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Evan Rachel Wood Returns to Instagram and Makes an Interesting Admission of Drug Use as a "Child"

On April 24th 2024, Evan Rachel Wood deactivated her Instagram, as previously reported , and remained completely away from the public eye until she reactivated her Instagram account on June 11th 2024, nearly two months later. Whether she did this merely to take a break or not is unknown, though I explored some possible explanations in my previous post. However, it does seem like it is interesting timing that she did return when she did. Here are a few reasons why. First, the day prior to her return, on June 10th, it was widely reported that Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman were returning for a long-awaited Practical Magic sequel, and that Akiva Goldsman, one of the writers behind the original, will pen the screenplay. In the original 1998 film, Evan Rachel Wood plays Kylie Owens, the daughter of Sandra Bullock's character, and it has long been speculated that if there was a sequel, then it would focus on the daughters, especially Evan's character. And if there has been one mo

Eight Revealing Things We Learn About Evan Rachel Wood in an Interview from 2020 in Light of What Has Transpired Since

On September 19, 2020, the New York Times published a revealing article about Evan Rachel Wood, just a few months before naming Marilyn Manson as her abuser and rapist, and during the time that we now know she was living in Los Angeles and filming her documentary Phoenix Rising. The title of the article is revealing in itself: "Evan Rachel Wood Uses Her Roles to Heal". I have covered this topic several times, of how Evan uses her film and television roles to project things she is dealing with in real life, work out issues that may be troubling her, and even create a fantasy persona. If you go down the list of almost all her work, the parallels clearly fit with her real life. One can argue from this that in her real life, she walks a fine line between reality and fantasy.

Below, I want to extract a few things from this revealing 2020 article in light of what we have learned so far about Evan and all that has transpired since that time.

1. Evan's Unclear Distinction Between Reality and Fantasy

The article opens with the quote:

“A lot of my films echo what I have been through or what I was going through at the time. It’s almost like, subconsciously, you’re drawn to things you relate to, and then it becomes a really therapeutic and cathartic experience.”

To understand Evan, one must know her acting work. Some stand out more than others: Thirteen, The Wrestler and Westworld are probably what she is most known for, and in past interviews she has talked a lot about how these three roles, among her many others, reflected her real life situation, and she used them as therapy, and eventually the characters even became a part of her. With Thirteen, Evan dealt with issues relating to her teenage years (a precocious teen with emotionally absent parents); with The Wrestler, she dealt with issues as she transitioned into adulthood and looked back on her relationship with her parents, especially her father; and with Westworld, she dealt with issues related to female pain and strength and the pursuit of vengeance.

This can also be seen in most of her lesser known roles. In light of recent revelations, we can now see, for example, how the film Ides of March reflects a dark episode in her life that took place just a few months before she took the role. As we have learned, in June of 2010, while she and Marilyn Manson were engaged, Evan had an abortion after becoming pregnant with another man's baby. During this time she was filming Mildred Pierce, and she describes this time as a very dark time for her, while she played the darkest character of her career for that television series. By September of 2010, Evan had already signed to play a role in Ides of March, which began filming in February of 2011. Perhaps we should not think it a coincidence that in Ides of March her principle role as a character is that she gets pregnant with another man's baby and has an abortion to avoid scandal. By taking this role, perhaps Evan was trying to put behind her all the pain from having to deal with getting pregnant with another man's baby in real life, then having an abortion, all of which no doubt contributed greatly to the end of her engagement to Marilyn Manson.

2. Kajillionaire Was a Role Evan Took To Deal With the Struggles of Her Upbringing

As a showbiz kid, Evan had to be a dutiful child that was controlled by all the adults around her. Her character Old Dolio in Kajillionaire seems to have been similar, being used by her parents and not receiving any affection from them. In the film, she attends, under false pretenses, a "positive parenting" class, and there learns what the bond between a mother and her child should be, and she begins to question her own childhood. According to Evan's interpretation of how her real life and her character relate, "Love was always just based on performance. I think a lot of people can relate to that.”

Anyone familiar with the movie knows that the parallels go a lot deeper than this. We see in Phoenix Rising and quite often on Instagram, Evan talking about her regrets of being raised as a child actress in Hollywood, and how she has basically guilted her parents into acknowledging that they did a lousy job with her upbringing, all of which led, according to her narrative, to her having a number of mental issues and being a victim of abuse at the hands of Marilyn Manson. Furthermore, in the film, it ends with Old Dolio finally being able to express her sexual attraction to women. In fact, as the article says, in the film, Old Dolio has no sexual identity or gender identity, but just is who she is, and this is part of how Evan views her own identity.

3. The Script for her Abuser Came from her Role as an Abuser in Allure

According to Evan, her film "Allure was such a trip because I was playing the perpetrator. I thought it really illustrated the cycle of abuse, which is something you leave out of the conversation quite often. I wanted to be a part of it because it felt like it was important."

People often say that Evan describes the cycle of abuse accurately, and because of this it must be true that she experienced it. The fact of the matter is that one way she knows about the cycle of abuse is from the script to Allure and her role as an abuser in that film.

4. Her Role in Westworld Should Not Be Underestimated

Not only is Westworld the highlight of Evan's acting career that brought her into the mainstream, but as the article states, "the role cracked her open after years of avoiding an early relationship’s trauma, and set her on a healing journey that led to a second life as an activist."

