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Marilyn Manson Spotted Having Dinner With Rose McGowan

Journalist and screenwriter Phoebe Eaton spotted Marilyn Manson and someone she assumed to be Rose McGowan - "or at least, her doppelganger" - having dinner this past Sunday (6/2/24) at the legendary and very touristy Musso and Frank Grill in Hollywood. Though she made it sound like she was unsure of the identity of the woman with Manson (I'm sure she just found it hard to believe), and since a barrier kept her hidden most of the time, it has been anonymously confirmed that it was indeed Manson's ex-fiance Rose McGowan with him at dinner. Though it is unknown why they were having dinner together, we can assume they are at least on friendly enough terms to do so, which is quite significant in light of the roller coaster ride over the past few years since Evan Rachel Wood and others named Manson as their abuser in February 2021. As I have written elsewhere, we know that in 2020 Manson and McGowan were friendly and talking again, but as Evan's public testimony about

Marilyn Manson in the News (January 30 - March 14, 2023)

January 30

- A New Jane Doe Lawsuit Against Marilyn Manson Has Been Filed in New York

With the passage of The Adult Survivors Act in New York last year and the one year elimination of the statute of limitations in sexual assault cases, a new Jane Doe case was brought against Marilyn Manson in New York on January 30th accusing him of childhood and adult sexual abuse and assault. This case differs from other cases because it not only accuses Manson of assault against a minor, which dates back to 1995, but the lawsuit includes the two record labels Manson was involved with at the time, namely Interscope and Nothing Records, as well as twenty individuals who have not yet been named.

As for the identity of this Jane Doe #3, with certainty it is Bianca Allaine, whose allegations in February 2021 through two interviews with The Sun and a podcast, as well as information gained from her now deleted social media pages, match almost perfectly with the allegations of the new lawsuit, except for some perplexing differences and contradictions in the details that have been carefully constructed by her and her law firm to establish this case as a case that belongs in New York, even though most of the events mentioned took place in cities like Dallas, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana.

As for the law firm that has decided to represent her, they are called Jeff Anderson & Associates, and from the get go have begun a media campaign to promote this case as their highest profile case, together with other high profile cases from the music industry such as those of Steven Tyler and Nick Carter, to the point where they even are making social media posts calling Manson outright a pedophile and rapist, while taking his lyrics out of context to support their accusations. This law firm is most known in recent years for a taking a bulldog approach against clergy of the Catholic Church accused of being pedophiles, and in some cases have been noted for their harassing tactics before the defendants were even brought to trial, even if they were found to later be innocent. Now they are devoted to going after the music industry, which they maintain is a "culture that celebrates, protects, and enables sexual predators" and they describe as "the Catholic Church on steroids".

As for Bianca Allaine, who is most famous for being a B-Movie scream queen in various low budget horror films, she claims to have talked to and presented her evidence to the FBI in Maryland, where she lives, back in February 2021, though nothing seems to have come out of this. As early as October of 2022, Bianca has been hinting that she will be proceeding with a lawsuit against Manson in post on her now deleted Facebook account. Since at least 2015, she and her husband Michael Kyne have been working on and trying to fund a film called Zombinatrix, which perhaps was partly a reason for her making her allegations against Marilyn Manson, because a lot of people have given her a lot of money to finish this project and nothing has come from their investment in years, and based on comments from a few fundraising websites, they are not happy about the delay.

As for the connections Bianca Allaine has with other accusers and their circle of friendship, we can include the fact that she was an assistant to Lenora Claire in the early 2000's, who got her started in the movie business, Lenora being a friend of Brittany Leigh, Jessicka Addams, Ashley Walters, Sarah McNeilly and others, but most notably was very close friends with former Manson band member Gidget Gein. Bianca was also supposedly close friends with Alyx Suttle, who passed away in 2016 and was also a close friend of Jessicka Addams; Alyx was notably featured doing vocals on Manson's album Holy Wood for the track "President's Dead". In late 2020 or early 2021, either Bianca reached out to Esme Bianco or Bianco reached out to Bianca, and they were in contact for a while regarding her allegations. Interestingly, it was the women most closely associated with Lenora Claire who posted about these new allegations by Bianca on Instagram (Brittany Leigh (who focused mostly on her ex-boyfriend Chris Vrenna), Jessicka Addams (who focused mostly on her ex-boyfriend Jeordie White), Sarah McNeilly and Queen Kwong (who focused mostly on her ex-husband Wes Borland and his friend Fred Sablan), while Louise Keay Bell and Corey Feldman, as per usual, made the latest allegations all about themselves on Twitter.

