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Marilyn Manson Shares Valentine's Day Photos (February 14, 2024) - Some Possible Meanings Behind Recent Manson Imagery

The day prior to Valentine's Day, Lindsay posted some of her photos in anticipation, but on February 14th itself Manson posted photos of himself taken by Lindsay. The first thing he did was change his profile photo on all his social media to the image at the top of this page, then he posted the following photo:     The last time Manson changed his profile photo was on May 15, 2023 with the caption: "I’ve got something for you to hear," and I pointed out some of the relevant imagery of that photo. May 15th is the wedding anniversary of Manson and Lindsay. Now we have another profile change on February 14th, Valentine's Day, which besides all the historical Manson symbolism behind the day, can also be seen as another occasion for Manson and Lindsay to celebrate their love. And of course, both photos were taken by Lindsay. The latest profile picture has no accompanying caption, so let's take a closer look at it and see what significance there may be to it. To break

"Rolling Stone" Publishes an Embarrassing Propaganda Hit Piece On Marilyn Manson, Calling it an "Investigation" (Part 5 of 6)

...continued from part four.

63. Sarah McNeilly is hardly worth commenting on. How anyone can take her testimony seriously dumbfounds me. The fact that she accused Manson of killing the pets of his ex-girlfriends is ridiculous enough to refute her entire testimony as being unreliable, since Manson is widely known as a pet owner and animal lover. Like Ashley Morgan Smithline, her association with Manson is virtually unknown and very questionable, except that she appeared in his Born Villain short film in 2011. Her testimony is very vague, almost a copy and paste of various things the other women say. In 2015 she appears to have been friends with Ashley Walters, and she was one of the six women that conspired together on October 20, 2020 to frame Marilyn Manson. In my opinion, based on everything I've seen about her, she seems to be a mentally disturbed woman who is expressing disappointed fantasies.

64. "McNeilly’s friend Brittany Leigh" is a fraud who claims a Native American heritage that she feels a need to defend often on social media to boost her career as a psychic medium, and as a psychic medium she claims to see spirits everywhere, winning the admiration of her naive customers. She also claims to have dated a Marilyn Manson band member, that she doesn't identify, and says she saw unspecified things Manson did that makes her believe every claim against him. If you are going to put your name out there as an accuser, at least give the details, otherwise you make yourself look like a liar. Instead, these second-rate accusers are only giving out vague information so as not to be evaluated and questioned. The one connection both Sarah McNeilly and Brittany Leigh have to the Marilyn Manson case that can be confirmed is their friendship with Ashley Walters, who seems to be the common denominator that connects all the main accusers.

Note: Ashley Walters still attended Marilyn Manson concerts till at least 2016, sometimes with Esme Bianco, and they even are seen backstage with bandmember Twiggy Ramirez. An actual investigation would have revealed this crucial piece of information.

65. The incident of Manson physically assaulting Ashley Walters in his apartment the first time they met is an addition Ashley later added in her lawsuit testimony that did not exist in her social media testimony prior. It seems that Ashley needed to add this to make her case against Manson more legitimate and monstrous. The Rolling Stone "investigation" further leaves out the fact the entire timeline of her accusations which involve Evan Rachel Wood are not only off, but contradictory to known facts. It has been established also that Ashley Walters faked text messages between Manson and Evan Rachel Wood which she posted on Twitter, and it appears based on evidence from her Twitter account that she also faked the emails that she presented a few weeks ago to the Los Angeles Times "proving" Manson was abusing Esme and threatening Ashley herself. When this and other evidence came out against Ashley on the Instagram page of Marilyn Manson Uncanceled right before the publication of this Rolling Stone article, she deleted or hid all of her tweets. This came right after her friend and fellow-conspirator Brittany Leigh blocked Marilyn Manson Uncanceled from accessing her Instagram page.