As I have described Evan from 2016 and moving forward until today, when she took the role of Delores in Westworld, it was probably the leading factor, out of a few others (Me Too Movement, Donald Trump presidency, friendship with Illma Gore, motherhood, the waning of her bisexual activism, etc.), that led to her radicalization, and even more so in season two when revenge becomes a major part of the role. Without her role in Westworld, it is likely Evan would not have comes out as a victim of sexual assault when she did, if at all, and pursued a role as an activist for abused women.

5. Evan Uses the Pandemic To Tell Us How Awesome She Is

First, the pandemic lockdown was an opportunity for Evan to promote her Phoenix Act.

“Anybody who is stuck in the house with their abuser, and now can’t get out, is going to need more time.”

Second, Evan alleges she had already experienced a lockdown situation when she was with Manson (evidence shows this is far from the truth), so she knew exactly what to do.

"It reminded me of when I was isolated, and it reminded me when I was stuck in that house... I think if you’ve been in a life-threatening situation before, you go to this weird place of calm. And it’s almost as if the world starts matching your anxiety, so you feel more normal. [Laughed]. Like, I’ve had a knife at my throat. I can do this.”

Third, while others were buying toilet paper in bulk, Evan shrewdly bought a bidet.

“I cheated the system. We don’t need any toilet paper!”

Fourth, Evan became a gardener and was known as the "crazy herb lady".

"I’ve got lemon balm, mint, chives, marshmallow root, parsley. And I’ve got a big tower where I’m growing vegetables. Name a vegetable, I probably have it. Or like, a lettuce, I’ve got it. One of my friends calls me ‘crazy herb lady’ now. And another one of my friends is like, ‘Are you turning into a witch? Like, what’s going on?’ Herbs are drying all over the place."

Fifth, she home-schooled her son Jack.

6. During the Pandemic Evan Studied Psychology and Life-Coaching

Besides learning to play the piano, Evan also began taking online courses in Psychology and Life-Coaching during the pandemic.

“I’ve been really into learning the different forms of narcissism. I think in the activism work that I do, I just wanted to be more helpful. I love self-help and psychology. I’m such a nerd about it. And I’m like, ‘This is the time you can just nerd out!'”

What we have here is another reason why Evan comes off like an expert in psychology during interviews and on social media, making people think that she is expressing eloquently her own abuse and traumatic experiences. The reality is, she studies these things. She has been very open about the fact that she studies these things. When she talks about it, she talks about it more academically than she does empirically. If anything, she matches what she reads to what she supposedly experienced, or you can say that she creates her experiences from what she reads.

7. Evan Reveals She Was Involved in Passing the Coercive Control Bill

In the article, Evan reveals she continued her work with Senator Susan Rubio, who brought the Phoenix Act forward, in trying to pass a related piece of legislation on coercive control. This bill addresses the precursors to violence, “the nonviolent forms of domestic violence and the ways that you can strip somebody’s civil liberties away and trap them without ever laying a finger on them,” she said.

“I did it over the phone because that’s how they’re having to do all the votes and things now. I think it’s just going to be part of my life’s work to educate people on how this really works. How difficult it is, and how much time it actually takes to heal.”

The Bill was signed into law in California on September 29, 2020.

This is important, as I believe her work with this bill is what led Evan to rework her narrative on her own abuse claims, as we heard for the first time in Phoenix Rising and her numerous interviews promoting the documentary.

8. Evan Has Been Unusually Supportive of Rose McGowan

A few days ago, Evan Rachel Wood promoted Rose McGowan's 2018 autobiography Brave. This seemed to come out of left field, but she was encouraging every Hollywood actress to read it, especially the young newbies, and expressed regret that a book like it didn't exist when she was a young actress in Hollywood. This is most unusual for the fact that in the book, Rose speaks very positively about her relationship with Marilyn Manson. Both Evan and Rose not only have their relationship with Manson in common, but they were even both engaged to him.

It was also sort of unusual that Rose, who was partly responsible for the founding of the Me Too Movement, came out in support of Evan when she named Manson as her abuser. Rose's initial statement was that it was not her experience, but later she clarified that though she never experienced anything that Evan describes in her relationship with Manson, she would still support Evan and all the women who came out against him.

In this article from September 2020, we are reminded how Evan deactivated her Twitter account when she received a negative response for her defense of Rose McGowan’s defense of Tara Reade, the woman who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Though I would dispute this was the only reason she deactivated her Twitter account, it does possibly give us a clue into Evan's and Rose's unusual relationship. During this time, Rose expressed on Twitter her disgust with the Democratic Party and likened the party to a cult. Evan retweeted this and added: “I have to say this is…spot on."

Despite this support, we have yet to hear from Evan what she thinks about Joe Biden, who she accused of sexual assault through Rose, while we had previously heard a lot about what she thought of accusations against Trump. In this, she comes off as a two-faced hypocrite. But maybe her support of Rose was really done for the sake of just supporting Rose to get her on her side for what was to come.

It seems to me that Evan and Rose, by standing with each other as critics of Hollywood and sexual assault no matter who does it, are feeding each other's unique agenda when so few have the guts to do so, and by doing this, they hope they will always have each other's support, and therefore go out of their way to support each other in unusual ways. And by having the support of Rose against Manson, it only adds strength to Evan's testimony, even though the experience of Rose is the exact opposite of hers.