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Bianca Allaine Kyne Issues Statement Attempting to Spin a Recent Court Loss Into a Victory

A little over a week ago I wrote about a significant partial dismissal granted to Marilyn Manson on July 2nd in the lawsuit issued by Bianca Allaine Kyne. First, it stated that Manson's motion to dismiss all allegations in Kyne's complaint referencing sexual abuse as a minor in 1995 when she was 16 years old was granted. Second, any reference to Kyne's own personal drawings of Manson from when she was 16 are to be removed. Third, Kyne is therefore ordered to make a Second Amended Complaint within 30 days removing all of the above. Despite this significant victory of Marilyn Manson in managing to get a partial dismissal in this case, on July 15th Bianca Allaine Kyne and her lawyer Jeff Anderson decided to issue statements spinning their loss into a victory. They argue that since Manson was not granted a full dismissal (which he was not seeking), then he lost and they won in this particular ruling. What Was the Ruling on July 2nd?   When you read the ruling issued on July

MARILYN MANSON Announces Three Summer 2024 Headlining Shows

For those wanting to see Marilyn Manson headline his own concert this summer, some exciting news was announced today. During off-dates when Five Finger Death Punch will be supporting Metallica in stadium shows across America, Marilyn Manson announced on April 29th that he will be headlining three of his own shows, which are as follows: Aug. 03 - Silver Spring, MD - The Fillmore (w/ Slaughter To Prevail) Aug. 17 - Chicago, IL - Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom (w/ The Funeral Portrait) Sep. 01 - Reno, NV - Grand Theater at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Presale starts Tuesday, April 30 at 10am local time with code: MM2024 With the announcement, Manson also shared a new photo shot by Perou.   Media sources who have announced these upcoming additional tour dates have continued to note that he is currently having legal issues, but so far it is Blabbermouth which stands out primarily for the photo they accompanied the announcement with, which basically makes Manson look depressed, despite the

MARILYN MANSON Attends ADAM ANT Concert at the Greek Theatre

On Saturday, April 27th, Marilyn Manson and his wife Lindsay were spotted attending the Adam Ant concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, sitting among the audience. Marilyn Manson is a long time fan of Adam Ant and he is a very clear influence from him not only musically but also appearance and performance wise. Likewise, in 2002, Adam Ant referred to Marilyn Manson as his favorite current performer. Interestingly, despite the mutual admiration for each other as artists, they never actually met, according to one source, until after this concert.   Below are some photos that were posted by people who spotted Manson, along with reposts by the guitarist for Adam Ant, Will Crewdson, as well as the opening band English Beat.                

MARILYN MANSON Spotted With PIGGY D in Studio City

The Finnish publications Seiska and Findance published some new photos of Marilyn Manson, who was spotted with former Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles after going to Mexicali restaurant. These photos were taken on Wednesday, April 24th 2024.               

Marilyn Manson and wife Lindsay attend Enfants Riches Déprimés event at Maxfield LA

Los Angeles brand Enfants Riches Déprimés is currently showcasing their Spring 2024 collection at Maxfield LA, and the event was attended by Marilyn Manson and his wife Lindsay on April 17th. On March 16th, Manson posted photos on his social media wearing the Enfants Riches Déprimés brand, which is French for "Depressed Rich Kids". Enfants Riches Déprimés is a Los Angeles and Paris based luxury fashion brand founded in 2012 by the conceptual artist Henri Alexander Levy, who has created a French punk streetwear line based on the movements of the late 1970s and Japanese Avant-garde movements of the 1980s. One of the core precepts of the brand is high price points, with T-shirts ranging on average from $500 to $1,000, and haute couture jackets priced as high as $95,000. ERD consistently utilizes the business model of artificial scarcity. In this regard, all styles are sold on an extremely exclusive basis, and thus in relatively small quantities. In a 2016 interview with Complex

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's Zoltan Bathory Briefly Discussed the Upcoming Tour With MARILYN MANSON

Though the summer tour of Marilyn Manson with Slaughter to Prevail and Five Finger Death Punch has been announced, there has been no statement issued by any of the bands about the tour nor much information on what we can expect. In a new interview with The Jesea Lee Show , Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory briefly discussed the band's upcoming tour with Marilyn Manson, among other things. As he was talking about what new things to expect in the Five Finger Death Punch shows, including an incredible and unforgettable set designed to blow people's minds, he also mentioned (beginning at the 27:30 mark of the video below) the high expectation of people wanting to see Marilyn Manson, who has not toured since 2019. He said: "Manson hasn't been out on the road for a while, so a lot of people wanna see him. At one point he was one of the most iconic artists on planet earth. So he's back on stage, back in the saddle. That's gonna be amazing." He also

"The Moon Has Now Eclipsed the Sun": New Photos from April 8, 2024

On April 8th, a total solar eclipse took place over a substantial portion of the skies of Central and North America, and with this event came new photos of Marilyn Manson and his wife Lindsay. Lindsay posted the following photos on her Instagram account : These are the two photos she posted of Manson, the first titled "Lunar" and the second titled "Solar", a reference to the eclipse, holding a bouquet of flowers:     Marilyn Manson also shared on his Instagram page two photos taken by Lindsay, of him holding a bouquet of flowers, which he captioned with: "The moon has now eclipsed the sun, the angel has spread his wings…", which are the well-known lyrics from "Cryptorchid" and "Antichrist Superstar".       The total solar eclipse is the perfect time to reintroduce these lyrics, which evoke the imagery of Manson's complete transformation leading toward the revolution, as was previously featured in Holy Wood . We have seen this in th

How I Know That No One Really Supports Marilyn Manson's Accusers

Over the past few years, I've notice there is an abundance of evidence showing that no one who says they support Marilyn Manson's accusers, except maybe some of their fellow accusers who they are already friends with or some fans if they have some sort of fame, actually do support them. What I am referring to are those few loud voices who claim to support Marilyn Manson's accusers, but in reality only concentrate on trying to show through straw man and ad hominem arguments how evil Marilyn Manson is and spend time trolling people who support him. Below are just ten of many recent examples how I know none of them really support any of Marilyn Manson's accusers and are in fact most often ill intentioned. Here I am primarily focusing on accusers who are currently or in the past have been in legal disputes with Manson, or were at the so-called Survivor's Meeting in October 2020 as featured in Phoenix Rising , or got headline news early on when the allegations went publi