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Bianca Allaine Kyne Issues Statement Attempting to Spin a Recent Court Loss Into a Victory

A little over a week ago I wrote about a significant partial dismissal granted to Marilyn Manson on July 2nd in the lawsuit issued by Bianca Allaine Kyne. First, it stated that Manson's motion to dismiss all allegations in Kyne's complaint referencing sexual abuse as a minor in 1995 when she was 16 years old was granted. Second, any reference to Kyne's own personal drawings of Manson from when she was 16 are to be removed. Third, Kyne is therefore ordered to make a Second Amended Complaint within 30 days removing all of the above. Despite this significant victory of Marilyn Manson in managing to get a partial dismissal in this case, on July 15th Bianca Allaine Kyne and her lawyer Jeff Anderson decided to issue statements spinning their loss into a victory. They argue that since Manson was not granted a full dismissal (which he was not seeking), then he lost and they won in this particular ruling. What Was the Ruling on July 2nd?   When you read the ruling issued on July

Marilyn Manson in the News (September 29 - November 28, 2023)

In my last news update from September 28th, we ended with Marilyn Manson settling the case brought against him by Jane Doe/Chloe Black a week before the trial, with Chloe Black playing the victim till the very end, and Manson's lawyer firing back at her calling her bluff. Though news stories have been slow since then, there is still plenty to cover, so let's see what's been going on.

October 5

- Evan Rachel Wood on Navigating Narcissism

On October 5, 2013, Evan Rachel Wood was interviewed on the YouTube show called Navigating Narcissism hosted by Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a licensed clinical psychologist. The premise of this show is to "help you spot red flags and heal from the narcissist in your life." It is a nearly two hour interview, and Evan pretty much spent the whole time talking about her relationship with Manson. I have already dissected this interview in a separate article, so you can read it here.

- Esme Still Posting About Her Alleged PTSD
On the same day, Esme Bianco posted a photo of herself in her Instagram stories in tears, calling it "totally normal," which is something she only used to do in the context of the PTSD she alleges Manson gave her. But the next day, someone (perhaps the husband she denies exists) gifted her flowers and a book of Mike Ryden paintings, so in a separate post in her stories she posted a meme that said: "Enough suffering, I am now seeking delight."

October 7

- New Photos From Lindsay Warner

Though Manson's wife Lindsay didn't post anything on her Instagram page for her birthday on October 2nd, we did get a series of beautiful photos from her on October 7th, which can be viewed on her page here. Of particular interest is a new photo of Manson she photographed of him looking into a mirror with full makeup and contact lens, which is titled "Reflecting".

October 11

- Three-Part Docuseries on Marilyn Manson in the Works

It has now been widely reported that "British broadcaster Channel 4 has ordered [a] three-part series MARILYN MANSON: BEHIND THE MASK (w/t) that is co-financed by Fifth Season, the company formerly known as Endeavor Content, and comes from Spector producer Lightbox in partnership with Rolling Stone."

We are further told that the documentary series will chart "the musician’s rise to fame, significance and role as a counterculture icon. Delving deep into his rock persona, this series examines the recent accusations against Manson and his ability to court controversy all while exploring how high-profile sexual assault allegations play out in today's post #Metoo era."

In making the documentary series, it "has access to several of the accusers, lifelong fans, industry insiders, lawyers, a former band mate and his childhood best friend. The series charts his rise to fame from a difficult childhood, through vilification and death threats to being championed as an advocate for those on the fringes of society and closely examines the fallout of the allegations for both the accusers and the accused. It includes exclusive audio recordings of interviews with Rolling Stone alongside archive footage and never-before-seen photographs, to provide a first-hand portrait of one of the most controversial musicians of the twenty-first century."

Though it's difficult to tell how fair this documentary will be in its presentation of the facts, the partnership with Rolling Stone should be a clue that it will likely not be very fair in presenting anything beyond the perspective of the accusers, similar to their "in-depth investigation" from 2021. What I can absolutely say for sure is that the current working title for the series is pretty lame.

From what I can tell, it is still in production and no date is given for its release.

Read the entire press release here.

October 10-13

- Evan Rachel Wood Claims She Got Overwhelming Backlash in Less Than am Hour After a Controversial Post

On October 10th, Evan Rachel Wood posted the following statement in her Instagram stories about the most recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict which was initiated by the massacre of Jews in Israel by Hamas.

With Evan claiming to be Jewish herself, you would think the case is clear for her to support her fellow Jews, instead what she does is try to play middle ground and tries to pacify those who have taken a side on social media in order to get them to focus on just helping the victims. Of course, such an approach will only irritate those who have made a clear decision on which side to support.

