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Marilyn Manson Shares Valentine's Day Photos (February 14, 2024) - Some Possible Meanings Behind Recent Manson Imagery

The day prior to Valentine's Day, Lindsay posted some of her photos in anticipation, but on February 14th itself Manson posted photos of himself taken by Lindsay. The first thing he did was change his profile photo on all his social media to the image at the top of this page, then he posted the following photo:     The last time Manson changed his profile photo was on May 15, 2023 with the caption: "I’ve got something for you to hear," and I pointed out some of the relevant imagery of that photo. May 15th is the wedding anniversary of Manson and Lindsay. Now we have another profile change on February 14th, Valentine's Day, which besides all the historical Manson symbolism behind the day, can also be seen as another occasion for Manson and Lindsay to celebrate their love. And of course, both photos were taken by Lindsay. The latest profile picture has no accompanying caption, so let's take a closer look at it and see what significance there may be to it. To break


Below is a list of people who have, since February 2021, in one way or another, either publicly shown support for and friendship toward Marilyn Manson, changed their minds in favor of Manson, or when asked about Manson remained at least neutral based on their own personal experience with him, or even if they spoke negatively of any of Manson's accusers and did not express negativity towards Manson. Often, due to the sensitive nature of the issues involved, and the public image they have making them prone to a heavy backlash, some supporters have understandably publicly chosen to remain more on the neutral side. For more details on each of these people and why they are listed, you can enter their names in the SEARCH feature for this website for the relevant links. Support for Manson is not limited to the names below, which are listed in alphabetical order, but are listed below because of the supplemental information explaining why they are listed which can be found on this website.

Vanessa Alexandra
Asia Argento
Greta Aurora
Paula Baby
India Haylee Barton
Tyler Bates
Jamie Bell
Justin Bieber
Stephen Bier (Madonna Wayne Gacy/Pogo)
Shane Cashman
Casey Chaos
Mr. Chino
Alice Cooper
Joey Cultice
Kat Von D
Beatrice Dalle
Dana Dentata
Johnny Depp
Charles Fleischer
Daniel Foxdrum
Glare of Glare Tattoos
Bryton Gore
Carrie Graber
Westside Gunn
Rob Holliday
Shooter Jennings
Dean Karr
Jessica Reed Kraus
Lisa LeSeur
Joe Letz
Henry Alexander Levy
Till Lindemann
Courtney Love
Joe Manganiello
Meghan McCain
Rose McGowan
Taylor Momsen
Alison Mosshart
Tom O'Neill
Violet Orlandi
The Osbournes
Candace Owens
Lisa Marie Presley
Roy Price
Norman Reedus
Dawn Ritz
Vince Romo
Zac Shiffer
Tony Silva
Tim and Erin Skold
Ashley Morgan Smithline
Chris Sutton
Jezebel Sweet
Dita Von Teese
Lauren Tillman
Valley Eyewear
Jennie Vee
Tommy Vext
Wednesday 13
Pola Weiss
Kanye West
Jeordie White (Twiggy Ramirez)
Mynxii White
Ophelia Wilde
Sid Wilson