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Ashley Walters v. Marilyn Manson (Part Three - 2021 Media Features of Ashley Walters)

In 2021, Ashley Walters was featured in three media articles to supplement her statements and lawsuit against her former boss, Marilyn Manson. It seems that besides their social media statements, each of Manson's main accusers worked out deals to be featured by the media in various ways. Ashley Walters was featured twice by The Cut (Feb. 10, 2021 and May 18, 2021) and once by Rolling Stone (Nov. 14, 2021). Here we will explore each one. 1. The Cut (Feb. 10, 2021) This story was titled " Marilyn Manson ‘Almost Destroyed Me’: Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco says her relationship with the singer left her with physical scars and PTSD ". It was written by Angelina Chapin, who since this article has written five more articles on the Manson cases for The Cut . This one in particular focuses on Esme Bianco's accusations against Manson, but supplemented by the testimony of her close friend Ashley Walters, who is named 20 times in this article. 4 of the 20 times Ashley W

Marilyn Manson in the News (January 24-30, 2022) - Phoenix Rising News, Updates on the Ashley Walters Case, and a New Marilyn Manson Website

Media Response to Phoenix Rising After Phoenix Rising premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23rd, the reviews starting pouring in, and to no ones surprise the critics loved it. Evan is portrayed as brave and courageous for coming forward, while readers are encouraged to be disturbed while watching how Hollywood has protected celebrities to incur such abuse on women.    They must not have been watching the same documentary I watched, because the one directed by Amy Berg was an absolute disaster of a documentary, that should only be shown at midnight showings of independent theaters along with The Room and Cats as movies that are so bad that when collectively seen together by an audience it becomes the source of laughter and mockery. I'm being too generous, because The Room is actually a masterpiece compared to this documentary. If I were to highlight one review of the many, it would be the short review by Kevin Maher for The Times . In fact, it is so short, that I w

Win $1000 By Proving That Evan Rachel Wood Was Raped on Camera

Ever since I saw Evan Rachel Wood's documentary Phoenix Rising , directed by Amy Berg, I have been trying to establish the truth behind the claim that Evan was raped on camera during the shooting for the music video of 'Heart-Shaped Glasses', like she said. I have watched the video at least 30 times since then, very carefully, and I cannot find one instance that verifies this claim. In fact, nothing even comes close to it. But this is just my opinion. If you're gonna make a claim like that, back it up with some proof. For this reason, I am opening this up to others, especially to those who consider Marilyn Manson a rapist. I want someone to prove to me and to the world, before the documentary airs on HBO, Evan's claim that she was raped on camera. I am willing to give $1000.00 to anyone who can give me any sort of convincing proof worthy of taking her claim seriously. My mind is fully open to the evidence and the money is ready to be given away. Help me to make your

A Supplement to My Detailed Review and Examination of Part One of Evan Rachel Wood's Documentary 'Phoenix Rising'

Having written a detailed review and examination of part one of Evan Rachel Wood's HBO documentary series Phoenix Rising , now that a few days have passed, I wanted to write a brief supplement to that review to fill in some gaps, having had some time to think more about it. There are specifically two things I wanted to address here that I think need further clarification, since I was either confused initially or I just didn't want to dwell too much in giving an analysis of any one topic. A. Evan Rachel Wood's Relationship Timeline With Marilyn Manson In my earlier review of the documentary, I wrote the following: "The length of the relationship between Evan and Manson as explained by Evan is extremely problematic and contradicts all facts. She says that her relationship with Manson lasted 4 1/2 years, off and on, from mid-2006 to the beginning of 2011 'when I escaped'. She thus makes it sound like she was 18 when they got into a relationship, but I'm not e

Evan Rachel Wood's Ridiculous Documentary 'Phoenix Rising' (Part One: Don't Fall): A Detailed Review and Examination

I had the opportunity to view the premier of Evan Rachel Wood's HBO documentary directed by Amy Berg titled Phoenix Rising through the 2022 Sundance Film Festival streaming service. For the premier they only showed 'Part One: Don't Fall', because part two is not completed yet. Both will be available in March through HBO. Amy Berg introduced the documentary, and the noteworthy point she made was that Evan's movement "is a movement of empowerment." This is very important to point out from the beginning. You cannot understand this topic unless you understand Evan Rachel Wood's primary motive in coming out against Marilyn Manson. It is not so much about Manson, but about Evan becoming a powerful voice for women. She was mostly inspired to take this role after Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, as she described in an essay she wrote in 2017 for Nylon Magazine . If you have not understood this by now, then go back and read the contents of www.maril