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Marilyn Manson Shares Valentine's Day Photos (February 14, 2024) - Some Possible Meanings Behind Recent Manson Imagery

The day prior to Valentine's Day, Lindsay posted some of her photos in anticipation, but on February 14th itself Manson posted photos of himself taken by Lindsay. The first thing he did was change his profile photo on all his social media to the image at the top of this page, then he posted the following photo:     The last time Manson changed his profile photo was on May 15, 2023 with the caption: "I’ve got something for you to hear," and I pointed out some of the relevant imagery of that photo. May 15th is the wedding anniversary of Manson and Lindsay. Now we have another profile change on February 14th, Valentine's Day, which besides all the historical Manson symbolism behind the day, can also be seen as another occasion for Manson and Lindsay to celebrate their love. And of course, both photos were taken by Lindsay. The latest profile picture has no accompanying caption, so let's take a closer look at it and see what significance there may be to it. To break

The Ten Most Probable Motivating Factors Evan Rachel Wood Is Targeting Marilyn Manson

Someone recently wrote me and said to me that there is no possible motivating factor for Evan Rachel Wood to target Marilyn Manson, and they argued this on the basis that she is a successful actress who is in no need of money or fame. After I explained that there are other factors, probably more powerful, besides money or fame for someone to target another person in order to destroy them, I was challenged to name just one. I replied that I have already made a private list of possible motivating factors, and they number 64 as of right now, but since I didn't want to burden anyone with the details of 64 possible motivating factors, I would narrow them down to 10, all of which I believe are highly probable factors why Evan Rachel Wood has targeted Marilyn Manson, and not one of them has anything to do with money or fame, though I do consider those two as possible motivating factors of a secondary nature. As time goes on and our knowledge of this case grows, I may modify this list of 10 of the most probable motivating factors Evan Rachel Wood has targeted Marilyn Manson, but here it is for now based on what we know.

1. Media and Career Rehabilitation

When Evan Rachel Wood was dating and later became engaged to Marilyn Manson on and off from 2007 to 2010, the media and tabloids were relentless in targeting her as the one who was responsible for the divorce of Marilyn Manson and his then wife Dita Von Teese. She was also criticized for dating a man nearly twice her age, for taking on a more gothic image for which she was seen as trying to imitate Manson's ex-wife, and for her drug use. Most of all, the criticism revolved around how she could possibly find attractive a freak like Marilyn Manson. Because of these relentless stories, Evan, being young and inexperienced, felt the need that she not only had to defend herself but also to defend Manson. She was never prepared for the media backlash, which Manson himself was accustomed to. In many interviews from the time, Evan is described, or she even describes herself, as being exhausted by the media, and how the media was affecting her mentally and emotionally. She even said that the only negative thing about being with Manson was the negative publicity she got for it. This became a stain on her image even after Manson and Evan broke off their engagement in 2010, at least this is how she saw it. Almost immediately after their breakup, Evan came out as a bisexual in 2011 who was going to devote herself to educating the public about bisexuality. She also soon after married fellow child-actor Jaime Bell and they had a child together. All these were some early attempts of Evan trying to rehabilitate her image for the media and her career. Rehabilitating her image became a much more pressing need for Evan in 2016 and beyond, when she decided she wanted to be an activist on behalf of all women, especially women who were victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. She needed a scapegoat to place the blame on for all her choices and indiscretions, and that scapegoat was Marilyn Manson. Why? Just because it's Marilyn Manson and the public perception of Manson would make it easy to do.

2. To Win Over Her Parents

Stemming all the way back to the divorce of her parents, David and Sarah, when she was a little girl and being separated from her brother Ira when her mother moved her from her native North Carolina to Los Angeles in order to become a famous actress, Evan developed serious and debilitating mommy and daddy issues, to the point that I believe led her towards a drug habit and suicidal tendencies. When she moved to California as a little girl, she became extremely close with her mother, to the point where they slept in the same bed together, she controlled all aspects of her life in an unhealthy way, and her mother would force her to watch Jodie Foster movies in order to groom her into being the next Jodie Foster. Meanwhile, she hardly saw her father except on certain holidays and in the summer, and they even developed a certain code language when she was on television to signal to her father expressions of love, but in reality he was not there for her when she needed him. When Evan finally became an adult and was trying to transition into an adult actress, which was also a lot of pressure on her during the time she was dating Manson and getting negative publicity, she would also try to restore her relationship with her father while trying to gain some independence from her mother. Both did not go well. Evan's busy schedule at the time did not help the situation. For this reason, every time a breakup between her and Manson took place, in 2008 and 2009 and 2010, Evan would take that time to develope her relationship with her busy father. It took a long time for Evan to get in a good place with her parents, and to do this she felt like she had to place the blame on someone besides herself and besides either of her parents, and Marilyn Manson was the perfect person to blame for getting in the way of her relationship with her parents. By blaming Manson, Evan was also able to take any other responsibility and blame off herself and guilt her parents into not being there for her during a time of extreme abuse, and by doing this they felt they needed to make it up to her and stand by her, to the point of even lying for her or at least being manipulated into lying for her, as we see in the documentary Phoenix Rising.

