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Ten Thoughts and Observations I Had Rewatching Evan Rachel Wood's "Phoenix Rising" (Part One)

When the two-part documentary Phoenix Rising aired on HBO on March 15th and 16th 2022, I saw it and immediately wrote my review of part two, having already written my review of part one when I saw its premiere at Sundance over a month earlier. I didn't have much time to process it at the time, because it has a lot of information, and with limited space to write about it in a limited time, there was only so much you could address. After watching the documentary about 3 or 4 times, I realized I could easily write a book with all I had to say. Now that some time had passed since I last saw it, I just rewatched the documentary this past week on the anniversary of its premiere, and there were things that stood out to me that I didn't either capture a year ago or didn't have enough knowledge at the time to better comprehend. I will try to summarize my thoughts and observations into a list of ten things I wanted to address, though it could easily be more than ten, choosing five t

Evan Rachel Wood's 2018 Testimony Before Congress EXPOSED

As waves of sexual assault accusations against powerful figures in entertainment, politics, and business surfaced, which led to a growing public recognition of the widespread nature of sexual assault in American culture, some activists went a step further and fought for legal protections for abuse survivors. On February 27, 2018 Evan Rachel Wood appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to testify about her experiences with sexual assault on behalf of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act, which went into effect at the federal level in 2016 but still needed to be implemented in all 50 states. The law gives sexual abuse survivors the right to have their rape kit preserved for the entire duration of the statute of limitations (or up to 20 years), as well as the right to know their forensic results. EVAN RACHEL WOOD'S 2018 TESTIMONY ABOUT BEING RAPED AND TORTURED BY UNNAMED ABUSER My name is Evan Rachel Wood and I am an artist. But I am also a domestic violence and sexu

Evan Rachel Wood as a Manipulator (Ten Years Earlier)

In light of my four part series " Evan Rachel Wood as a Manipulator ", where I analyze Evan's account that she wrote for Nylon in November of 2017 of her relationship with her unnamed abuser, I wanted to go back to an article I have not brought up yet from September 2007, where the cover story of Nylon was titled "Evan Rachel Wood: 'It Got Crazier Than I Thought'. I wanted people to read it in light of the series, since she describes her relationship with Manson after around ten months of dating him.    The setting is the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, where she was staying with Manson until they bought a house where they could move in together. She had just come from New York with Manson, where she was working. In fact, this interview seems to have been conducted in the middle of the Rape of the World tour, which means Manson and Evan were on a short break in between gigs, since she was with Manson for most of the tour, though she took some short breaks to

Evan Rachel Wood as a Manipulator (Part 4 of 4)

...continued from part three. Cognitive dissonance is how a pro-lifer kills an abortion doctor. It’s how a person who hits you one second can claim to love you the next. It’s why battered women can’t leave. It’s why we ignore God killing David’s son to prove a point, because certain ideas fit our narrative and when those ideas are challenged instead of facing the problem, admitting we are wrong, or seeing the hypocrisy, we get defensive, we get angry, we stop listening, because we are afraid—afraid to be alone, with no meaning, no purpose, no comfort. If we are afraid to face each other, we are afraid to face ourselves. Without the awareness that however strongly you harbor the opinion you are right about something, someone else feels just as strongly that you are wrong, and it isn’t necessarily because they are stupid or a bad person, it’s because their narrative is completely different than yours and that isn’t their fault. We won’t understand these ideas until we learn the other nar

Evan Rachel Wood as a Manipulator (Part 3 of 4)

...continued from part two.   Why did I stay? Evan knows this is the million dollar question she needs to answer before she continues. In a way, she already has answered it. She told us that she was no longer in possession of her cognitive or volitional faculties, but then she says half of her was, and then all of her wasn't again. She told us Manson had taken complete control of her. Still, she knows most people are only paying attention to key words and ignoring the details of her testimony. This is obviously a question she heard many times over the past year when she officially came out as a victim of rape in the November 2016 interview she gave to Rolling Stone . It is a question still asked today. Let's see how she answered in 2017. First of all, I went through a period of grooming. There was a time I felt safe and never thought this person would ever hurt me. These were the memories I held onto, hoping that one day, things would turn around, and we could go back to how i

Evan Rachel Wood as a Manipulator (Part 2 of 4)

 ...continued from part one.   Half of me believed the things that were being used against me. But when I look back, it was really only the things that shattered my self-esteem, not the actual ideals this person had about life. I believed them when they told me, “No one would ever love me like them, no one would ever understand me like they could." Apparently Marilyn Manson told Evan Rachel Wood when they were in a relationship, "No one will ever love you like me," and "No one will ever understand you like me." To Evan Rachel Wood, this is a form of manipulation. Assuming Manson really did say this (let's pretend for a moment), is it really as bad as Evan wants us to believe? In my opinion, not necessarily.    At this point Evan wants us to already have in our heads that she was in a relationship with an abusive monster, who has been beating her down not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Obviously, such an abusive monster does not in fact love