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Marilyn Manson Shares Valentine's Day Photos (February 14, 2024) - Some Possible Meanings Behind Recent Manson Imagery

The day prior to Valentine's Day, Lindsay posted some of her photos in anticipation, but on February 14th itself Manson posted photos of himself taken by Lindsay. The first thing he did was change his profile photo on all his social media to the image at the top of this page, then he posted the following photo:     The last time Manson changed his profile photo was on May 15, 2023 with the caption: "I’ve got something for you to hear," and I pointed out some of the relevant imagery of that photo. May 15th is the wedding anniversary of Manson and Lindsay. Now we have another profile change on February 14th, Valentine's Day, which besides all the historical Manson symbolism behind the day, can also be seen as another occasion for Manson and Lindsay to celebrate their love. And of course, both photos were taken by Lindsay. The latest profile picture has no accompanying caption, so let's take a closer look at it and see what significance there may be to it. To break

Powerful and Compelling Testimonials and Evidence Issued in Favor of Marilyn Manson's Claims Against Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore

On July 20th, Marilyn Manson issued an application to shorten the time to hear his motion to conduct limited discovery on his case against Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore. In doing so, there was included in his case filings declarations from the following people who could potentially be called to witness on behalf of Marilyn Manson: Emese Balog (Greta Aurora), Paula M. Weiss (Pola Weiss), Jayden Elworthy, Dominic Phoenix Scaia (Phoenix Thorne), Blair Berk, Howard E. King, Bryton Gore, Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson). One of the reasons cited to conduct the limited discovery is in order to contact other potential witnesses who live outside the state of California.

I will not comment too much on these documents, because I want to encourage everyone to read them for themselves. They can be found at this link

Below I will briefly go through each declaration and offer some personal thoughts that may be helpful to put things in better perspective. As you read each declaration, you can read my commentary as additional notes.

Emese Balog (Greta Aurora)

Most people are familiar with the testimony Greta offered on her YouTube channel just a few days after the accusers named Marilyn Manson as their abuser. This declaration by Greta repeats the facts of her testimony for which she is willing to testify under oath.

What I find interesting is that Illma first contacted Greta by email on October 15th 2020, which is about a week before the so-called Survivor's Meeting featured in Phoenix Rising that took place on October 21, 2020. This tells me two things: first, Illma wanted Greta to attend that meeting; second, the meeting was quickly planned. It had always been my assumption that this meeting was quickly planned, and when I found out Dan Cleary was there for writing a tweet just a month before confirmed this as well. In my article on Evan Rachel Wood's ten most probable motivating factors for going against Marilyn Manson, I list some reasons why there was a hastiness to name Marilyn Manson, among which included Evan's custody battle with Jaime Bell and the release online of photos a few months earlier of Evan dressed as a transvestite Nazi. Furthermore, that Greta was contacted again by Illma more urgently on January 22nd coincides with the time when Senator Susan Rubio named Marilyn Manson as a sexual predator and submitted his name to the FBI, a week before the accusers named Manson. After this, no doubt, the accusers knew full well when their coordinated attack on Manson would take place, and they wanted as many women as possible, so they tried to recruit Greta one last time, but she did not reply.

Paula M. Weiss (Pola Weiss)

When the accusations against Manson first came out and the Groupie film was cited as evidence, there was an aura of mystery surrounding the film and the actress featured in the film, but any reasonable person should have known that this was an art project by Manson where no real harm came to the actress, who was allegedly underage. I would tell people who were inquiring into it that all they needed to do was watch the end credits of Manson's documentary Dead to the World and they will see Pola Weiss, the actress in Groupie, is given a special thanks. When Pola finally contacted Colonel Kurtz and did an interview revealing the truth behind her performance in Groupie, it should have ended the conversation about Groupie. Instead, as we see in these court documents, both Evan and Illma doubled down and still talked publicly about Manson being a pedophile. Because of this, part of Manson's lawsuit complaint includes a defamation complaint against Illma Gore, though I also think Evan should be included in this, because on March 14th, a few weeks after Manson's lawsuit was released, Evan said on The Trevor Noah Show that Manson has been and is a danger to minors in a predatory way.

