This whole sham, the whole witch hunt, is her own invention, which she is using for her selfish gain in one way or another, including the custody of her child, or at least to hold the power dynamic in the custody battle.

15. Jamie proves that Evan is a liar and a manipulator by his testimony.
16. As Evan said in her statement before Congress in 2018, men are raised to rape, women are raised to be raped. This summarizes Evan's worldview. She has also stated that she alone can raise her son to not be a rapist and create victims. If this is the case, then Jaime presents a threat to the upbringing she is trying to provide for her son by keeping him from being a rapist when he grows up.

17. Everything Evan Rachel Wood says is insane. The media eats it up because they consist of similarly insane people. If you can't see how insane she looks in this custody battle, then you should question your own sanity.

The Joint Status Report From Esme Bianco and Marilyn Manson

The article by Radar Online is a bit misleading. It lists a bunch of names as witnesses in the trial of Esme Bianco against Marilyn Manson as if they are all witnesses against Manson. The docs reveal the parties expect the trial to last 6-8 days. She plans on calling 10-15 witnesses while Manson plans on calling 4-6. It appears that among her potential witnesses are Evan Rachel Wood and Charlyne Li, two accusers of Manson. It also appears that among Manson's potential witnesses are Dita Von Teese, and possibly Lana Del Rey and director Eli Roth. Dita is named probably because she introduced Manson to Bianco, and Lana Del Ray and Eli Roth are mentioned probably because they are also accused of being part of an extreme video with Manson from 2012, that really just ended up being nothing but hype and an artistic project despite media rumors, in which no one was harmed and it was done with full consent by all.

Nothing else new is mentioned in this article, but it should be clarified who the witnesses named are with, because the article is scant in its presentation. Why Radar Online didn't provide what the document actually says is unfortunate, because it is difficult to analyze anything else without it. One significant point however is that Bianco is seeking $10 million in damages. She always talked about just wanting justice and would like Manson to rot in prison for the rest of his life, but now she reveals she would also like $10 million too. Just a small stipend for her troubles. Interesting this comes out the same week she came out with a poem about her abuse that she is selling individually like a snake oil salesman for a whopping $129.99. Esme is here to bring healing for all survivors, as long your rich enough to afford it. This whole racket is not only giving her the publicity she hungers, but lately she is revealing more and more that she wants to financially take advantage as much as she can as well.
Update (December 8th):
I received a list of the witnesses, and it appears that they are all lumped together as potential witnesses. On December 7th the dates for the pre-trial and jury trial in the Esme Bianco case were also determined. The judge will be Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha. Final Pretrial Conference set for 3/3/2023 03:00 PM; Jury Trial set for 3/21/2023 08:30 AM.
Here is the list of potential witnesses: