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Evan Rachel Wood Returns to Instagram and Makes an Interesting Admission of Drug Use as a "Child"

On April 24th 2024, Evan Rachel Wood deactivated her Instagram, as previously reported , and remained completely away from the public eye until she reactivated her Instagram account on June 11th 2024, nearly two months later. Whether she did this merely to take a break or not is unknown, though I explored some possible explanations in my previous post. However, it does seem like it is interesting timing that she did return when she did. Here are a few reasons why. First, the day prior to her return, on June 10th, it was widely reported that Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman were returning for a long-awaited Practical Magic sequel, and that Akiva Goldsman, one of the writers behind the original, will pen the screenplay. In the original 1998 film, Evan Rachel Wood plays Kylie Owens, the daughter of Sandra Bullock's character, and it has long been speculated that if there was a sequel, then it would focus on the daughters, especially Evan's character. And if there has been one mo

Marilyn Manson Photographed for Enfants Riches Déprimés

Recently Marilyn Manson has been photographed modeling for the fashion brand Enfants Riches Déprimés, a Los Angeles and Paris based luxury fashion brand founded in 2012 by the conceptual artist Henri Alexander Levy, who has created a French punk streetwear line based on the movements of the late 1970s and Japanese Avant-garde movements of the 1980s. Manson and Lindsay attended one of the events for the brand on April 17th in Los Angeles. Today (5/29/24) they released three new photos on their Instagram page, with photographs taken by Brandon Bowen.
Update (5/31/24):
Enfants Riches Déprimés posted a video on their Instagram from the photoshoot with Marilyn Manson.

Update (6/3/24):
Enfants Riches Déprimés two new photos on their Instagram from the photoshoot with Marilyn Manson.