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Marilyn Manson Spotted Having Dinner With Rose McGowan

Journalist and screenwriter Phoebe Eaton spotted Marilyn Manson and someone she assumed to be Rose McGowan - "or at least, her doppelganger" - having dinner this past Sunday (6/2/24) at the legendary and very touristy Musso and Frank Grill in Hollywood. Though she made it sound like she was unsure of the identity of the woman with Manson (I'm sure she just found it hard to believe), and since a barrier kept her hidden most of the time, it has been anonymously confirmed that it was indeed Manson's ex-fiance Rose McGowan with him at dinner. Though it is unknown why they were having dinner together, we can assume they are at least on friendly enough terms to do so, which is quite significant in light of the roller coaster ride over the past few years since Evan Rachel Wood and others named Manson as their abuser in February 2021. As I have written elsewhere, we know that in 2020 Manson and McGowan were friendly and talking again, but as Evan's public testimony about

An Exclusive Report on a Private Email Bianca Allaine Sent to Jeordie White in July 2021

On January 30th 2023, Bianca Allaine filed a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson as a Jane Doe, alleging he sexually assaulted her as a minor. She first came out against Manson in early February 2021, around the time Evan Rachel Wood and other accusers named him, when The Sun published her allegations twice. In those articles she stated that she had been in contact with Esme Bianco and that she had contacted the FBI in Maryland, where she lived, about her allegations against Manson. It even stated that she would soon be meeting with the FBI to discuss Manson, and that she would be giving them her evidence against him. On her social media pages at this time, Bianca began to discuss Manson a lot (they have all since been deleted). On February 8th that same year, Bianca appeared on a double episode of the CDAN podcast, where she discussed in detail her experiences with Manson. In a reply to a comment where this podcast is posted, Bianca stated:

"I have a mission now to help those who are afraid of him. I am NOT afraid of him. I am fighting for those who are either too afraid to speak out due to his threats, or are no longer with us. They deserve justice."

Then something happened on July 16th 2021. Bianca Allaine sent the following private email through her confirmed Zombinatrix email account (a film she was making with her husband Michael Kyne) to who she thought was Jeordie White, a.k.a. Twiggy Ramirez:

Before we discuss the contents of this email, let me put things in context and explain how I came across it.

As soon as I heard news there was another lawsuit against Manson the morning of January 30th from an article in Rolling Stone, though I saw it was another Jane Doe case, immediately from the contents of the article I recognized this was Bianca Allaine, who had been threatening to file a lawsuit against Manson since October 2022 on her Facebook account, and now she was taking advantage of the new statute of limitations law in New York. I posted that article in my Marilyn Manson Uncanceled Instagram stories, and revealed that it was in fact Bianca Allaine who was filing this lawsuit, someone who I had spoken about many times before. Within a few minutes, I received a DM from a woman named Denise Noelle, who runs the Base Tendencies website dedicated to all things related to Jeordie White, a former band member of Marilyn Manson, where he was known as Twiggy Ramirez. She informed me that that back in July of 2021, a woman named Bianca Allaine sent her a really interesting email to her Base Tendencies account thinking that it was going directly to Jeordie White, when in fact that site is not run by Jeordie but by Denise, a long time friend of Jeordie. Though Denise had some contact with Jeordie in the past, and would have normally forwarded to him an email directed to him, this time she decided not to, feeling that it wasn't a good time to bother him with things like this, and just put it aside. And there it lay, until I posted information about Bianca Allaine's lawsuit on Instagram.

In her lawsuit, Bianca basically implies that as Marilyn Manson was sexually assaulting her in 1995 when she was 16 on his tour bus, Jeordie was there and did nothing to stop him. On Facebook in October 2022, Bianca would refer to Jeordie by name and through photos as a rapist, and identified him as the member of the band in the bus in 1995 who did nothing as Manson committed his crimes, holding him accountable as well.

Yet in this email, from more than a year before these Facebook posts, Bianca comes off as apologetic to both Jeordie and Manson. In fact, she acknowledges that Jeordie for sure doesn't know who she is (even though she publicly claimed to be with Manson during almost all of the Rock is Dead tour in 1999 whenever Rose McGowan was away, and that Manson and Jeordie were very close), and she basically talks to him like she's a fan girl detached from those past episodes.

Most striking in the email is her confession that everything she said about Manson in public is a false hoax that went beyond what she wanted and now regretted. She blames this hoax on the following:

1. Her cocaine and alcohol problem.

2. Her confusion from all that was being said in the media and from friends about Manson at the time, which could go back to 2020 when people and the media first started publicly accusing Manson of being Evan's abuser.

3. Jessicka Addams, from Jack Off Jill, who was messaging her.

She flips off her prior accusations against Manson as her being "bitchy", but now wishes him well, and she says she is "laying down my sword" against him, meaning she no longer wants to fight. As for the other allegations being made against him by other women, she says she doesn't know what to believe and is really confused by them, but "there are two sides to every story", so she essentially implies she will be moving on now. A few times she talks about speaking with and arguing with Manson (who she keeps weirdly calling Brian) directly during this time. Interestingly, she also talks about not participating in the big press articles from the time (such as the big Rolling Stone "investigation"), which is true, even though she says she was contacted to do so.