66. The "musician named Jane Doe" seems to be Chloe Black. She won't say her name because she's so paranoid she thinks Manson is gonna hunt her down and kill her, that's how delusional she is. The truth of the matter is, she is a recording artist who initially came out against Manson under her real name about a week after releasing a new album in February 2021 (good publicity if you ask me). There is only one instance of Marilyn Manson and Chloe Black ever being seen together, and that was when he went to the movies with her and Ashley Walters in late February 2011. Like Sarah McNeilly and Ashley Morgan Smithline, who claimed a significant relationship with Manson all around the same time, there is no evidence any of them were in a relationship with him for more than a matter of days at the most, if at all. She claims, as "Jane Doe", the reason she didn't come out against Manson earlier is due to having repressed memories of the events that surfaced when Evan named Manson in February 2021, even though in her initial statement, which she obviously wanted to not associate herself with (it wasn't horrific enough) and filed later as a "Jane Doe", stated that for years she couldn't wait for the day to bring Manson to justice, and even the album that came out before Evan named Manson was dedicated to her alleged sexual assault. Not only are repressed memories notoriously unreliable in court cases, but claiming to have them when in fact you did not have them either makes you a liar or delusional or deranged.

67. "Cult-like mind-control techniques". I've taken Graduate courses, multiple courses in fact, on various cults and alternative religions, and I can assure you, even if Manson was a "Master" in such things, there would have been no time for him to implement them. If it's cult-like, then it requires a form of indoctrination, and in none of the allegations do we find Manson trying to indoctrinate. In fact, he is never accused of even putting himself up on a pedestal to be worshiped or adored, he never claims to be a Messiah, he is not even accused of claiming to be better than anyone else. This is why things need to be refocused when examining these extreme allegations. If there was anything cult-like, it was the accusers who put Manson at a level he never claimed to be, and perhaps they felt disappointed he was just an ordinary dude like every other dude. When you consider the fact that all these women have mental illnesses and shady testimonies, as well as a level of naivete that they feel they can use to their advantage, then the cult-like accusation should probably be turned around on them and accuse them of having a cult-like adoration for someone who never sought such a thing. As for the false accusations they bring against Manson, all you have to do is a simple Google search to look up cult-like mind-control techniques and you will find listed the things they accuse Manson of, which is convenient when forming these allegations.

68. "Ms. Smithline’s weight dropped to approximately 80 pounds". Perhaps it can be demonstrated that her weight dropped from 85 to 80 pounds, but if you look at photos of Ashley from before she was with Manson, she was always hideously skinny as a model in Thailand, which is common among Asian models she was surrounded by, and she wanted to be like.

69. "Sleep deprivation, drug use, and malnourishment". These allegations are way too vague to evaluate whether or not she is telling the truth that all these were done against her will, therefore they should be thrown out. One can only wonder what kind of online resources on torture methods she read to come up with these things (maybe Manson's own autobiography!).

70. Dan Cleary is a cry baby looking for podcast listeners, and a vocal advocate for the Me Too movement before he talked about Manson. He mentions an incident in which he was struck by Manson during a stage performance, whether on purpose or not we don't know, but fails to mention that years later in a time he was in financial need, Manson hired him as his assistant and apologized for the incident, even giving him one of his guitars worth a fortune as a gift, which Dan was very grateful for and felt it more than made up for the incident. Whether he failed to mention the whole story or Rolling Stone failed to do so, I don't know.

71. One anonymous source says: “Everybody received a text from him at some point that was like, ‘Do not fuck with me.’” I know for a fact this is not true. Maybe someone that fucked with him got that message, or at least he thought they did, but not everyone got that message. Notice there is absolutely no context to this, allowing our imaginations to form the scenario. If multiple people received this text, produce at least five of them, let's begin with one, together with the particular context. In fact, a real "investigation" could easily refute this, so why include it in the report unless it supported the predetermined narrative of Rolling Stone.

72. One source remembers Manson having an unused canister of Zyklon B used in the holocaust: “It was weird. I saw him show it off to Jewish friends of his, like, ‘Check this out.’” This source obviously doesn't share Manson's darker interests, so his moral judgment is irrelevant, and dark interests are not only common, but we have a whole holiday based on them called Halloween. Is the anonymous source trying to imply Manson showed it to his Jewish friends to intimidate them? What's the whole point? Why didn't Rolling Stone ask this source what his point was in mentioning this? Absurd reporting, total gaslighting.

73. I wrote an expose of Evan Rachel Wood's congressional testimony in 2018. Read here.

74. Esme Bianco said: “When it comes to the criminal justice system, survivors have practically no control over the process.” Umm, yes, that's how it should be. Just because someone claims to be a survivor, it does not mean they should have control over the process. Like everyone else, they must follow the process.

75. "That’s how I take my agency back". Esme always had her agency. The fact she decided to not use it, or used it in a way that she now regrets, doesn't mean she lost her agency.