In a statement to the media, Manson's attorney, Howard King, said the following about these new allegations:

Brian Warner does not know this individual and has no recollection of ever having met her 28 years ago. He certainly was never intimate with her. She has been shopping her fabricated tale to tabloids and on podcasts for more than two years. But even the most minimal amount of scrutiny reveals the obvious discrepancies in her ever-shifting stories as well as her extensive collusion with other false accusers. If anyone actually compares the vicious lies in the new complaint with the contents of prior interviews this woman has given to the press and on podcasts, the remarkable inconsistencies will demonstrate why this misguided action will not survive legal examination. Brian will not submit to this shakedown – and the courts won’t fall for it either.

February 2

- The Babylon Bee Features the Manson Allegations

Marilyn Manson was featured on the satirical news website The Babylon Bee with an article titled "In Effort To Shake Off Abuse Allegations, Marilyn Manson Runs For Congress". According to the article:

Plagued by accusations that he's a serial abuser and overall degenerate psycho, singer-songwriter Brian Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson, is working to shake off those accusations by running for congressional office.

"The music and movie industry have canceled me," said Manson, "so I'm moving on to the only place my depraved behavior is still accepted: Congress!"

Manson added: "As a proud Democrat politician, I am now automatically a champion of women's rights. And if you don't vote for me you're a misogynist who hates women."

Democrats in Congress celebrated Manson's miraculous rehabilitation and are welcoming him with open arms to Washington D.C.

"Mr. Manson is one of the finest and most upstanding men of character I have ever met," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "He loves fighting for the poor and for women's rights. The accusations against him are obviously a slanderous attempt by bigoted, misogynist Republicans who want to smear this angelic champion of women."

Brian Warner will be running in the next primary against Adam Schiff in California's 28th Congressional District. He is polling very well in all demographics except for the demographic of women he kept chained in his house against their will.

Upon his announcement of running for office as a progressive, the Nobel Committee nominated him for a Peace Prize.

Personally, I think the joke hidden behind the satire falls flat, primarily because it really doesn't make sense from a political perspective (it is the far left who perpetuates cancel culture), and it assumes Manson is guilty of the crimes he is accused of.

- Former Bandmate Pogo Supports Marilyn Manson Against the Accusations of Bianca Allaine

In a comment under one of my Instagram posts on the Bianca Allaine case, Melissa Bier, the wife of Stephen Bier (a.k.a. Pogo), made a brief statement in support of Marilyn Manson against her accusations. Pogo was the keyboardist in Marilyn Manson from 1989 to 2007, and despite differences in the past, they have reconciled and are on good terms. He has not spoken until now, since the other lawsuits Manson is involved in date to the years after his departure from the band, but since the Bianca Allaine case directly falls within the time period he was in the band, and because other band members are mentioned in the accusations, he, through his wife Melissa, emphatically denies the claims of Bianca Allaine, and has no recollection of her from the time period she alleges she followed the band, from 1995 to 1999. Melissa's statement is as follows:

A few days later, on February 5th, Melissa felt pressured to delete her prior comment and submit a new one, due to the harassment she was facing by online bullies who were unable to understand the joking tone in her language. Her new statement reads as follows:

I was later informed that following the above statement, Manson and Pogo communicated and failed to recollect a young woman named Bianca ever being in their circle.

February 3

- Jeff Anderson & Associates Hold a Live Stream Press Conference in L.A. with Entertainment Industry "Survivors"

With the Grammy's scheduled for February 5th, on February 3rd women who consider themselves sexual assault survivors attended the MusiCares Gala, to draw attention to music industry abuses, as new laws in California and New York have created a window for adult survivors of sexual assault to bring civil claims against their alleged attackers. Jeff Anderson & Associates, who are representing some of these women, including Bianca Allaine, held a live stream press conference prior to the gala to talk about their stories and encourage women to follow in their footsteps if they have had similar experiences.

Though Bianca Allaine, who at this time is suing Manson as a Jane Doe, is not reported to have attended the press conference, Jeff Anderson did speak on her behalf. Among those who attended the press conference on behalf of Bianca Allaine were Lenora Claire and her friend Brittany Leigh, who have both been very vocal against Manson and advocates on behalf of his accusers, many of whom are their friends. On behalf of Manson, his former assistant Paula Baby attended the press conference with her friend the YouTuber and porn star Celtic Iron. It appears Paula and Celtic Iron were noticed at the press conference, reporting afterwards how when they were exiting the building after the conference, some in attendance were watching them from the window, and they saw Lenora Claire giving them the finger.