3. Mental Illnesses

Evan has been very open about the fact that she has many mental illnesses, some more severe than others, even to the point of having PTSD. For this she claims to have gone through a lot of psychotherapy. She even claims she was led to try to commit suicide on two occasions, once when she was 12 and a second time at 22, and when the second attempt failed, she checked herself into a mental health facility. Her first suicide attempt she blames on the fact that she was attracted to another girl, and not knowing or understanding what bisexuality was caused her to be so confused that she tried to take her life. Her second suicide attempt was at 22, and she blames this on the fact that after escaping the abuse of Marilyn Manson and not knowing how to heal from the mental and emotional anguish she went through, she tried unsuccessfully to kill herself by slashing her wrists with a broken bottle. Having studied Evan Rachel Wood for a while now, I am very confident neither of the stories behind these suicide attempts are true. These stories only came out years later when she was trying to be an activist on behalf of bisexuality and an activist on behalf of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and stories like these were her attempt to win over the sympathy of those who suffered similar experiences. Today, most of her mental illnesses she will blame on being in an abusive relationship with Marilyn Manson. However, the fact of the matter is, if she does have the mental illnesses she claims, and there is no proof that she does, they are primarily due to her mommy and daddy issues as well as her experiences growing up as a homeschooled child actress in Hollywood that was typecast as a troubled teen early on. If she does have mental illnesses today, they are probably more in tune with her being a controlling and paranoid narcissist with a personality disorder that demands the narrative of her life be fully controlled by her. Anyone who follows her on social media can see this clearly. Growing up as a dutiful child actress and always being told what to do and having an overbearing and controlling mother at the same time, and then as she was transitioning into an adult actress and she was dating Manson, a man who offered her the liberty to explore her true self, she was being labeled horribly by the media, and this no doubt contributed to making her mentally ill, with a strong drive to control every aspect of her life and form her own narrative, to the point where she put all the blame on an easy target, Manson, and created of herself a strong woman like her character Delores in Westworld to be a powerful voice for all women.

4. Inadequate Media Coverage

Till this day on social media, Evan often complains about inadequate media coverage of her causes, often thinking the media is against her when in reality she is a media darling. This is not a new thing. In 2016, as Evan realized her efforts on behalf of bisexual education were weakening because of her lack of acceptance by the bisexual and homosexual communities, she came upon a study that said bisexuals were more like to be abused by their partners than heterosexuals. This inspired her to come out as a victim of domestic abuse on a YouTube video and begin her efforts to include this topic in her activism. Keep in mind this was also around the time the first season of Westworld ended, and Evan was merging with her character, an abused and assaulted robot who was soon coming out to exact revenge. A few months later, in November 2016, Rolling Stone decided to feature Evan for her role in Westworld and for coming out as a victim of domestic abuse. Evan thought that surely this would merit her a much-sought for cover in this esteemed magazine. She was especially confident she would get the cover story because it had been over a year since a woman was on the cover of Rolling Stone. Despite her big stories, she received a call that informed her the cover would be going to the Rolling Stones, a band that had been on the cover 24 times already. For Evan, this was "a devastating blow that not only was Rolling Stone extending their streak of a female-devoid publication, but they were rejecting a cover featuring a female whose role represented overcoming oppression and abuse," as she would write in Nylon a year later. This devastating news came to her on election day, when Donald Trump became President of the United States.