Jayden Elworthy

I don't know who this is, nor are we told much about him, but his declaration is important because he confirms that the real Ashley Morgan Smithline, whom he met in person on May 22nd 2022 in London, is the same person who goes by "ashleymorgansmithline" on Instagram. This will be significant when we look at the contents of the declaration by Dominic Phoenix Scaia.

Dominic Phoenix Scaia (Phoenix Thorne)

Apparently, Dominic Phoenix Scaia runs the Instagram account "marilynmansonisinnocent_". Here he talks about a conversation he had with Ashley Morgan Smithline throughout June of 2022. He says "we exchanged text, audio, image, and video messages." The person he spoke with has the Instagram account "ashleymorgansmithline", which Jayden Elworthy confirmed belongs to the real Ashley. Included in this declaration are a sample of the text exchange. We can assume he also has "audio, image and video messages" that go with these text exchanges, as he says, and these text exchanges are only a portion of something greater.

In the text exchange provided, we read what appears to be a confession from Ashley, saying that she was told to lie and change her British accent to an American accent by People magazine in order for her to sound more like Evan. She uses the word "meself", which is British slang. She says she was "pulled into canceling" Marilyn Manson, but in reality she just wants to be who she really is and keep working. She also says she has no anger or malice. As for Evan's documentary, Ashley says there is a "spin" to it. It appears she also says she was on Ketamine during the People interview, and blames someone for trying to make her numb and destroying her. Specifically she calls out Evan, Illma, Esme and the media. Interestingly, Ashley compares what the accusers did was equivalent to what the girls did in The Crucible, but she also oddly sees herself as John Proctor whose name was destroyed by the accusers. Because of this, Ashley says she had to leave the country and go "home" to England to escape being used by the other accusers. She looks at herself as having the "purest kindest" soul, but she's "no angel", and because of that was used to take the worst fall. She also has this belief that "life is already written".

What we have here is Ashley confessing to being part of the hoax against Marilyn Manson. However, things are not as clean as they seem. What we also have here is Ashley trying to blame others for participating in this hoax; she does not take any responsibility. Ashley comes off as gullible and naive and easily manipulated. The blame she assigns to Evan, Illma, Esme and the media, especially People Magazine. She has even gone so far as to fabricate a new identity, which apparently she has used for years off and on as it suits her, that she is of British origins and was raised in Asia, when in reality she is from Calabasas, California. She goes so far as to use the word "meself" to show that she knows British slang, but if you read throughout her social media she never used that word, but instead used "myself", as she did in 2019 when she used the word "myself" seven times in her autobiography. Now it could be that for years she was fabricating she was from California, but no matter what the case is, she is known to fabricate stories about herself, and there is an endless list of other things she has said that prove she is a liar. If we can extract one truth from this, it is that right now she is trying to distance herself from the Manson case by moving to England.

But there is more to the story.

On July 22nd, the Instagram page "statementsagainstmanson" posted the following text exchange they had with Ashley upon the release of the above-mentioned text exchange (which also proves that it is the same Instagram account used by Ashley):


What we have here is Ashley trying to say the private text exchange provided by Dominic Phoenix Scaia is a fabrication and that she still apparently holds on to her previous position against Manson which is in line with Evan, Esme, Illma and the media. However, I can assure everyone, I know for a fact that the information provided by Dominic Phoenix Scaia is real and not a fabrication. I can't say why or how I know - for now - but I can say that there is much more to come that will absolutely destroy Ashley's case.

Furthermore, I noticed one clue that I can share which shows the text exchange of Ashley with Dominic is real. It has to do with her reference to The Crucible. In her Instastories on February 23rd 2022, when her account was "ashleylindsaymorgan", Ashley shared the following:

Ashley has been posting a lot about The Crucible since Phoenix Rising came out, and she seems to identify herself with John Proctor in the film, which is sort of ironic, because if anything she should identify herself with one of his accusers and the John Proctor character would be more in line with Manson.
I know a lot of people are being sympathetic with Ashley over what she revealed, but I assure you, she is a liar and a deceiver, and only has her own interests in mind. She will say anything to avoid getting in trouble and blaming herself, and she does this by alternating between her two personalities.