She did the same thing a few days later, on October 12, but this time she got a bit more involved by posting this.

In less than an hour, she took down that post and posted the following.


According to these posts by Evan, within an hour of her posting that article with her comment on the beheaded babies, she got such negative feedback that she started accusing people who follow her as attacking her. Keep in mind, Evan has a private account, where it seems like she won't even accept new follow requests, so to assume she was attacked by a bunch of people privately in her DM's seems to be a bit of a stretch and to me it looks like a PR move. In other words, it seems to me she wants to get the media's attention for being attacked for a simple post she made, and she wants it to be reported on. To complain about a private backlash without showing any of them, even with blurred out names, seems odd to me. Then, like she does in Phoenix Rising, she tries to show that as an alleged "Jewish American" she can't be antisemitic, even though the only thing that makes her allegedly Jewish is the fact that her mother, who is not a Jew by race, converted to Judaism when she was in high school, and because Evan was supposedly raised a Jew, but by 2012 she renounced Judaism and thus cut herself off from being a Jew in any way, shape or form. Her statement on "not attacking strangers based on assumptions" sounds hypocritical in light of the fact that she has called every Manson fan "extreme Satanists, pedophiles, and Nazis." And then she complains about not feeling comfortable to post online resources to help because "I am honestly too scared to post anything as I already receive so much hate" comes off as Evan once again making a bigger subject all about herself and making herself into the victim.

Evan ended her series of posts on what she thought was a lighthearted joke.

What is "shadow work"? According to a definition I read online, it is about "working with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself. This can include trauma or parts of your personality that you subconsciously consider undesirable." If you ask me, this says a lot about where Evan's wacky ideas come from, if she really does "shadow work".

October 19

- Shane Cashman Talks About the Marilyn Manson Case on House Inhabit

Jessica Reed Kraus, an Independent Journalist and Cultural Critic with over a million followers on her Instagram page House Inhabit, has been hinting for months now that she would cover the Marilyn Manson case and explore the allegations in a fair way. Today she began this exploration by interviewing writer and author Shane Cashman of Timcast to discuss the allegations against Marilyn Manson, the #MeToo movement and his personal shift in political views.

The more than one hour interview can be seen here, titled "Is Marilyn Manson An Easy Target For The #MeToo Movement? Shane Cashman Has Opinions".

October 21

- Ozzy Osbourne Finds Inspiration for His Art in Marilyn Manson's Paintings

In 2020, Manson was scheduled to support Ozzy Osbourne on tour, but those dates were canceled so that Ozzy could fully recover from several medical issues he suffered in 2019, including a fall, neck surgery and hospitalization for the flu (it would have been canceled anyway due to the pandemic). As Manson revealed in an interview with Consequence on September 16, 2020, the reason he released We Are Chaos in September 2020 was because the tour scheduled with Ozzy was canceled, otherwise it would have been released in February or March. In this interview, Manson also revealed how he and Ozzy had bonded over painting when they previously toured together.

This bond over painting was brought up today in a new podcast episode of The Osbournes, while they were discussing their hobbies. Ozzy's son, Jack, initially asked his father about the activity he would like to pursue in his free time. Ozzy replied by saying:

“I’d love to be a great artist, a painter.”

When Jack again questioned whether he referred to traditional painting, the singer explained:

“No, something that looks more like a fucking work of art.”

As an example, Ozzy brought up the following:

“I think like the Marilyn Manson paintings that you have are very interesting paintings.”

You can watch this quick segment here.

Interestingly, in this reel, we also have a quick glimpse of the paintings by Manson owned by Jack (screenshot above), which is quite a significant collection.

October 28

- Marilyn Manson Attends Tyler Bates Halloween Party as Dracula

On Saturday, October 28th, past and future Manson collaborator Tyler Bates hosted a Halloween party at his home, with Marilyn Manson and his wife Lindsay as special guests appearing in Dracula and I presume Bride of Dracula costumes. Guests included a number of friends and supporters of Manson.

A video taken by Mynxii White can be seen here. Below are some photos from the event.





October 29

- Lawyers Interview Memory Experts

One of the expert witnesses for Manson in what was to be the trial of Jane Doe/Chloe Black vs. Brian Warner/Marilyn Manson was Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, a renowned psychologist and memory expert who deals especially with the topic of repressed memories, a key topic in all the Manson cases and allegations. Unfortunately, because the case settled, we did not have the opportunity to hear what she has to say about the claims of Chloe Black, yet on October 29th she was interviewed on the show Not On Record by Criminal Defense Lawyers Joseph Neuberger and Michael Bury. The interview can be seen here.