5. A Savior Mentality

When news came in that Donald Trump became President of the United States, Evan was filming a movie called Allure in Canada. She cried herself to sleep that night in despair that America chose, as she called him, an abuser and rapist for President. She debated in her head whether or not to return to the United States. When she woke up the next morning, "I woke up out of my self-induced coma, numb and quiet," she wrote in Nylon a year later. As she paced back and forth in her apartment trying to figure out what to do next, because she realized she had a son in the states she needed to go back to, she happened upon a brilliant idea. She therefore got on the phone with Rolling Stone and decided to give them an exclusive story that was sure to land her the cover. She revealed in an email that she had been raped by two different men, one who was a significant other and another who was the owner of a bar, and both names were to be anonymous. A little over a week later she found out that not only did Rolling Stone still not grant her the cover story, but they decided to only publish an excerpt of her email revelation about her sexual assault. Because of this, Evan got on Twitter and decided to take matters into her own hands and publish the entire exclusive story for all to see. We see in this whole series of events that not only was Evan motivated to come out as a victim of rape just to land on the cover of Rolling Stone, but she also did it to present herself as a savior and example to the American people. As she explains in her 2017 article in Nylon, she viewed Trump as an abuser and all those who voted for him were victims of abuse. Evan believed that she could enter into dialogue with Trump supporters in a non-partisan way by identifying herself as a fellow victim of abuse, just as they were abused (groomed) by Trump to get them to vote for him, and by identifying with them as a fellow victim of abuse she could convert them away from Trump and bring balance back to the United States. Yes, this is thoroughly explained by Evan in her long-winded article with a game plan that explains how she was going to help save America. Interestingly, less than one month after Trump left office in January 2021, Evan decided to name her abuser as being Marilyn Manson, almost as if it was now no longer necessary to focus on Trump as the abuser of the American people.

6. Activism

By the time 2017 came around, Evan's radicalization that developed in 2016 became realized. Now she was being acclaimed like never before, winning awards for her activism on behalf of bisexuality, domestic abuse and sexual assault, and wearing pantsuits to the various red carpet events that year. In 2018 she gave her harrowing testimony before Congress in Washington D.C. to advocate for the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights Acts in all 50 states. Her testimony went viral, with many speculating her abuser and rapist to be Marilyn Manson, but she refused to name him. Seeing this success and its possibilities, her long time friend and eventual girlfriend Illma Gore, who was known for her provocative artwork and would come to be known for being a scam artist and grifter, helped Evan develope a plan to further her activist profile by setting up and fighting for a bill called The Phoenix Act which would also be a non-profit entity. The Phoenix Act was passed in California in 2019 in order to allow women who had emerged from a domestic violence situation more time to come forward against their abuser. This was also the time Evan decided to film a documentary to promote her activist work on getting The Phoenix Act passed. However, this was also the time Illma Gore was helping Evan recruit a number of women who were at one time either in a relationship or associated with Marilyn Manson in order to get them to join her in naming Marilyn Manson as their abuser. This recruitment process began in 2018, they met together over video calls for over a year to hatch their plan, until they all came together in October 2020, as we see in Phoenix Rising, which by now became a documentary about Marilyn Manson (which was probably the intention from the beginning). By naming Manson, this would bring their activism to a whole new level, led by the testimony of Evan Rachel Wood, who finally named her abuser on Instagram on February 1, 2021.

7. Jealousy and Outrage

As Evan was plotting to expose Marilyn Manson with Illma Gore and other accusers, she was noticing Marilyn Manson having successful appearances on television shows and not having much of a backlash. Finally, on May 15, 2020, Manson married his longtime girlfriend Lindsay Usich in a small private ceremony. Then on September 11, 2020, Manson released a critically acclaimed album called We Are Chaos. With other television appearances coming up and a tour being prepared for after the covid restrictions were lifted, Manson's career was in full bloom. This brought out the outrage in Evan Rachel Wood, and perhaps some jealousy as well. February 1, 2021 became an ideal time to expose Manson and bring his blooming life and career to a devastating halt. The outrage is obvious. For years she had plotted and convinced herself to blame Manson for all her woes, and this blame would be the source of her power, removing all responsibility from herself and putting it on someone who is an easy target for the media to exploit. The jealousy may lie in the fact that Manson not only had finally settled down in a marriage, which would make it harder for Evan to convince people that Manson is a heartless abuser and misogynist, but he settled with a woman he had been with since the time he and Evan were engaged. Early interviews of Evan, especially after her final breakup with Manson, describe a woman who just wanted to put her past behind her and settle down in a marriage and have children. Now we find Evan in some sort of a relationship with Illma after going through a divorce and one relationship after another as she tries to raise a son by herself and plotting to overthrow her ex-fiance. It's difficult not to see some sort of jealousy and outrage in the whole matter.

8. Rehabilitation After Nazi Photos Emerge

In July of 2020, as Evan and Illma are plotting to destroy Marilyn Manson, and Evan's intentions were becoming more and more clear to those who were paying attention, damning photos and videos were released on the internet which showed Evan Rachel Wood and her brother Ira in 2007 dressed as transvestite Nazis at a Halloween party and another event, sniffing cocaine off a Nazi knife and Evan at a Manson concert doing the Sieg Hail salute by herself backstage. Evan immediately threatened to go to the police about these photos and publicly lied about them to try to control the narrative, saying she was underage in the photos (she was 20) and forced to do everything depicted (she led the charge). She even claimed to file a police report on December 19th against a former friend and Manson's current wife, who Evan accused of making these photos public. No doubt this increased Evan's outrage and jealousy against Lindsay. With her name now out in the open, and these photos circulating on the internet, it seems it led Evan to be in even more of a rush to name Marilyn Manson as her abuser, to expose him as a Nazi sympathizer who adored Hitler and collected Nazi memorabilia in order to prove that it was he who forced her into those situations against her will.