Later it was falsely reported that Celtic Iron and Paula were harassing and mocking the survivors.


February 4

- Louise Keay Bell Exposed for Making a New False Allegation Against Marilyn Manson

Louise Keay Bell, who some years ago felt defrauded by Manson and became one of his obsessed haters, has become more and more vocal again about Manson, and is trying to make every new story about herself and what she interprets as her horrible experience with Manson, who in the past appears to have been friendly with her for her artistic talents and she in turn got a bit too clingy and difficult for him to deal with. On February 3rd I called her out on a new accusation she made on Twitter, which was as follows:

Seeing my response, she scrambled to prove herself right, and when she came to a predictable dead end, she deflected and changed the subject and never was able to confirm her lie, even after pulling out an old phone that she wanted to show supposedly has evidence against Manson. Also, if she was around 12 years old in 2008/9, why would she save that supposed MySpace post on her phone from that "time period"? Was she collecting evidence against him even then? At 19 she presented herself as a superfan of Manson.

February 10

- Lexa Vonn Has Passed Away

It was reported on her Instagram account that Lexa Vonn passed away at the young age of 46 on February 10th, after a two-year battle with cervical cancer. She is more widely known these days as Jane Doe #1, having accused Marilyn Manson of sexually assaulting her in 2017. Her case was eventually dismissed in 2019 (you can read more about the case here). She was also a close friend of Laney Chantal, who preceded her in death a few months ago on October 31st. The details of her obituary can be read here.

February 14

- Valentine's Day Photos Posted by Manson's Wife Lindsay

Valentine's Day is a special day in the Manson world, and just like on their anniversary, Manson's wife Lindsay posted on her Instagram page some beautiful photos she took with what appears to be cryptic captions that talk about the history of their relationship dating back to when they first met in New York in 2009. You can see the series of photos on her Instagram page.

Kat Von D later shared a video and photos of herself and her husband having Valentine's Day dinner double date with Manson and Lindsay at a restaurant.

February 17

- Bianca Allaine Lawsuit in New York will No Longer Be a Jane Doe Lawsuit

Bianca Allaine, who filed a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson in New York on June 30th as a Jane Doe, from now on will proceed with the case using her legal married name, which is Bianca Kyne, according to a letter submitted by her attorney today to the courts. Back in August 2022, Bianca posted on Facebook that she and her husband Michael Kyne were getting a divorce, though they would continue to work together on their film Zombinatrix until it is completed.

According to the letter, the reason cited for this change is because her name has already been publicly exposed as well as her home address. I believe this may be a reference to the fact that I posted her name and an email with verification of the email's authenticity (here), but a home address was not given by me nor by anyone else that I know of.
February 22

- Marilyn Manson's New Hampshire Spitting Incident Lawsuit Gets a Trial Date   

Nearly four years (August 18, 2019) after the incident, in which Marilyn Manson allegedly blew his nose at and spit upon a videographer during a 2019 concert in Gilford, New Hampshire, it is slated to go to trial on August 7th 2023. In January the proceedings moved from district court to Belknap County Superior Court. Judge Elizabeth Leonard set the trial date as well as a final pretrial hearing on July 20.

Superior Court is where an appeal from district court would end up anyway, and there is a belief that Manson might get a better result from a jury in a Superior Court trial rather than from a judge in a bench trial in district court.

In court documents, Manson has said that his spitting at the camera — and only the camera — held by videographer Susan Fountain was part of his “theatrics” and that she should have known of them from her prior experience with Ozzy Osbourne and the grunge group Alice in Chains.

The state answered that what it called Manson’s “antics” were unknown to Fountain before his concert at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, and that she never consented “to the possibility of contact with bodily fluids.”

In motions filed January 30, Manson presented two types of defense — consent and mistake — and also asked the court to quash the complaints against him.

“The ‘close up’ type of filming” being done by Fountain, the consent-defense motion said, “commonly exposes any camera person to incidental contact with sweat, saliva and phlegm.” Because Fountain consented to exposing herself, the motion said, the state’s assertion that the contact was “unprivileged” is negated.