Blair Berk

Blair Berk is one of Manson's lawyers, and she talks about trying to contact the FBI agent referenced in the fabricated letter of Evan and Illma. What is significant in her declaration, is that she breaks down for us how she came to realize that the FBI agent whom the letter came from and that supposedly confirmed there was an FBI investigation against Manson, in reality has never looked into the case and was unaware that letter was written and signed in her name. In fact this FBI agent, Michelle Langer, in her own investigation tracked down how Illma got her name in the first place (through two former employees that worked on behalf of the Phoenix Act, Mitch Emerson and Kelly Blaus), and she also confirms that there has been and there continues to be no investigation by the FBI against Brian Warner, or Marilyn Manson, while an investigation does continue of Evan's and Illma's fabricated letter. This testimony alone confirms Evan is a liar not only through the fabricated FBI letter, but also Evan and Amy Berg are now accountable for the fabricated FBI meeting they filmed for Phoenix Rising, which supposedly shows Evan talking to an FBI agent in the Nashville FBI building.

I should note, the media is already associating Blair Berk with former clients Harvey Weinstein and Mel Gibson, while totally ignoring what she uncovered with the FBI agent. However, what really should be emphasized is that Manson has a powerful female lawyer on his side, much like Johnny Depp did with Camille. In fact, she has served as a hired lawyer for Johnny Depp in 2016 against Amber Heard. Read more about her here.

Howard E. King

This declaration by Manson's lawyer apparently has a reference to the public records of the custody battle between Evan Rachel Wood and Jaime Bell, for which I had provided information for their access. Here the focus is on how the custody case relates to the Manson case, especially how Evan used the fabricated FBI letter to flee California, out of fear of Manson, for Nashville with her son Jack without notifying the father or even allowing the father to properly visit and communicate with his son. This also shows how the custody case was a motivating factor for Evan to publicly name Manson very quickly after this. My opinion also is that Evan fled to Nashville to add drama to her documentary Phoenix Rising, and this dramatization turned on her and became an additional factor to the custody battle.

Bryton Gore

This declaration was something that I was especially happy to see, because of my own personal involvement. Not only is Bryton Gore a powerful witness who has seen and experienced many things with her sister Illma, but she has provided a ton of evidence that goes along with the suspicions of a hoax against Manson that are irrefutable. I don't want to summarize it, because it needs to be read in full.

I do want to provide a clarification about something, however. In paragraph 24, she mentions a conversation with Evan on the phone in November 2021, and Evan told Bryton that she thought she was dead, because Illma told her that her sister had died three months prior. However, I don't believe this was in November of 2021. I actually communicated with Bryton in mid-October of 2021. This was when I uncovered that Illma was trying to declare her sister was suffering from some severe mental illness. Initially I thought Illma was talking about Evan, because they had recently broken up, but when Illma sent a message in my Twitter account and basically denied it was Evan, I believed her and looked more into it. When I discovered she was talking about Bryton, I messaged Bryton on Instagram and informed her about what her sister was saying about her, and I apologized because I had made it public and really had no intention to make such an ugly dispute between sisters public, especially since something with Illma was reportedly putting her in a dark mental state. Bryton, to my surprise, was very nice about the whole thing and wanted to talk about it, but couldn't because the news put her in a deep depression. This is because back in September, Bryton found out that Illma was going around telling people that her sister was dead for the past three months. What this means is that Bryton probably talked to Evan in September 2021, not November 2021. I even have evidence for this in my post from that time, which can be seen here.

Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson)

This declaration I found to be the most heartbreaking, because it is the first complete statement we have had by Manson on the case, and he talks about how it has horribly affected him and his wife Lindsay. Of course, it is a small sample of what he knows and has gone through, but here he directly addresses the allegations against him by Evan and Illma in a very straightforward manner. It is a perfect conclusion to all the other declarations.


Back in March, when Manson filed his lawsuit complaint, we were blown away by the potential of this case with the strong evidence provided. This past week, we have had a bit more of a sneak peak to show us what Manson and his team have up their sleeve, and it just gets better and stronger. No wonder Evan is having a meltdown on social media and has declared she wants to get off of social media altogether and be left alone. And no wonder Ashley has fled the country. The more that is revealed, the more terror strikes at their hearts. Unfortunately, except for Radar Online and KFI, no other media source seems to be interested in this bombshell new information, which is rather odd, especially since Manson has made his first lengthy statement on the case. Updates to this and other Manson cases are soon upon us, in August and September, so expect more here at this website in the coming weeks, where I will try and cover everything.