9. Rehabilitation After Social Media Backlashes

During the time Evan was a rising star on Westworld and being hailed for her work and testimony as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, she was also being very outspoken on Twitter about various issues dealing with those topics, to the point where she sometimes angered groups of people. In fact, there were two events specifically that caused such a backlash against Evan that she had to completely shut down her Twitter account, where she would often get into various feuds, and focus solely on Instagram with a limited comment section. On January 26, 2020, Evan Rachel Wood faced a heavy backlash for calling basketball star Kobe Bryant a “rapist” shortly after it was reported he and his 13-year-old daughter had died in a helicopter crash. Evan tweeted, "What has happened is tragic. I am heartbroken for Kobe's family. He was a sports hero. He was also a rapist. And all of these truths can exist simultaneously." After the backlash, Evan doubled down and refused to apologize. It should be noted, Kobe was only accused of being a rapist, he was never convicted of being one, and he denied the charge to the end. It wasn't until February 27, 2021 that Vanessa Bryant, Kobe's wife, heard about the tweet Evan made over a year earlier. Vanessa replied that day on Instagram, since Evan was no longer on Twitter and was able to tag her there with her message a year earlier: "This just came to my attention. Your false, insensitive, defamatory and slanderous tweet on 1/26/20 is vile and disturbing to say the least." This reply reminded people who Evan really was as a person less than a month after she named Manson (I will confess, it was I who brought up this old tweet from a year earlier and tried to get it to circulate days after Evan named Marilyn Manson). Besides this, the tweet that caused Evan to leave Twitter altogether was when she defended Rose McGowan in May 2020, who had criticized Democrats and their allies in the media for their treatment of Tara Reade. McGowan recounted that she had experienced a political wake-up call following the left’s efforts to downplay Reade’s sexual assault accusations against President Joe Biden. Evan was the only public figure to support Rose, saying her critique of the left was “spot on.” By coming to the defense of Rose, Evan solidified a bond and loyalty between the both of them in order to ensure Rose would defend Evan against Manson, since Rose had also been engaged to Manson. When Evan named Manson in February 2021, initially Rose came out with a statement saying she had never suffered any abuse by Manson in the many years they were together, but then she had to make another statement defending the experience of her MeToo ally. Thus, with such devastating social media backlashes in her wake, for which she faced the public's heavy criticisms, it would prove to be a strong motivating factor to name Marilyn Manson and reposition herself in the minds of the people as a survivor and a powerful voice for women.

10. The Custody Battle

Last but not least, we have the custody battle between Evan Rachel Wood and ex-husband Jaime Bell, who both had a son together named Jack. Since 2020 until today, Evan and Jaime have been in a custody battle because Evan decided in late 2020 and early 2021 to make a permanent move with her son Jack without the father's permission from Los Angeles to Nashville, based on what Evan has described in court documents as a fear for her own life and that of her son. Why this fear? Evan claims that in an encounter she had with Marilyn Manson at a Los Angeles party in 2014, he threatened her life and threatened to fuck her infant son. This is an absolutely baseless accusation which Evan has exploited to make herself once again the victim in a custody battle. She says that she had to flee Los Angeles before she named Manson, because if she named Manson and stayed in Los Angeles, he posed a very real threat to her life and that of her son. When Jaime requested for Jack to at least come to visit him, Evan refused, saying Manson lived only three miles away from Jaime and no amount of security could prevent any possible threats. Evan, in her usual controlling way, would only allow Jaime to visit Jack in Nashville, and they could only stay on the east coast. Jaime found Evan's fears to be irrational and groundless, and still does, which is why Evan is now posting on social media how her ex-husband, by maintaining a custody battle, is forcing his ex-wife, Evan, into a cycle of abuse, thus making him now her abuser. What is really happening here, it seems, is that Evan made the move to Nashville with her son for dramatic purposes when filming her documentary on Manson, and the way she handled it was irresponsible and caused the whole thing to end up in a mess of a custody battle which she has to stick through now since she is placing the blame for the custody battle on Marilyn Manson. Thus, with the custody battle going on, and the documentary Phoenix Rising coming to a completion which would help elevate and rehabilitate Evan's reputation as a survivor and activist, Manson became a target for Evan to control the narrative of her life, and more importantly to control the upbringing of her son away from Hollywood, which she has come to despise.