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Marilyn Manson Shares Valentine's Day Photos (February 14, 2024) - Some Possible Meanings Behind Recent Manson Imagery

The day prior to Valentine's Day, Lindsay posted some of her photos in anticipation, but on February 14th itself Manson posted photos of himself taken by Lindsay. The first thing he did was change his profile photo on all his social media to the image at the top of this page, then he posted the following photo:     The last time Manson changed his profile photo was on May 15, 2023 with the caption: "I’ve got something for you to hear," and I pointed out some of the relevant imagery of that photo. May 15th is the wedding anniversary of Manson and Lindsay. Now we have another profile change on February 14th, Valentine's Day, which besides all the historical Manson symbolism behind the day, can also be seen as another occasion for Manson and Lindsay to celebrate their love. And of course, both photos were taken by Lindsay. The latest profile picture has no accompanying caption, so let's take a closer look at it and see what significance there may be to it. To break

Win $1000 By Proving That Evan Rachel Wood Was Raped on Camera

Ever since I saw Evan Rachel Wood's documentary Phoenix Rising, directed by Amy Berg, I have been trying to establish the truth behind the claim that Evan was raped on camera during the shooting for the music video of 'Heart-Shaped Glasses', like she said. I have watched the video at least 30 times since then, very carefully, and I cannot find one instance that verifies this claim. In fact, nothing even comes close to it. But this is just my opinion. If you're gonna make a claim like that, back it up with some proof.

For this reason, I am opening this up to others, especially to those who consider Marilyn Manson a rapist. I want someone to prove to me and to the world, before the documentary airs on HBO, Evan's claim that she was raped on camera. I am willing to give $1000.00 to anyone who can give me any sort of convincing proof worthy of taking her claim seriously. My mind is fully open to the evidence and the money is ready to be given away. Help me to make your day a little better by submitting to you $1,000.

Here are the specific claims according to:

Evan Rachel Wood

1. "Once the cameras were rolling, he started penetrating me for real."

2. "I was essentially raped on camera."

Amy Berg

1. "Well, you need to see her face. She is completely out of it, and you need to see the extent of what the industry allowed to be circulating on the internet today. We had Evan’s blessing and permission to use that, but I think that is a moment that is really important to understand. I mean, that film set had a lot of people on it and that behavior is completely inappropriate and abusive and it’s rape, so we wanted to show it for what it was."

These are the only two people who have made the claim from the documentary.
Let me make something clear. Evan never says she was "out of it" in the documentary. In fact, she recalls it very clearly and therefore could not have been "out of it". Evan's mother Sara, who wasn't there, claimed to hear from someone else who was there that Evan was being fed drugs and absinthe on the set in order that she would be "out of it", though Evan's mother never says in the documentary her daughter was raped, but only that she was made to do things not previously agreed upon. Nor did Evan tell her mother that she was raped, according to the documentary, since Evan's mother adds: "Two days later she was talking to me about it and she was shaking and telling me everything was okay." So Sara is interpreting Evan's demeanor based not on what Evan said, but on what she heard from someone else on set. We know that Evan, according to her own writings, never told her mother she was raped, probably until 2016 when she told everyone else. Basically, Amy Berg has edited two stories together to give her own narrative, a narrative never given by Evan or Sara as a whole. The narrative that Evan was raped while she was "out of it" is one that is entirely made up by the maker of the documentary, not the subjects of the documentary. Obviously the subjects later agreed to it, but they never say it.

I would like to also add that Evan claims she was isolated from her family while she was with Manson, when this is not only demonstrably untrue, but Evan's mother admits in this documentary that she saw Evan a few days after the video was shot. If they claim this was a phone call, then it is still not isolation, and even more the "shaking" part loses a lot more credibility (you could shake from being cold, or maybe it was related to her cocaine habit, for all we know). This is one of the many inconsistencies in the documentary, but let's get down to the matter at hand.

I want Evan's claim to be shown and proven to me. Mostly because the claim sounds more and more insane the more I watch the video trying to find the evidence to back up her claim.

You can watch the entire uncensored version of the video here. (The uncensored version is on no English sites, so you need to go to a foreign site. This link goes to MTV Germany.)

Contact me at with the evidence. Only serious feedback that responds appropriately to this offer will be considered.