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Unraveling the Meaning of Marilyn Manson's New Teaser Video

Marilyn Manson's new teaser video, by which he announced his new record label Nuclear Blast and introduced us to new music after nearly four years, is also rich with imagery and symbolism in its brief one minute and ten second duration. It's not clear if this teaser is complete in itself or just a portion of something else to come, nonetheless I observed a possible explanation as to what we may be looking at, and I wanted to share my thoughts and open it up to criticism so we can arrive at the truth. From what we have gathered so far, we know that Manson is bringing back the imagery of the Tryptich ( Antichrist Superstar , Mechanical Animals , Holy Wood ), with a special emphasis on the revolutionary theme of Holy Wood , since a parallel is being drawn to what inspired its creation (Manson being blamed for inspiring the Columbine shooters, the cancelation of his tour that ensued and his ultimate comeback) with Manson's current troubles of accusations against him and his s

Marilyn Manson in the News (November 29, 2023 - January 5, 2024)

November 30

- Ashley Walters Appeal Process Begins

Law 360 posted an exclusive article with an unusual title: "Alien Abductors Land In Marilyn Manson Accuser's Appeal". This is in regards to the appeal of Ashley Walters to reopen her dismissed case against Manson. Tanya Sukhija-Cohen is Walters' attorney, who argued that even though Walters' suit was dismissed due to the statute of limitations on her claims, because her memories were repressed for many years, the claims are actually not time-barred.

Justice John L. Segal interrupted her, and cited another case that says essentially "we accept as true all allegations, no matter how improbable." In saying this, the Justice noted that even though he personally found it improbable Walters suppressed her memories for ten years and then suddenly remembered them, yet he acknowledged that what he considered improbable didn't matter, since the assumption must be made that all allegations are true. Sukhija-Cohen agreed with him.

Justice Segal went on to further examine this issue, asking whether there are limits to what is probable and improbable. This is where aliens come into the picture. Justice Segal used a hypothetical example, wondering what if Walters said that she was abducted by aliens, and these aliens she said controlled her mind, thus making it impossible for her to remember things, and it wasn't until she had completely freed herself from the influence of the aliens that her memories came back to her, even if it took ten years. "Do we have to accept something like that as true?" asked Justice Segal.

Sukhija-Cohen replied that such claims are not required to be accepted, since there are of course limits, unless they can be backed by certain facts.

Justice Segal wanted to further explore this issue of "limits", so he brought up another hypothetical, asking if a court must accept someone claiming to have traveled through a portal in time to 18th century Scotland. Sukhija-Cohen again replied that "it depends on the particular facts of the case." She then mentions that Walters had previously pleaded the discovery rule in her complaints adequately.

Manson's attorney, Gene Franklin Williams, told the panel that they were conceding for the purposes of the appeal that the new statute of limitations rule allows Walters' sexual assault claim to move forward, but what was being disputed was that since her complaint admits that she was aware of wrongdoing at the time, then she cannot assert delayed discovery. Hence, the law does not allow for someone to be aware of wrongdoing at the time and then for them to choose to suppress the memories for years.

We have no further information on what else was discussed. Since the article is under a paywall, you can read the whole thing below.

December 1

- Chloe Black Feeling A Lot Better

Like Esme Bianco, who had complained about her PTSD for years, yet after the settlement of her case against Manson, she suddenly felt a whole lot better and ready to take on new challenges in her career, the same narrative has now been adopted by Chloe Black. It's as if debilitating PTSD can be healed simply by a case settlement. In her Instagram post from December 1st, Chloe cites her "severe and chronic PTSD" for her being unable to release new music over the past few years." The problem with this post is that she is continuing to protect her identity (as we know, she sued Manson as a "Jane Doe"), so instead of telling people she has been involved in this lawsuit for the past few years, she uses her "severe and chronic PTSD" as an excuse for her lack of productivity. However, her statement that she hasn't been productive is not even true. Just this past summer, before the settlement, she put out a new song, and right before she sued Manson she put out a few music videos, and even did a few foreign language songs which she likes to do for social media. Odd timing that in a matter of just weeks after her case closed with Manson and she agreed to settle her case, "my mental health has been improving radically and I’m happy to say I’m now in the mixing phase with some very personal music I feel pretty proud of." And there we have it, her evolutionary/survivor narrative just like Esme Bianco to kickstart a new phase in her career. If this doesn't show she is a grifter, or at best someone looking for petty revenge against a guy who did not give her the attention she craved due to her obsession of him, than I don't know what does.

