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Unraveling the Meaning of Marilyn Manson's New Teaser Video

Marilyn Manson's new teaser video, by which he announced his new record label Nuclear Blast and introduced us to new music after nearly four years, is also rich with imagery and symbolism in its brief one minute and ten second duration. It's not clear if this teaser is complete in itself or just a portion of something else to come, nonetheless I observed a possible explanation as to what we may be looking at, and I wanted to share my thoughts and open it up to criticism so we can arrive at the truth. From what we have gathered so far, we know that Manson is bringing back the imagery of the Tryptich ( Antichrist Superstar , Mechanical Animals , Holy Wood ), with a special emphasis on the revolutionary theme of Holy Wood , since a parallel is being drawn to what inspired its creation (Manson being blamed for inspiring the Columbine shooters, the cancelation of his tour that ensued and his ultimate comeback) with Manson's current troubles of accusations against him and his s

Marilyn Manson in the News (July 14 - September 10, 2022)


Another long period of time has passed since I gave my last news update on all things Marilyn Manson, so I will briefly summarize the main stories since July 20th 2022 to keep everyone updated. The stories that may appear missing, especially the legal documents issued during this time, I hope to address separately.

- Evan Rachel Wood's Social Media Meltdown (July 20-22, 2022)

This news story deserved a whole article on its own, so if you want to read about it, see what I wrote here.

As far as an update is concerned, as of September 10th 2022, Evan has resumed posting on Instagram (she only stopped for about a week or so), a little more sparingly, but she still can't resist having her voice heard, making people aware of how much she has suffered, and promoting her projects.

However, Evan did have a busy summer with various projects and appearances, which could explain her silence for the most part. Her meltdown actually took place while she was in North Carolina, practicing for a role in the theatrical production of The Father at her father's Theatre in the Park. Her real father, Ira David Wood III, played the title character while Evan played the role of his daughter, and it was directed by her brother, Ira David Wood IV. It ran from August 5th to the 21st. Below are some photos and commentary from her father David:


It seems during this time, and perhaps for some time after, her son Jack was given permission from his mother to stay with his father Jaime Bell and Jaime's wife Kate Mara, which is a significant move in light of the custody battle over the past few years. Prior to this, Evan would not allow Jack to stay with his father Jaime in California, due to her fears that Marilyn Manson, who she said lived 3 miles away, may live up to his alleged threat from 2014, during which time Evan claimed that Manson told her at a party he wanted to sexually assault her son. It may be the reason why Jaime and Kate sold their home in June and moved to a new residence, basically to accommodate Evan's security requirements.

- Marilyn Manson Responds to Evan Rachel Wood's Motion (July 20, 2022)

One of the reasons behind Evan's social media meltdown seems to have been about something else that took place on July 20th, when Marilyn Manson issued an application to shorten the time to hear his motion to conduct limited discovery on his case against Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore. In doing so, there was included in his case filings declarations from the following people who could potentially be called to witness on behalf of Marilyn Manson: Emese Balog (Greta Aurora), Paula M. Weiss (Pola Weiss), Jayden Elworthy, Dominic Phoenix Scaia (Phoenix Thorne), Blair Berk, Howard E. King, Bryton Gore, Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson). I also wrote a separate post on the details of this, which can be read here.

The updates on this are pretty significant. Here are the two main ones:

First, due to personal issues, Dominic Phoenix Scaia will no longer be among the potential witnesses, though the evidence he provided against Ashley Morgan Smithline is valid and still part of the evidence in the case.

Second, because of Bryton's powerful declaration, someone, likely Illma herself, leaked the legal documents of a restraining order case Bryton filed against her sister Illma in New York. Illma came to this hearing prepared with a lawyer and declarations from people hardly acquainted to Bryton, who was representing herself. Bryton lost this case, Illma was awarded $20,000 in damages, and the declarations from this restraining order case are being used to attempt to discredit Bryton's own declaration in favor of Manson. Bryton has filed for an appeal in the case against her sister Illma.

- The Unsealed Text Exchange Between Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp

On July 30th, among the newly unsealed documents from the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial, there was a text exchange between Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp that was made public. The texts revolve around the period from June 23, 2016 to November 4, 2017. I wrote an annotated commentary on this unsealed text exchange between Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp, in order to offer a better and clearer understanding of what is going on instead of the false reports in the media. This can be read here.