76. Jay Ellwanger, the lawyer representing three accusers, said: “Pursuing a civil lawsuit allows a survivor to take control of the narrative.” This is the bullshit lawyers say to make a lot of money off of high profile cases, which could possibly fire back at them.

77. "Bailey, who is trans, said that Warner took out an unloaded gun". It has been established that this gun was fake, and it is somewhat similar to what Manson has done as a joke with others, given that this account is true at all. Maybe Love Bailey didn't find it funny, but to use a joke as an allegation is ridiculous.

78. "But despite radio stations significantly reducing his airplay since the accusations hit, his streaming numbers have remained steady at about 5 million per week." This is probably the most investigative thing in this whole article, even if takes no more than few minutes to find out.

79. As the article closes and the accusers recall the after-effects of their "abuse", one can only recall how they were open fans of Manson for years after the relationship ended, and it makes you just question everything all together. Bianco even goes so far as to wish Manson not only go to jail, but to rot there for the rest of his life. This says more about Bianco than it does Manson. Even if all the things she accuses Manson of doing were true, even if they were a little worse than she has said, it would still not be enough for a life sentence, yet she has such a hatred for him that this is what she wants. Can a testimony of such a spiteful person who seeks extreme punishment (this is the nature of her profession) be considered reliable? I would think this alone would be enough to throw her case out all together.

80. A few paragraphs before the end of the article, there were some band members and friends of Manson who were cited in the "investigation". They don't name Illma Gore as the one who sent the email to Greta Aurora, curiously. They don't name Paula Baby as the fifth person recommended to be interviewed by Manson's publicist. The only highlight is the possible new music coming out with Manson and Skold. They have all come to issue statements on social media about this article and their experience. You can read these below:

Statements by Tim and Erin Skold

When you spend half an hour being interviewed and all they do is run 1 single line...

[I have been making music full time for 30 years + as a recording touring musician producer and not once been mentioned in this publication, so there's that.]

Statement by Rob Holliday

This is all I'm putting out there to a few of the sweet Manson fans who've been in touch regarding the Rolling Stone Manson article:

Rolling Stone magazine got in touch with me personally and I gave a long Full statement about my experience and my time with the band and Manson as a touring band member and my time with him individually. They threw one sentence in that awful biased attempt at journalism! They did the same with Skold and many other colleagues and ex-girlfriends who have all spoke out on his behalf. Statements stating the opposite of what this lynch mob article is all about. Manson and his publicist have my full statement to use in any legal process.

Statement by Manzin

I’m not going to link to that shitsmear of an article in the Stone but here’s the relevant bit.

Skold posted about the experience on his IG story today and it almost exactly mirrored my own: 30 minutes on the phone dumbed down into one line. That was his takeaway from everything I talked about?

Really? Reeaaally? 🙄

I have much more to say about Manson, Evan, and Manson and Evan. And when I do, it’ll be more than these seven words.

Statement by Greta Aurora

I love how they quote me as referring to the accusers as “self-proclaimed victims”. Someone had to say it!! Smiling face 
I spent nearly an hour talking to @RollingStone, so it’s a bit disappointing they didn’t include more of what I had to say... I’m not surprised though.
The journalist (one of the authors) I spoke to told me it was up to his editor whether the story was going to run or not. The editor was clearly the one deciding what message the article needed to convey. The “investigation” was irrelevant. There was a pre-determined agenda.
I have no doubt this is a coordinated smear campaign driven by resentment and opportunism. It’s an example of #MeToo victimhood being leveraged by women to gain attention, status and power. I very much believe #MarilynMansonIsInnocent.

Statement by Paula Baby
(longtime former assistant to Marilyn Manson)


For those of you who have inquired:

I was asked to be interviewed by Rolling Stone. Ultimately I decided it was best not to participate. Especially with my experience from the LA Times article in which an almost 2hrs long interview was reduced to a few sentences. Both articles were presented differently than what they ended up being, so I do feel I made the right choice. Seemingly this magazine hasn't recognized its previous errors with other erroneous articles it has chosen to run. I am glad however that others are speaking up and fighting the good fight for what we know is the truth.
Statement by Daniel Fox
(former drummer for Marilyn Manson)
An uneven & disrespectful piece of poor journalism, Rolling Stone
Much different than what your "writers" pitched to all of us!