December 13

- Ashley Walters Wins Appeal

A tribunal with California’s Second Appellate District sided with Ashley Walters to have her previously dismissed case revived, thus allowing her to win her appeal. The ruling was based on the fact that the court wasn’t supposed to concern itself with her ability to prove her claims at this stage of her case, only that she asserted them properly. The appellate court's three-judge panel thus decided, "These allegations of suppressed memories and psychological blocking are sufficient to withstand a demurrer." The question of whether or not Walters was lying about having repressed memories was a "factual issue that cannot be resolved on a demurrer," adding, “Walters’ allegations of delayed discovery were sufficient to withstand demurrer, and we reverse."

Rolling Stone broke this news, and it was reposted victoriously by Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco and Brittany Leigh on Instagram, and Dan Cleary reposted it on Twitter with a reaffirmation that he stands by every word he said about Manson three years ago.

Ashley Walters' attorney James Vagnini offered the following statement to Rolling Stone:

He also offered this statement to People:
Walters' attorney Dan Stormer also answered some questions for Courthouse News Service:

Though Walters' supporters have praised this ruling as a victory, in fact it is an exhausting uphill battle that has just begun for her. This case has now more than ever become about the legitimacy of suppressed memories in adults, and in order for Walters to win she has to prove to a jury beyond all doubt that her memories were indeed repressed, and that this repression was caused by Marilyn Manson. The statements by her lawyers further reflect their understanding that if they succeed in this, then it would be a landmark victory. However, it doesn't look good for them already, because Stormer has indicated they will prove this through "psychological records, and hearing testimony of her friends." We already know these exist, and they have nothing to do with the scientific proof in favor of repressed memories.

It is significant to note that Walters plans on suing Manson for a “high-seven figure amount," and she plans to name the actor and director referenced in her claim that participated in her alleged abuse.

Manson has not issued a statement on this ruling either through a lawyer or a representative.
December 20

- Eddie Trunk Confirms Marilyn Manson Has Completed His New Album

December 22
- Perou Hoping for a New Photo Collaboration With Manson in 2024 

December 31

- New Year's Eve Photos from Lindsay

On New Year's Eve, Lindsay posted a series of her beautiful photographs on Instagram, which included a new photo of Manson and herself separately. Photos can be seen here.

January 2, 2024

- Marilyn Manson Tells Eddie Trunk: "2024 Is Gonna Be A Good Year"

January 3

- California Lawsuit Against Marilyn Manson by Susan Fountain Dismissed

Though the New Hampshire portion of this case was completed in September, Susan Fountain had another lawsuit against Manson in California which had been dismissed on February 15th 2023 and reinstated on November 2nd 2023. Fountain’s lawyer, Jennifer Clingo, had filed court papers at that time explaining that health issues and her own errors were the cause of her not keeping up with the scheduled court dates, and she didn't want Fountain's case to be jeopardized on her account. On January 3rd, 2024, it appears the lawsuit has once again been dismissed without prejudice, meaning the door has not closed to the case being revived later. No reason has been given for this, though one lawyer has commented that it appears the defendant was never served and the plaintiff just let the lawsuit go, which could result in a fine against her.

January 5

- Marilyn Manson's Birthday Photos from Lindsay

For Manson's 55th birthday, Lindsay posted another series of photos, this time old photos of Manson that seem to have never been released before. She included these with a message of birthday love to her husband.