- Kamilla's Twitter Account

I talked about Kamilla's Twitter account in the last news update. When the unsealed text exchange between Manson and Depp was released to the public, it was primarily her Twitter that helped it go viral and in turn it caught the attention of the media. The problem, however, was that she and others like her were completely misrepresenting the facts and taking the exchange out of context and making it to fit their narrative that both Manson and Depp are monsters, racists and predators. This was primarily the reason why I wrote my annotated commentary on the entire exchange. 
Then on August 7th she and Laura from the Manson is Abusive account posted from an old satire page a 2014 story that Manson was grooming 11 year old actress Kyla Kenedy for pedophile purposes, which was a complete and obvious falsehood, but it reached the point where Kyla's mother had to get involved and confirmed that in fact Manson and Kyla only met and saw each other at an awards show over a two hour period and were never in contact again afterward. Kamilla and Laura both refused to acknowledge the facts and continued to spread their slander.

On August 10th, another Twitter user and Johnny Depp supporter, Laura Bockov, made a series of tweets identifying a possible connection between the identity behind the Kamilla account and Amber Heard's PR firm, Shane Communications. I had already sounded the alarm that there was proof of bot use associated with the Kamilla account from my past exchange with her account, but to supplement Laura's tweets I posted another factor I was aware of for a while and hadn't made public, which was the number of posts Kamilla was writing on a daily basis. This is what I tweeted:

This tweet is perhaps my most popular tweet of all time. It pointed out the fact that something bigger than just one person with a lot of time on their hands was behind this account. The next day I tweeted how in one day, in reaction to the previous days tweets by Laura, Kamilla posted around 200 tweets of reaction, primarily calling everyone who questioned her a racist for associating her profile pic with a real black woman that worked for Shane Communications.
With all this into play, the person behind the Kamilla account, whoever it is, whether it is in fact Shane Communications or not, had a meltdown and the result was that they closed down their account. It was either because they were exposed, or close to being exposed. Whatever the case, she got what she deserved for spreading so much slander in clearly shady ways.

- Bianca Allaine's Testimony in Evan Rachel Wood's Submitted Evidence

Among Evan Rachel Wood's submitted evidence on the August 5th filings in Exhibit E are four testimonies that have to do with Manson being accused of being a pedophile. The first is from Bianca Allaine, the second was an anonymous testimony from Instagram, the third was from Todd Welsh, and the fourth is from Courtney Love. They are all pretty weak testimonies, and I will address them in due time, but one that I wanted to address is Bianca Allaine. Though I will fully address her accusations elsewhere, here I just wanted to point out her bizarre reaction to being named as evidence in the Evan Rachel Wood case. Keep in mind when reading this, that though Bianca claims to have known Manson for years, since the 90's in fact, it has been confirmed that she has never been associated with Manson in any way. This is what she posted on August 7th:

Then on August 27th she posted this:

There have been other completely bizarre and unfounded things she posted and I will discuss her in more detail soon, but these are sufficient to show that this woman is not in a healthy state of mind and therefore not a reliable witness.

- Manson and Lindsay Spotted Out On a Date in Hollywood

The Daily Mail reported on August 11th that Manson and his wife Lindsay were spotted in a rare outing in Hollywood. They didn't get into specifics, but they provided a few photos and a video (see link for video) of them walking out of a building where they are met by paparazzi, with Manson stopping to sign some autographs.

Brittany Leigh, another Manson accuser, had the following to say about this story:

Of course, these comments are coming from a complete fraud who claims a Native American heritage and extraordinary spiritual powers, on top of the fact that she brags about having sex with ghosts on a regular basis (see here). I will address the claims of Brittany Leigh in a separate post.

- Corey Feldman's Bizarre Accusations Against Marilyn Manson

In a bizarre interview with Consequence Sound on August 15th, Corey Feldman made some wild accusations against Manson. To those who have paid attention, this is nothing new from what he has already said, but to many this was indeed new information. Basically, Corey Feldman accused Manson of sabotaging his 2017 Heavenly Tour by infiltrating it with spies and saboteurs. As absurd as it sounds, however, there is in reality a darker backstory to these accusations. I have fully addressed these accusations in an article I wrote here.