The mistake, defense motion claims, that any contact from Manson either spitting or sneezing, “was unintentional and incidental to the filming of the performance.” Manson did not know Fountain, the motion said, adding that “This fact negates the ‘knowingly' mental state in the complaint in that the contact was a mistake, was not intentional, was not a voluntary act and was not the object of his actions.”

After consulting with Manson attorney Kent Barker, Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois told Leonard that while the parties were still talking about “possible resolutions” without the need to go to trial, they had agreed it would be prudent nonetheless to set a date for a trial that might last up to two days.

- Carrie Graber Shares New Photos With Manson and Lindsay

Oil painter and friend of Manson and Lindsay, Carrie Graber, shared new photos with them on her Instagram from Los Angeles.


February 23

- Ashley Morgan Smithline Recants Her Allegations Against Marilyn Manson

In an astounding turn of events, an explosive declaration was filed by Ashley Morgan Smithline recanting all her allegations against Marilyn Manson, saying she was manipulated and pressured by Evan Rachel Wood to lie about his abuse towards her. Almost every major media source reported on this story.

Her case was already dismissed in January after she failed to find new legal counsel.

According to Smithline, which is confirmed with text messages and a video recording that were previously filed by Manson's attorney Howard King, she fired Jay Ellwanger in April 2022 as her attorney, and wished to drop the case then. Smithline then tried contacting Howard King to work out a way to officially recant her allegations without getting the media involved, but due to the fact that Jay Ellwanger was still listed as representing her, King was unable to communicate with her without Ellwanger's permission, which he refused to grant.

When Ellwanger was officially removed from the case and the lawsuit was dismissed because Smithline did not want to continue with it, she arranged to meet with King for the first time while she was in Los Angeles in February. After this, an official declaration was written and submitted.

It has also been reported that Smithline spoke with Manson on the phone and apologized to him, which he accepted and they are now back on good terms.

According to the declaration, which begins in 2020, Smithline was contacted by either Illma Gore or Ashley Walters to participate in group meetings regarding her relationship with Manson. She consented.

Smithline claims she was asked in the meetings whether she had been “whipped, chained, tied up, branded, cut, assaulted while sleeping, beaten, or raped” by Manson, and she allegedly responded, “No, this did not happen to me, and this was not my experience.”

However, she claims Evan Rachel Wood told her that “just because she could not remember” those things “did not necessarily mean that it did not happen,” alleging it was possible she had “repressed” memories due to her alleged trauma.

“While at first I knew Mr. Warner did not do these things to me, I eventually began to question whether he actually did,” Smithline says.

“I was asked whether [I] was repressing memories to just get through day-to-day life, and whether it was easier just to not think about what actually happened than accept reality. They also said it was important for people to come forward so that no one else gets hurt.”

Smithline claims since she had begun to believe what she was “told” about Manson, she allegedly allowed Gore to draft and then post a statement onto her Instagram.

“The narrative ultimately posted to my account on or around February 1, 2021 contained untrue statements about Mr. Warner, including that there was violence and non-consensual sexual activity in our brief relationship, and that I had repressed memories of the same,” she says in her declaration.

“Leading up to the filing of the complaint, I felt pressured by Mr. Ellwanger to go on a press tour, which included an interview on The View and an interview and photoshoot with People magazine,” Smithline wrote. “I was very uncomfortable doing this press but felt pressured to do it.”

“Looking back, I feel I was manipulated by Ms. Wood, Ms. Gore, Ms. Bianco, and Mr. Ellwanger to spread publicly false accusations of abuse against Mr. Warner,” Smithline wrote.

Howard King told Page Six that Smithline "was a reluctant participant [in Wood’s alleged scheme] from the get-go,” noting that Smithline told him she never had any financial motivation for allegedly “lying” about Manson.

“For a moment in time, having been questioned so many times by Evan Rachel Wood about this ‘repressed memory’ and being told, ‘You’re not remembering what happened,’ she believed it for a minute.”

King also points out that the attorney who represented Smithline in her lawsuit against Manson, Jay Ellwanger, was allegedly “given to her” by Esmé Bianco, who had her own sexual assault suit against Manson.

“[Ellwanger] wrote a complaint without talking to [Smithline] about what the factual allegations were and they filed it,” King alleges. “They wore her down.”

Ellwanger told Page Six that his response is “constrained by ethical obligations regarding client confidentiality, even to a former client,” but adds that the “specific allegations” described “are categorically and verifiably false.”

