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Ten Thoughts and Observations I Had Rewatching Evan Rachel Wood's "Phoenix Rising" (Part One)

When the two-part documentary Phoenix Rising aired on HBO on March 15th and 16th 2022, I saw it and immediately wrote my review of part two, having already written my review of part one when I saw its premiere at Sundance over a month earlier. I didn't have much time to process it at the time, because it has a lot of information, and with limited space to write about it in a limited time, there was only so much you could address. After watching the documentary about 3 or 4 times, I realized I could easily write a book with all I had to say. Now that some time had passed since I last saw it, I just rewatched the documentary this past week on the anniversary of its premiere, and there were things that stood out to me that I didn't either capture a year ago or didn't have enough knowledge at the time to better comprehend. I will try to summarize my thoughts and observations into a list of ten things I wanted to address, though it could easily be more than ten, choosing five t

The Brave Confession of Ashley Morgan Smithline

The Confession of Ann Putnam How many of you know who Ann Putnam was? It is a name we should all know. Ann Putnam was born in Salem, Massachusetts on October 18, 1679, the eldest of twelve children. Most famously, she was one of the prime accusers at the Salem Witch Trials. Though a primary accuser, Ann wasn't one of the original accusers. She was friends with some of the girls who claimed to be afflicted by witchcraft and, in March 1692, proclaimed to be afflicted herself, along with Elizabeth Hubbard, Mary Walcott, Mercy Lewis, Abigail Williams, and Mary Warren. Putnam is responsible for the accusations of 62 people, which, along with the accusations of others, resulted in the executions of twenty people, as well as the deaths of several others in prison. Fellow accuser Mercy Lewis was a servant in the Putnam household, and Mary Walcott was, perhaps, Ann's best friend. These three girls would become the first afflicted girls outside of the Parris household. Multiple accusers,

An Exclusive Report on a Private Email Bianca Allaine Sent to Jeordie White in July 2021

On January 30th 2023, Bianca Allaine filed a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson as a Jane Doe, alleging he sexually assaulted her as a minor. She first came out against Manson in early February 2021, around the time Evan Rachel Wood and other accusers named him, when The Sun published her allegations twice . In those articles she stated that she had been in contact with Esme Bianco and that she had contacted the FBI in Maryland, where she lived, about her allegations against Manson. It even stated that she would soon be meeting with the FBI to discuss Manson, and that she would be giving them her evidence against him. On her social media pages at this time, Bianca began to discuss Manson a lot (they have all since been deleted). On February 8th that same year, Bianca appeared on a double episode of the CDAN podcast , where she discussed in detail her experiences with Manson. In a reply to a comment where this podcast is posted, Bianca stated: "I have a mission now to help those who a

The Truth About the Pedophile Symbols a Jane Doe Accuser Associates With Marilyn Manson

On January 30th 2023, another civil lawsuit was brought against Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner, that is, as well as Interscope Music, Nothing Records and 20 anonymous individuals) by someone that is going by the anonymous name of Jane Doe (to distinguish her from other Jane Doe's, she is commonly called Jane Doe #3). Because her story was widely publicized in the media and on a podcast for two years prior to this lawsuit and she often brought up her story in her own social media, we can comfortably identify this Jane Doe as Bianca Allaine, most well known for her career as a B-Movie Horror actress. In her complaint, she accuses Marilyn Manson of childhood and adult sexual abuse and assault beginning when she was 16 years old in 1995 until 1999. According to the Factual Allegations of the Complaint, Bianca says that Marilyn Manson displayed his pedophilic tendencies openly through his art, interviews, autobiography, music lyrics, promotion and symbology. In this article I want to focu