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Bianca Allaine Kyne Issues Statement Attempting to Spin a Recent Court Loss Into a Victory

A little over a week ago I wrote about a significant partial dismissal granted to Marilyn Manson on July 2nd in the lawsuit issued by Bianca Allaine Kyne. First, it stated that Manson's motion to dismiss all allegations in Kyne's complaint referencing sexual abuse as a minor in 1995 when she was 16 years old was granted. Second, any reference to Kyne's own personal drawings of Manson from when she was 16 are to be removed. Third, Kyne is therefore ordered to make a Second Amended Complaint within 30 days removing all of the above. Despite this significant victory of Marilyn Manson in managing to get a partial dismissal in this case, on July 15th Bianca Allaine Kyne and her lawyer Jeff Anderson decided to issue statements spinning their loss into a victory. They argue that since Manson was not granted a full dismissal (which he was not seeking), then he lost and they won in this particular ruling. What Was the Ruling on July 2nd?   When you read the ruling issued on July

A Supplement to My Detailed Review and Examination of Part One of Evan Rachel Wood's Documentary 'Phoenix Rising'

Having written a detailed review and examination of part one of Evan Rachel Wood's HBO documentary series Phoenix Rising, now that a few days have passed, I wanted to write a brief supplement to that review to fill in some gaps, having had some time to think more about it. There are specifically two things I wanted to address here that I think need further clarification, since I was either confused initially or I just didn't want to dwell too much in giving an analysis of any one topic.

A. Evan Rachel Wood's Relationship Timeline With Marilyn Manson

In my earlier review of the documentary, I wrote the following:

"The length of the relationship between Evan and Manson as explained by Evan is extremely problematic and contradicts all facts. She says that her relationship with Manson lasted 4 1/2 years, off and on, from mid-2006 to the beginning of 2011 'when I escaped'. She thus makes it sound like she was 18 when they got into a relationship, but I'm not exactly sure why she pushes her relationship into 2011, since it is demonstrably not true."

I did a bit more of a deep dive into Evan's timeline, to see where she is right and where she is wrong. First I will go over her reasons for placing the beginning of their relationship in mid-2006.

1. Evan desperately likes to emphasize how young she was when she got into a relationship with Manson, calling herself "a kid" or "a teenager", and the younger she can make herself out to be, the better, which is why she says over and over again that she was 18 when she met Manson.

2. Evan's birthday is September 7th, and in 2006 on that day she became 19.

3. The earliest media mention of Manson and Evan being together is a report that says they were spotted together in Los Angeles on September 28th of 2006. Evan was 19 at this time.

4. One new hint Evan gives us in the documentary is that Manson gave Evan their first kiss right before she was going to leave for a period of time to film a movie. Evan filmed King of California in April-May 2006 and In Bloom in August-September 2006. If Evan is telling the truth, then the first kiss was probably in August, which would make Evan 18.

5. According to Manson, in his 2010 authorized A&E Biography documentary, Evan had just turned 19 when she came over to his place wearing the Lolita sunglasses for the first time, sparking the idea for the song 'Heart-Shaped Glasses'. This would probably fall into September or October when she was 19. We don't know how accurate in the timeline Manson was in saying this.

6. Another clue Evan gives us in the documentary was that Manson was wearing a sparkling gold jacket when she first met him at the Chateau Marmont. The only time I could find Manson wearing that jacket was when he and Dita attended Rolling Stone Magazine's 1000th cover celebration on May 04, 2006 in New York City.

May 4, 2006

May 4, 2006

May 4, 2006

7. By October 2006, Manson and Evan seem to have been established friends, even though he was married to Dita at the time. On October 16th Manson, Evan and Tim Skold attended Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D world premiere, where we see Manson and Evan photographed together for the first time. They were so comfortable with each other that on Halloween of 2006, Evan Rachel Wood appeared dressed as a vampire at Manson's Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art, which he attended with Dita. A portrait of Evan titled "Pretty Persuasion" was featured in the gallery. Rolling Stone reported Evan's reaction: "It came as kind of a shock. I was beyond flattered." This was Manson's first painting since 2004, because he said that Evan inspired him to paint again.

October 16, 2006

October 31, 2006

October 31, 2006

October 31, 2006

Since we really have no other clues, I think when we put these facts all together, I'm comfortable in saying that Evan may be truthful in saying she first met Manson in mid-2006, some time between May and August, which would make her 18. It may be true also their first kiss took place when she was 18. And though their relationship may have been slightly romantic at the time, the fact of the matter is that they were not in a relationship till January of 2007, after Dita filed for divorce on December 29, 2006.

Now let us examine Evan's reasoning as to why she extends her relationship with Manson into 2011, despite the fact that we know it ended much sooner. Here is how we know it ended sooner:

1. It has already been determined that Manson and Evan ended their relationship while Evan was filming Mildred Pierce in Long Island, since in an interview she says she had to appear on set the next day, which was difficult for her. I have been able to determine that filming in Long Island for Mildred Pierce took place in June.