King claims Smithline felt “uncomfortable” filming Wood’s documentary, Phoenix Rising, and very quickly realized she was not being “honorable.”

Manson’s attorneys want to cite the new statement from Smithline as a reason to deny the anti-SLAPP motion since such motions require courts to assess the validity of a case’s allegations. In asking the court to heed the filing, they wrote: “This newly obtained evidence is critical to Warner’s opposition to the anti-SLAPP motions, in which defendants argue that there is no ‘admissible evidence substantiating his allegations.’”

In a statement to Billboard, Howard King said Smithline’s declaration “proves” that the lawsuit’s core accusations are true. “As we have always said, the coordinated campaign of #MeToo lies against Brian Warner is going to go down as one of the greatest hoaxes of all time,” King said. “Vulnerable women were manipulated by unscrupulous individuals seeking to build their own brands and pursue their own vendettas.”

Evan Rachel Wood denied Smithline’s allegations in a statement the same day from her representative to Rolling Stone. “Evan never pressured or manipulated Ashley,” the representative said. “It was Ashley who first contacted Evan about the abuse she had suffered. It’s unfortunate that the harassment and threats Ashley received after filing her federal lawsuit appear to have pressured her to change her testimony.”

As a note of interest, from February 23-25 Evan + Zane were performing in San Francisco, which means Evan received this news while on tour in San Francisco.

February 27

- Evan Rachel Wood Issues Declaration Stating She Did Not Manipulate Ashley Morgan Smithline

Five days after Ashley Morgan Smithline submitted a declaration stating that she was manipulated and pressured by Evan Rachel Wood to believe that she repressed her memories of tortuous abuse and sexual assault by Marilyn Manson, Evan Rachel Wood submitted her own declaration with screenshots of Instagram comments dating back to 2019, along with reported text messages, DMs, and voicemails from the last three years she says proves Smithline lied.

Evan attempts to prove in her declaration and the submitted exhibits with it that it was Smithline who contacted her first in 2019 on social media talking about her abuse, and in 2021 Smithline texted Evan about how she had no reason to lie about her abuse as Manson supporters pressured and harassed her. Also submitted is a declaration from an alleged friend of Smithline named Karl Neilson dated to June 8, 2022, in which Smithline left him a voicemail allegedly saying to him that Howard King inappropriately left her a voicemail to get in touch with her, which she interpreted in the voicemail as "The only reason he’d be calling me… is that he thinks I’m the weak link and he might want to settle with me to turn on the other girls and say that it was all a ruse.”

Among other exhibits filed is one screenshot that reportedly captured King asking Smithline if she wanted to talk to Warner. “He would like to talk,” reads the screenshot. “Closure is important to Brian and he thinks you can help each other.” It’s unclear when the alleged text messages were sent.

Howard King gave the following statement in reply to Rolling Stone:

“It is unsurprising that Evan Rachel Wood is desperately fighting to keep Ashley Smithline’s testimony out of court – because she knows the truth will expose her plot to manipulate the women who trusted her in order to destroy Brian Warner. Brian Warner never abused anyone. Ashley Smithline has told the truth. It’s sadly predictable that Evan Rachel Wood – someone who has already filed a forged FBI letter under oath in other court proceedings — remains committed to not doing the same.”

Regarding the voicemail, King told Billboard:

"I never discussed Ashley Smithline’s claims against Brian Warner until after she had reached out to me and terminated her counsel. Moreover, when Ms. Smithline recently spoke with me for almost two hours, we taped the conversation in full and that recording proves that every single thing in her declaration was taken from her words, not mine.”

When reached for comment, Smithline told Rolling Stone, “Evan’s full of shit. That’s my comment,” before adding, “She’s saying anything she can to discredit me.”

February 28

- Judge Denies the Use of Smithline’s Declaration as Evidence in the April 11th anti-SLAPP Hearing

At a hearing on February 28th, a judge denied Manson’s ex parte application to include the declaration from Smithline where she recanted her allegations of abuse against Warner. The judge questioned why Manson’s legal team hadn’t requested to depose Smithline sooner in the case. “We did ask to seek a number of depositions back at the time … and your honor denied those requests for those depositions,” Manson’s attorney said. “Even if we had requested Smithline’s deposition at the time, it wouldn’t have made a difference.”

The judge responded, “We don’t know that. But you didn’t do it so we are where we are. Even with that, there really is no explanation as to why this [declaration] is bubbling up at this time.”