Concluding Thoughts

First of all, I have absolutely no doubt that this is an authentic email from Bianca Allaine. I am very familiar with how she writes and how she thinks, having followed her social media for a long time and done a lot of research on her.

Second, not only has Bianca been open about her drug and alcohol problem, but you can see it and hear it in some of her videos and interviews. She is also a very mentally disturbed person, as she has admitted, but her thinking is also very delusional even when not discussing Manson. For example, she thinks Chris Cornell was murdered for trying to expose pedophiles in the music industry and blames his widow Vicky on covering this up. But if you follow the timeline of her thinking about Manson from February 2021 till she deleted her social media a few months ago, you will come across many contradictions and patterns that reveal not only a liar, but legitimate delusion. For example, she believed Manson was monitoring her social media, and would often talk to him directly in her posts. She even believes Manson attended the first Donda release event in August 2021 with Kanye West dressed as he was and with the Holy Wood era makeup he was wearing as a direct message and threat to her, because the event just happened to take place on her birthday and she was with him allegedly during the Columbine era. In fact, I believe it was this Donda event that made Bianca turn on Manson once again, as well as the second one in February 2022 in Miami.

Third, between the cocaine, the alcohol, and whatever other drugs she may be on, as well as the "confusing" messages she was hearing from other accusers and friends and the media, and her being "bitchy" at the time, she apparently claims to have been very vulnerable to suggestive messages and jumped in on it.

Fourth, we have Jessicka Addams, who in 2017 accused Jeordie White of raping her in the early 1990's. I will be saying more about Jessicka Addams in the future, but here I will present the possible Jessicka Addams connection to this hoax. 
In the early 2000's, a young woman from Dallas named Bianca Allaine was living in Los Angeles hoping to make it as an actress. She got married to an abusive husband, left him, was homeless for a year working odd jobs to survive, and eventually found herself being the assistant of Lenora Claire, who today is known as a well-publicized stalking victim that is on the advisory board of L.A. District Attorney George Gascon. Lenora in the early 2000's became well known in Hollywood for appearing in many things, distinguished by her bright red hair, and can even briefly be seen in Marilyn Manson's 'Tainted Love' video from 2001. Lenora Claire introduced Bianca to a director, Ramzi Abed, who featured her in B-Horror films, which kick started her career as an actress in those types of films, earning her somewhat of a revered reputation for those familiar with the genre. Bianca and Lenora were even in a horror film together in 2016. Lenora has many friends, some being accusers of Manson in one way or another, such as Brittany Leigh, Sarah McNeilly, Esme Bianco and Linda Strawberry. Another close friend of Lenora of many years is Jessicka Addams. 
Jessicka Addams was good friends with a now deceased woman named Alyx Suttle, who was also friends with Marilyn Manson and is featured in vocals on the Holy Wood track 'President's Dead'. Bianca also claims to have been close friends with Alyx Suttle, and in fact says that Alyx dated Manson for a few years (which is not true) and was abused by him (also not true), which she speculates led to her death around 2015. If it is true Jessicka and Bianca were sending these messages to each other in c. 2020-21, then we may have the origins of this hoax, which also would possibly include Lenora and Brittany, especially when we consider the fact that Bianca makes claims against both Chris Vrenna and Manson that sound almost exactly as what Brittany Leigh, an ex-girlfriend of Vrenna, claims. Interestingly, Bianca doesn't name Jeordie in her lawsuit, to Jessicka's ire, and what is funny is that Bianca brings up Manson's early fan club called Satan's Bakesale in her lawsuit, which Jessicka was a staff member of. This connection could also explain why Jessicka Addams and her husband Christian have been posting a lot about her own alleged sexual assault by Jeordie these days on social media, such as the following from within the past few days:


Lastly, even though Bianca came out against Manson in a big way in February 2021 and her name was out there for all to exploit, for a while she went silent, and in the big so-called investigations being made against Manson in 2021 and 2022 by the press, none of them mention Bianca. Obviously they must have tried to contact her. It wasn't until a year after Manson's appearance with Kanye at the Donda release party that Bianca started coming out against Manson again, this time threatening a lawsuit. The email above to Jeordie I think explains the reason why Bianca went silent for a while, until her delusional mind read secret messages into what Manson and Kanye were doing together on her birthday in August 2021, over a month after she sent her email to Jeordie. Then a year later, in August 2022, her social media meltdown began, until a few months later when she deleted all her socials.

Update from February 13, 2023:

It appears some people who don't understand that emails can be authenticated believe either I or Denise forged the email above. There are various ways you can authenticate an email, and we have all the information to do so. I think the following proof of authentication should be good enough without getting into complicated details. All the information needed will be passed over to Manson's legal team upon request. If only Evan and Illma could provide the same for their forged FBI letter.