- Evan Rachel Wood Desperately Continues To Harass the District Attorney's Office in Los Angeles

Despite her pending court case and all that requires Evan's attention there, on August 22nd she continued to encourage her Instagram followers to contact the DA's office in LA about the Brian Warner case.

It seems like Evan is really desperate for some imagined hoped-for evidence emerging after the raid in Manson's home. However, the LASD has not yet submitted the evidence to the DA for evaluation. These things take time, especially when they can't find any evidence and are waiting to see what may emerge. In fact, TMZ has stated the LASD have not found anything against Manson, instead they have found credibility issues with the accuser. The DA office, however, appears to have started sending the following message to those who are inquiring:

On September 7th, Evan requested the same thing for her 35th birthday.

The next day she added the following message to her fans who may want autographs after her concerts which she is out on tour for at this time:

- Vince Romo Gives a Powerful Testimony on Behalf of Marilyn Manson

On August 25th, the Street Pulse team sat down with actor Vince Romo to talk about some subjects about his life and various projects. In this interview he was asked about his friendship with Marilyn Manson, which I have reported on elsewhere on this website when he recently posted on Twitter about visiting Manson in his home. The conversation about Manson lasts for about ten minutes at the 31 minute mark, and should not be missed. In fact, the whole interview is fascinating and should be heard. In a livestream a few days later, Vince said that Manson contacted him and personally thanked him for speaking the truth.

- Pola Weiss Posts Photos With Manson and Lindsay

On August 29th, Pola Weiss, a former girlfriend of Manson and the woman featured in the controversial film Groupie, posted the following new photos of herself with Manson and Lindsay:

- Manson and Lindsay Part of the New Yeezy Eyewear Campaign

- The Ashley Morgan Smithline Saga

On August 29th it was reported that Jay D. Ellwanger, the lawyer representing Smithline and Bianco, had asked for permission to withdraw as Smithline's legal representative, citing that she was being "unreasonably difficult for Counsel to carry out the representation effectively."

What we have come to find out is that in fact it was Ashley Morgan Smithline who has tried to fire Ellwanger as her lawyer since April, because she saw him as a fraud who was looking for money and fame. Ellwanger apparently didn't accept this, as we have seen in a series of text messages that have been released between Smithline and Ellwanger and submitted as evidence. This news was made public just as Smithline was set to appear for a deposition in the Warner v. Bianco case, to which she did not show up. As evidence suggests, Ellwanger lied and said that Smithline was sick and in psychiatric care, but Smithline has said that she was not sick or under psychiatric care, but had moved to England. As we have talked about in a prior article, Ashley now claims to have had British origins and was raised in Hong Kong, or maybe the other way around, since it seems to change. In fact, she updated her Instagram profile to reflect this new identity.

Apparently, Smithline has been trying for months to contact Manson's lawyer, Howard King, however since Ellwanger was still representing Smithline, legally she was not allowed to communicate with King. In recent days, we have received news that in fact Ellwanger will no longer represent Smithline, which means Howard King will be able to speak with Smithline. Ellwanger is still representing Bianco in her case, for now.

According to Smithline's latest messages, she doesn't want to cancel anyone, including Manson, and she felt forced to do what she did by Evan and Jay. Now she just wants to keep a good name for herself and do the right thing. However, the one thing lacking in her messages is any personal responsibility for the lies she has spread. She has hinted to people in private that she will do more on behalf of Manson if people will remove any posts that are negative against her, which she calls "bullying" posts. However, this just sounds like a woman who wants to control the bad situation she put herself in, and does not sound like a woman who wants to do the right thing. A woman who wants to do the right thing in her situation would confess and take personal responsibility for her actions and show an inclination towards trying to amend her slanderous actions that helped to destroy the career of an innocent man. She should not be trusted until she willingly comes forward and truly rights her wrongs. Even if she makes accusations against Evan and Jay, until she removes her false accusations against Manson, we cannot trust that she will not make false accusations against Evan and Jay as well. Perhaps this will be done after she speaks with Howard King.