- Ashley Morgan Smithline Calls In to Popcorned Planet

After all the back and forth of the past few days, Ashley Morgan Smithline herself called in to Popcorned Planet to talk about all that has transpired and answered some questions. Among many other things, she said the following:

"It's not easy to face a bunch of people you did wrong, and I did the wrong thing. And I really sincerely apologize. I think it's a lot more grown up to say that I fucked up, I did the wrong thing. I accept accountability, and I was wrong and I'm very sorry. And let me do everything legally, mentally, whatever, to make it better."

The interview can be heard below:

March 3

- Candace Owens Comes Out in Support of Marilyn Manson

Since Ashley Morgan Smithline exposed the hoax behind the MeToo allegations against Marilyn Manson, many people have become more confident that Manson is indeed innocent and Evan Rachel Wood and the other accusers are liars and/or falsely accusing him of crimes he never committed. Among these are some high profile people, including conservative commentator Candace Owens. Even though they shared a mutual friendship with Kanye West, Candace says in the video below that she mistakenly judged the book by its cover with Manson and assumed initially the allegations against him were true, but now having looked into some of the evidence and reading the declaration of Smithline, she believes Manson is another victim of a MeToo hoax. "Now I'm paying a lot of attention to this case," she says.

Op-ed About the Ashley Morgan Smithline Situation

It needs to be made clear that the declaration of Ashley Morgan Smithline is not meant to be an apology letter to Manson (she apologized to Manson privately and he forgave her), nor is it meant to be a tell-all book about every detail of what happened. The declaration is a legal document that is directly related to the anti-Slapp hearing in April, and its sole purpose is to show that there was a conspiracy led by Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore to take down Marilyn Manson. Yes, there is a lot more to the story, but it is a story to be told in the future and in the proper time.

Tomas Mier, who was very proud of his cover story in People magazine in 2021 featuring Ashley Morgan Smithline and now works for Rolling Stone, wrote a Twitter thread that he later adapted into his article for Rolling Stone arguing with the same talking points as Evan, and trying to discredit Smithline as being manipulated by Howard King and Manson. Smithline, however, shared with me in a private message that Mier did not publish her full statement, which was sent to him as follows:

I then publicly asked Smithline about her 2019 social media comments brought up by Evan, and in her answer she cleaned up her original public statement for public distribution, and even this some refused to publish in its entirety, so here is her full statement:

Though we don't have all the details, what Smithline seems to be indicating is that her phone was hacked to send certain messages she did not authorize. We know from Bryton Gore's declaration that Illma Gore is an experienced hacker who used information provided by Ashley Walters against Manson. We also know through the testimony of Vanessa Alexandra in her interview with Colonel Kurtz that someone hacked into her Twitter account and posted messages of support for Evan in early February 2021, even though she was contacted by Illma and did not reply. Since this fits the pattern with Smithline as well, it could explain some of the weird social media posts from Smithline in 2019 and the many other messages after. According to Smithline, some of these posts were done while she was in the hospital and she had given her private access information to Ashley Walters.

Evan tries to say in her declaration that she did not personally meet Smithline until that one time at the Survivor's Meeting in October 2020, however Smithline has informed me that she has known both Ashley Walters and Evan Rachel Wood for years since the time she first met Manson in November 2010. She explains one encounter with Evan in 2010 in her interview on Popcorned Planet on February 28th.

Even if you believe that the 2019 texts of Smithline, which may not in fact be by Smithline, are really from Smithline, what they do is prove one major thing: that there was already some collusion between Evan Rachel Wood, Ashley Walters, Esme Bianco and Ashley Morgan Smithline to coordinate social media posts related to the #IAmNotOk movement in mid-November 2019. There certainly was collusion with the other three, but Smithline has always felt a bit out of place in the whole thing, as if she was already being manipulated into the situation, nevertheless in 2019 Smithline never made a major accusation against Manson, who was not being named at the time, except for the fact that her alleged abuser ruined her dreams of being an actress and escaping her modeling career. The rest of Smithline's accusations did not begin to appear till late 2020 and early 2021.