On July 3rd 2022, the same show talked about the Manson accusations specifically (here).

Because of the positive feedback they received with their interview of Dr. Loftus, on November 19th they invited another memory expert, Dr. Lawrence Patihis, on to discuss the science of repressed memory. You can see that interview here.

October 30

- Evan + Zane Halloween Tour Debacle

This year, for the first time, Evan + Zane had a Halloween tour scheduled for four cities - Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans and Los Angeles. In past years, they had only done one Halloween show. On October 16th, out of the blue, Evan Rachel Wood announced "that due to unforeseen circumstances we will be canceling our Halloween shows in Atlanta, Nashville, and New Orleans." She also assured fans that "Everyone is ok, we don't want you to worry too much." They also affirmed that their Los Angeles show scheduled for October 30th is still on.

I found it curious that Evan added the "too much" to "we don't want you to worry." It's as if she is saying we should worry, at least somewhat. But why should we worry? No explanation was ever given. However, not a few people noted that even though all the venues Evan + Zane were scheduled at were small venues that fit less than 300 people, the most likely scenario for the cancellation was due to low ticket sales. This seems to be confirmed by a show Evan + Zane have scheduled for January 5th 2024 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California (a show on Manson's birthday in the town he lives in, by the way), which they have been advertising, and as of October 30th had no ticket sales according to Ticketmaster despite it being the largest venue they will have ever played in.

On October 30th, Evan + Zane played in a small venue known as Zebulon, which can fit about 200 people. Among those in attendance who posted about it on Instagram were Saint Sasha and Brett Grace, who I'm sure were accompanied by others. As for Evan herself, she dressed up as the devil with a long red dress and devil's horns and her hair pushed back with a black headband. In fact, it was a look that is almost identical with Elizabeth Hurley's devil character in the movie Bedazzled (2000), with a few slight adjustments to not make it look identical due to the SAG-AFTRA guidelines during the ongoing strike. According to these guidelines, SAG-AFTRA members are asked to wear generic Halloween costumes like vampires and witches and not movie characters to promote films during the ongoing strike. However, Evan is seen here publicly disregarding these rules and making a clear reference to the movie Bedazzled, thus violating the guidelines of SAG-AFTRA. Meanwhile, on Instagram and in a recent interview, Evan has tried to make herself a spokesperson on behalf of the actors and creators in Hollywood.

It should be noted, that both the 1967 and the 2000 remake of the movie Bedazzled were beloved films of both Manson and Evan when they were together.

It should further be noted, October 30th is known as Devil's Night, which also may have played a role in Evan's costume, but what I found very interesting is that in her Instagram story the photo she posted was accompanied by Elvis Presley's song "You’re the Devil in Disguise". Two things to note with this: first, according to Evan's rules of abuse and grooming, Elvis very much falls in line, especially in light of the fact that he at the age of 24 started dating Priscilla when she was 14; and second, I have personally used the lyrics of "You’re the Devil in Disguise" to describe Evan because they perfectly fit her profile as a false accuser.

So in this one performance, we see at least two instances of Evan's hypocrisy.


October 31

- The Osbournes Talk About the Marilyn Manson Allegations and his Past Ozzfest Antics

On today's podcast episode of The Osbournes, they spoke about the history of Ozzfest, and when talking about the bands that were most difficult to deal with, they mentioned among others Marilyn Manson because he would trash the dressing rooms (photo below provided by the Osbournes) and had strict security. With this, they also very briefly discussed the recent Manson accusations. The segment of the podcast is below:


October 31

- Laney Chantal Halloween Memorial

Though I will be talking about this more in a separate article on Laney Chantal, former wife of Jeordie White and a friend of a number of Manson accusers, this Halloween marked the one year anniversary since her tragic death. To mark the one year anniversary, some of her closest friends gathered together with offerings of her favorite things to hold a memorial in her honor. Among those in attendance were Ashley Walters, Esme Bianco, Torrii Lynn, Brett Grace, Brittany Leigh and Brittany Bao. Noted performances were by Ashley Walters singing a song by The Cure and Esme Bianco singing a song by Korn.