2. Media reports announced the end of Manson's and Evan's relationship in early August 2010, after they saw Manson out with Lindsay Usich in mid-August.

3. The last time Manson and Evan were seen together in public was late May 2010 in New York City.

Why then did Evan say it ended in early 2011? I have determined it is because of the court complaint issued by Ashley Walters.

1. In the Statement of Facts of her court complaint, Ashley Walters' statement says:

"In or around August 2010, Defendant asked Walters to work as his Personal Assistant by telling her that he would pay her double what she was earning at her production company job."

The reason Ashley was asked to become Manson's personal assistant was because Manson's personal assistant at the time, Erica Summers, left to become Evan's assistant when Manson and Evan broke off their engagement in August of 2010 (probably sooner, since her resume says July). Now, because he had no assistant, Manson asked Ashley to be his personal assistant.

It is worth noting here some information about Erica Summers. She was Evan's personal assistant from July/August 2010 for a number of years, and became a close friend as well. More recently, she and Evan no longer follow each other on Instagram, but Manson and Erica do follow each other on Instagram.

2. Further on in the complaint, we read:

"On one occasion in December 2010, Walters witnessed Defendant throw a prop skull so hard at Wood that it left a large raised welt on her stomach."

This is why Evan Rachel Wood is now forced to change history and say that she and Manson were together till early 2011 when they in fact were not. It is because Ashley Walters, who is known to contradict herself often and give a skewed timeline, messed up royally, or perhaps was told to by Evan, in saying that Manson and Evan were together in December 2010 when in fact they were not. The truth is, by December 2010, Manson and Evan had been apart for at least six months.

3. Having determined the reason for Evan's fallacious timeline, it should be noted that in the documentary a photograph of Evan with what may be a welt on her stomach is shown, but there is no explanation given for it.

B. Marilyn Manson's Alleged Rape of Evan Rachel Wood on Camera

In the documentary, Evan describes being raped on camera during the shooting for the video of 'Heart-Shaped Glasses'. Though she never says it herself, her mother Sara says that Manson was feeding her drugs and absinthe to the point where she was "out of it" and therefore not able to consent. Yet Evan describes what happened to herself with some detail. How can Evan know she was raped if indeed she was so "out of it" that she wasn't able to consent? Can she be sure with 100% certainty?

1. Of course, they were already in a romantic, passionate relationship at the time, so if Manson stuck it in and she didn't object while aware of what was happening, it wouldn't be rape, but if Manson purposefully drugged her with the purpose of making her "out of it" in order to have sex with her on camera against her wishes, then an argument can be made for rape, but that is not the story we are hearing. Evan seems to be very much aware of what was happening. Nonetheless, for the past 15 years we have been led to believe it was not real sex, and even in 2007 a rep for Manson issued the following statement to the media, which Evan agreed with, to end the speculation: "It was simulated sex."

2. In more than one statement, Evan has stated that she has been raped twice: once by Manson and once by an anonymous bartender. For example, in her congressional testimony in 2018, she said:

"There are two specific instances of sexual assault I have experienced that really stick out in my mind. In fact, they are burned into my brain. Branded there for life, a mental scar that I feel, every day."

This is how she describes the one time she was raped by Manson:

"...waking up to the man that claimed to love me raping what he believed to be my unconscious body...."

She claims she was unconscious when raped by Manson, that is, she was sleeping. When we see the video for 'Heart-Shaped Glasses', she was never sleeping at any point. It should be noted that Evan has never said that she was unconscious due to drugs or alcohol, it was her mother who said it. Yet, her mother also has never said that Manson raped Evan on the set of the making of the video, but just that he was doing things that weren't part of the deal. It seems like Manson's mother is carefully edited into the documentary to confirm a rape she never talks about. Too many holes and contradictions.

3. Manson stated back in 2007 that the original crew, probably associated with James Cameron, that was handling the 3-D technology for the filming of the music video hated him because they were of a conservative mindset and didn't want to film a graphic sex scene, whether simulated or not. For this reason Manson hired his own crew to do the filming, thus there was a division among the crew members. A few days ago Rolling Stone published an article and contacted one of the crew members that hated Manson and were part of the conservative group to testify to the plausibility of there being a real sex scene, however Rolling Stone failed to report about the division among the crew members and that this crew member had a biased view based on his moral beliefs.

Concluding Remarks:

Based on further analysis of the above two issues, it appears that Evan was truthful as far as when she met Manson, around mid-2006, however she was not truthful as to when her relationship began, which in fact was January 2007. Furthermore, we have determined why Evan has extended her relationship with Manson into 2011, based on the fallacious testimony of Ashley Walters. Lastly, there are too many holes and contradictions to accept Evan's claim that Manson raped her on camera; more so, there is absolutely no evidence it is true.