And whether or not you acknowledge the legitimacy of those 2019 social media posts, the two posts you should not ignore are what Smithline posted June 1, 2017. In one of those posts, Smithline tags Ashley Walters who took a photo of her holding Lily White, Manson's cat in 2010. The other photo is a happy photo of Smithline and Manson joking around. These are nothing but fond memories Smithline actually did post in 2017 of her time with Manson in 2010. Until Evan, Esme and Walters came into her life, Smithline only posted positive and fond memories of her time with Manson. What changed? We are partially told what changed in Smithline's declaration and statements to the media this past February in response to Evan's counter-claims.

I find it funny how Evan's supporters are now trying to discredit Ashley Morgan Smithline, when her most wild and outrageous and unbelievable claims were made back in February 2021, when they just ignored the craziness of her allegations and chose to hang on her every word. To these people, Smithline provided the following statement on March 6th:

As for the voicemail message alleged to be Smithline by Karl Neilson, I find it necessary to point out how problematic this whole situation seems to be. 
First of all, no one on Manson's side, as far as I know, has heard this voicemail. 
Second, we have the correspondence between Howard King and Jay Ellwanger that proves what Smithline allegedly said in the voicemail is not true, about him trying to get in contact with her in May 2022 in order to manipulate her to go against Manson. 
Third, it is very unusual for Smithline to tell Karl that King is trying to pressure her, and then all of a sudden for King to actually succeed; this just seems so implausible and laughable. 
Fourth, Karl does not establish what kind of friend he is to Smithline, nor why he is suddenly betraying her. 
Fifth, and this is most interesting, on August 22nd 2022 Smithline was telling her attorney Jay Ellwanger to stop trying to contact Karl Neilson, and he had no business to do so. She also says that Karl is not her friend, who is trying to be famous by getting involved. Not only this, but earlier, on March 17th 2022, either Esme Bianco or some other Manson accuser sent information about Karl Nielson, warning the others that he is a liar and mentally ill. 

Sixth, Smithline in her correspondence with the Dominic Scaia on June 8th 2022 wonders whether Dominic was in fact Manson's wife Lindsay spying on him. On the same day, June 8th, Smithline tells Esme Bianco in a DM that she thinks another Manson supporter account is in fact Lindsay spying on her. What this tells me is that if the voicemail is really by Smithline on June 8th, then it seems likely she was being overly paranoid that day or perhaps partook in a bit too many illegal substances.
(Update 3/16/23) Seventh, it was reported on March 16th that the Law and Crime network requested access to  the USB with two audios from Karl Neilson. The reply they received and filed was that the USB was not submitted to the court, which means no one has heard these voicemails through the court, begging the question where Tomas Mier heard them, since he alleged on Twitter on February 28th to have heard them. Ashley Morgan Smithline has also said she has heard them, and denies that it is her voice in the voicemail.

(Update 3/17/23) Lastly, in recent days we have come to know more about Karl Neilson and his sketch background. He apparently is from New Zealand, and has his social media set to private or has blocked any Manson supporters. On Facebook it is clear he was a Marilyn Manson fan, who around 2010 befriended people in Manson's circle and hung out with them in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, especially Tony Silva, Rudy Colby, Nick Kushner and Manzin. Manzin barely remembers him, and Karl has blocked him, but it appears he has been hanging around with Tony Silva since at least 2019. He was also friends with people like Ashley Walters and Laney Chantal. It appears when the Manson allegations came out in early 2021, he went anti-Manson, apparently taking the side of Ashley Walters, and tried to get involved. Ashley Morgan Smithline says she was not friends with him, and that he is a stalker trying to get involved in the case.
One thing we are all confused by is what appears to be Ashley Smithline's new identity as a British woman who apparently no longer goes by the name Smithline (her name on Instagram is Ashley Morgan Jordan), talks in a British accent, and was born in 1994 (which means she was in a very brief relationship with Manson when she was 16). Whether one wants to accept this identity of Smithline doesn't really matter. This is how she has chosen to identify herself, most likely for her career, and personally I respect that. According to private messages of Smithline, she moved to England in March to start a new life, largely because she didn't want to be involved in the lawsuit against Manson, wanted to get away from Evan and Ellwanger using her, was somehow triggered by the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial and was realizing how much wrong she had done against Manson. Because she believes Ellwanger and Evan and Esme made her the punching bag on behalf of the accusers, her name and reputation were tarnished, and part of starting new was changing some things about herself. Whether it is real or not is not really a matter of debate, but what we can all agree on is that it is a matter of her own choice to identify however she likes in a way that is best for her and for her future. Coming clean, putting her conscience at ease and telling the truth is part of this process.