November 2
- Susan Fountain Reopens Previously Dismissed "Sputum" Case Against Manson 

Though Manson pleaded no contest and received a fine and community service for this case in New Hampshire over an incident in 2019, a civil lawsuit for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress had been filed for this case in California but was dismissed back in February after the lawyer for plaintiff Susan Fountain failed to appear in court on the date the trial was set to begin.
The lawyer, Jennifer A. Clingo, filed paperwork in March saying she had been suffering from a serious medical issue. The lawyer claimed she simply failed to enter the trial date in her calendar, a mistake that was a first in her career.
In her ruling Thursday, November 2nd, Judge Anne Hwang said Clingo caught her mistake before the six-month deadline to appeal the dismissal. The judge further noted the lawyer has since “reduced her caseload and has prepared for the management of her cases until she fully recovers.”
No one showed up for Manson at the Thursday afternoon court hearing in Los Angeles.  

According to the reinstated complaint, Marilyn Manson caused videographer Susan Fountain “fear and anxiety” when he spit and blew his nose on her at a 2019 concert in New Hampshire.

She alleges Manson “crouched down, leaned forward, and brought his face level with (her) camera lens.” He then “expectorated sputum” onto the lens, causing “saliva to be sprayed on Ms. Fountain’s right hand.” A short time later, Manson sought Fountain out again, and this time he waged a “second bodily fluid attack.” He “occluded one of his nostrils and expelled bodily fluids right onto Ms. Fountain,” the filing reads.

Shocked and humiliated, Fountain says she rushed to a bathroom and washed her arms and legs. Later, she consulted a physician and underwent medical testing to ensure she had not contracted any communicable diseases, the lawsuit states. Fountain further alleges Warner previously stated on video that he had “swine flu just before he blew his nose on people on the stage.” 
(Note that this swine flu incident actually dates back to September 2009, as you can read here. Manson announced he had swine flu the next day after snotting on the concert crowd, though in fact he never really had swine flu. Manson's sarcastic reaction to the media attention it got in 2009 can be seen here.) 
“Plaintiff not only suffered emotional distress from the offensive touching itself, but also from the fear and anxiety that she could have potentially contracted a communicable disease as a result of the exposure to defendant’s bodily fluids. She was forced to undergo medical testing immediately following the incident and several months later to ensure that she had not contracted a serious disease,” Fountain’s filing reads.
Manson's lawyer has not publicly responded to this new filing.

November 3

- Evan + Zane's Elderly Fandom

On Friday, November 3rd, Evan + Zane performed their album Dreams at the Staller Center in Stony Brook, New York. To add to my previous post on Evan + Zane, and their difficulty in getting ticket sales, this show doesn't seem to have sold out, but what is interesting about this show is the audience. You would think Evan + Zane would at least draw a majority of a young adult crowd, but if you look at the photos of the audience at this show, it appears that free tickets were handed out at the local retirement center. I would be generous in saying that the average age attending this show was 50 years old.

November 6

- Kat Von D Talks About Her Recent Friendship With Marilyn Manson

Kat Von D appeared on Allie Beth Stuckey's Relatable podcast to discuss her recent baptism and conversion to Christianity. At one point in the interview, she talks about her friendship with Marilyn Manson, which began when he started on his path toward sobriety in early 2021. Currently this episode has over 1.2 million views, which is far beyond any of Allie's other videos. Below is the clip where Kat talks about Manson:

November 7

- Kat Tenbarge Obsessed With the Marilyn Manson Case

NBC's Kat Tenbarge, no supporter of Marilyn Manson, was on the Drowned in Sound podcast today, and among other things she very briefly talked about the Manson case and how he is defended by a cult-like fandom. One of the most revealing things she said about herself was, "I'm always thinking about the Marilyn Manson case." She said this while talking about Manson's so-called obsessed fans, though by admitting that she always thinks about the Manson case, she is outing herself as someone who is in fact obsessed. You can listen to the podcast here.

November 11-13

- Evan's Mommy and Daddy Issues

Every now and then, Evan Rachel Wood continues to post little messages in her Instagram stories that mainly center on self-promotion and abuse, but recently she has more and more posted messages related to her own childhood and how resentful she is towards her parents, though she never gets very specific. One way she does this we saw on November 11-13, where Evan revealed she has been reading the autobiography of Britney Spears. She made the following five posts over the course of three days:

Clearly Evan relates, or wants to make it appear that she relates, to the story of Britney Spears, especially with her relationship to her parents. Especially revealing is her "major take away" of how Britney was shamed for being a woman and being called crazy. This is something Evan has complained about as well in her own life, and Evan has especially criticized the media reaction to her being in a relationship with Manson. In other words, everything in her posts and in her "major take away" is really about her, because everything Evan reads she focuses on her own situation and it plays a major role in forming new ways she sees herself as a victim and wants to communicate this with others.

I agree with Evan's last post. Real survivors should be supported. What we should not support however are those who falsely call themselves survivors and falsely accuse others.