- Esme Bianco's "Evidence" File Leaked

As if things were not bad enough for Jay Ellwanger, it appears that in the recent 92 page filing he submitted on behalf of Esme Bianco, there was a mistaken zip link to what appears to have been the full evidence file of Esme Bianco against Marilyn Manson. However, on September 10th, Esme Bianco filed an unopposed application to have these files sealed under penalty of sanctions. Basically, if anyone has these evidence files, they should not be leaked. If they are, and the source is discovered to come from a Manson supporter, then it can hurt Manson's case. The same is true if a supporter of Bianco leaks the documents. I'm not sure if this applies to talking about what was leaked. As one who has seen this rather huge evidence file, I have a lot to say about what I saw, but will withhold until I am clear on the legalities of the situation. I expect everyone will do the same who has access to these files.

- Important Upcoming Dates
Thanks to Lisa from The Manson Cases for putting the following together and offering commentary. Here is a list of upcoming court dates and what they are for:

Manson v Wood/Gore

09/27/2022 at 10:00 AM:
  • (1) Hearing on Motion - Other Plaintiff's Notice of Motion and Motion to Conduct Limited Discovery Pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Section 425.16(G) and Request for a Continuance of Defendants' Motions to Strike to Permit Such Limited Discovery
  • (2) Hearing on Special Motion to Strike under CCP Section 425.16 (Anti-SLAPP motion)
  • (3) Hearing on Special Motion to Strike under CCP Section 425.16 (Anti-SLAPP motion)
  • (4) Case Management Conference
The short version is Wood and Gore submitted anti-SLAPP motions in hopes the judge will strike portions of Manson's complaint (2)(3). This includes items like the FBI letter, etc.

When this happens, it halts discovery (evidence collecting). But Howard King submitted a request to "Conduct Limited Discovery" on July 22 (1). He submitted the declarations in court to help sway the judge.
Legal Bytes did a great video on the declarations AND the anti-SLAPP motions. I believe they are two separate videos.

The judge has to hear arguments before ruling, is my understanding. But will rule on that date or after on the first three items. The case management conference (4) is standard making sure everyone is on track for pending trial.

Ashley Walters v Manson

None scheduled at this time. There is talk of an appeal.

Jane Doe v Manson

10/13/2022 at 10:00 AM 
Non-Appearance Case Review

There is a dispute between making public "messages between Plaintiff and others who have accused Manson of misconduct."

Legalese:  "It seems the prime issue is using identity and identifying documents for 3rd party discovery.  This is a very good point for Manson; he should be entitled to inquire to witnesses.  She I think tries to compromise saying they can use identity but not refer to her as the plaintiff.  That seems a strange compromise and I can see Manson thinking hey that’s not enough or restrains what we can ask. 

Personally I like his argument better than hers but I haven’t researched to see who has the better legal side.  I agree she’s subject to threats but she chose to bring the case and he should be able to defend himself.  Her compromise kind of threads the needle.  We’ll see!"

07/25/2023 at 09:00 AM
Post-Mediation Status Conference

Normal course of settlement talks before a trial in hopes it does not go to trial.

09/25/2023 at 09:00 AM
Final Status Conference

Just a meeting between opposing attorneys and sometimes a judge.

10/03/2023 at 09:00 AM
Jury Trial

Esme Bianco v Manson

09/30/2022 at 1:30 PM 
NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION to Quash Subpoena to Testify at a Deposition in a Civil Action filed by Third Party Witness Ashley Lindsey Morgan Smithline

3/21/2023 at 08:30 AM
Jury Trial

Ashley Morgan Smithline v Manson

09/30/2022 at 1:30 PM 

Same date/time for Esme Bianco above too. All part of the drama with AMS with documents filed under Bianco and AMS.
Motion to Withdraw as Attorney was filed on 8/27

The judge needs to rule on Jay Ellwanger withdrawing as AMS attorney. King submitted a Non-Opposition to Motion in response. The stipulation from King is they need the address, phone number and email address as a condition of withdrawal. I am told this is required if she is pro se, as the document states until counsel is obtained. The judge will rule on or after 9/30 to approve or deny this request.