March 8

- Manson and Lindsay Attend Kat Von D's Birthday Party

Two months after hosting Manson's birthday party in her beautiful home in Los Angeles, Kat Von D celebrated her own birthday on March 8th and invited many of her friends, including Manson and Lindsay. Kat posted the following message about the event:

Best birthday ever! I’m so lucky to have such kind and loving friends around me.🥹 Last night was not only my birthday party, but also celebrating the last party in our house before we leave to Indiana, which is obviously bittersweet — so it meant a lot more to me than you’ll ever know! 🖤

Below is a video with photos:


March 13

- Sarah McNeilly Shares New Allegations Against Marilyn Manson

Supposedly triggered by a meme, Sarah McNeilly posted new allegations about Manson on Instagram, along with text messages from Manson dated to August 1st 2011, and a photo. She also reposted her original February 2021 statement in her Instagram stories. The allegations focus on the alleged monstrous cruelty of Manson, where he would allegedly make believe to get angry about something or blame his victims for something they didn't do, essentially playing mind games. Her statement reads as follows:

The photo of Manson with a bloody nose is interpreted by Sarah as being a cruel joke he sent her after she overdosed. Of course, this is her interpretation of the photo, and she expects us to believe her interpretation of Manson's intent behind this photo, which she seems absolutely sure of. What she chooses to leave out are any details of her drug abuse at the time that led to her overdose, or when this took place or why she is so sure the intention of the photo was Manson making fun of her overdose. It seems like she is taking a story of her own cocaine use gone wrong and rewriting history to make it about Manson's abuse towards her, and that in reality she should be looked upon as a victim of the situation. If Sarah wants to sound just a little bit credible, then she should tell us the circumstances behind her overdose, the exact day and year, and how Manson was involved.

The text messages do not seem related to either of the posted accusations, and are pretty meaningless except to desperately show that one time Manson showed some anger or frustration, and this anger or frustration is about Ashley Walters and Spencer Rollins, who were notoriously incompetent assistants with their own drinking and drug habits. This was around the time when Manson had fired Walters for being a terrible assistant, though he would take her back for a short time later. Much of this doesn't make sense out of context, but it seems like he was just venting to Sarah about their incompetence and in a stressful situation.

Unusually, many of Sarah's fellow accusers liked and commented on her post, including Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco, Chloe Black (Jane Doe #2) and Saint Sasha, along with Dan Cleary, Amy Berg, Brittany Leigh, Lenora Claire and others. This is very unusual, even when one of them makes a post about Manson. In fact, I don't think it has happened since February 2021.

If I were to take a guess what this triggered rant of Sarah is about, I would be inclined to say that this is a scheme, possibly instigated by Evan or Esme, to trigger Ashley Morgan Smithline. The accusations laid out by Sarah in this post is an accusation Smithline would make about Manson, saying that Manson would play games with her by doing such things as hiding the remote control then yelling at her for losing the remote control. It is also worded in ways that Smithline would word her accusations, and presented like Smithline would present them, by sending texts and photos that would prove to be misleading. Even recently Smithline made headlines by allegedly using the word "ruse" in a voicemail, and here Sarah uses the same word in all capital letters. If this is a scheme, then the reason they would use Sarah to do this is because Smithline and Sarah follow each other on Instagram. The only other accuser Smithline follows is Illma Gore, but she appears to be out of the loop these days. Is Sarah being used as a pawn in the scheme to re-trigger Smithline? I don't know, but worth considering and it makes sense. In fact, I would bet on it.

I also want to highlight the level of hypocrisy Sarah displays by posting that photo of Manson. Though I highly doubt he sent it to her with the intent of mocking her overdose, even if I were to grant that it were true, her hypocrisy is displayed when a year prior to her alleged overdose, around Halloween of 2010, she dressed up and posed like a murdered Sharon Tate and tried to recreate the crime scene. Manson joking about an alleged overdose (we don't know anything about this overdose and even if it happened) that Sarah survived is nothing compared to her joking about a true murder of a pregnant woman whose family still lives. How convenient for her to be so offended over a supposed personal issue and be absolutely heartless when it comes to a true incident that was brutal and fatal involving real victims.

And lest anyone think that Manson was behind this photo of Sarah posing as a murdered Sharon Tate in 2010, we know that during Halloween of 2010 Manson was not with Sarah, but with Lindsay, as can be seen in the photo below (also with Fred Sablan and his wife):