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Why I Decided To Investigate the Marilyn Manson Case

Yesterday evening I was driving to a movie theatre to see a movie, when I came upon an accident involving a vehicle with a student driver and a traffic light pole. It was the funniest car accident I had ever seen, with a vehicle that said STUDENT DRIVER in the back crashed into a pole, just one block away from a police station. In itself, it was like something out of a comedy movie. As I was stopped at the traffic light watching two fire trucks and an ambulance on the scene, and the student driver with his teacher to the side unharmed, I couldn't help but laugh at the possible backstory my mind conjured up for the scene in front of me (sorry for the bad photo above, there were too many flashing lights everywhere and I was driving). I arrived at the movie theatre, a nearly century old favorite hang out of mine, to see for the sixth or seventh time on the big screen since it came out in 2007, the film Zodiac , which brilliantly tells the story of the unknown Zodiac killer, who operat

When Patricia Arquette Called Out Marilyn Manson on March 1, 2018

When Patricia Arquette won the best supporting actress statue for her role in Boyhood at the 2015 Oscars, she accepted her award with an empowering speech on women’s rights and equality. Since then, and especially after the rise of MeToo, she and her sister Rosanna Arquette have become very vocal activists on behalf of women and been very much criticized for targeting powerful white men, daily posting multiple tweets espousing left-wing liberalism and denouncing right-wing conservatism. In fact, Rosanna Arquette was one of the first women to come out against Harvey Weinstein in 2017 as a victim of his abuse, and all the way back in 2010, Rosanna Arquette became Goodwill Ambassador for The Womanity Foundation. With such a background, among many other similar things, it should be no surprise that it would be Patricia Arquette who would be the first to name Marilyn Manson as an abuser of Evan Rachel Wood. Patricia Arquette targeting Marilyn Manson as an abuser on March 1,

Marilyn Manson in the News (July 14 - September 10, 2022)

  Another long period of time has passed since I gave my last news update on all things Marilyn Manson, so I will briefly summarize the main stories since July 20th 2022 to keep everyone updated. The stories that may appear missing, especially the legal documents issued during this time, I hope to address separately. - Evan Rachel Wood's Social Media Meltdown (July 20-22, 2022) This news story deserved a whole article on its own, so if you want to read about it, see what I wrote here . As far as an update is concerned, as of September 10th 2022, Evan has resumed posting on Instagram (she only stopped for about a week or so), a little more sparingly, but she still can't resist having her voice heard, making people aware of how much she has suffered, and promoting her projects. However, Evan did have a busy summer with various projects and appearances, which could explain her silence for the most part. Her meltdown actually took place while she was in North Carolina, practicing

The Disturbing Truth Behind Corey Feldman's Bizarre Accusations Against Marilyn Manson

The Accusations In a recent interview with Consequence Sound on August 15, 2022, child actor and now musician Corey Feldman made some heavy accusations against Marilyn Manson. He believes Marilyn Manson personally sabotaged his 2017 Heavenly Tour by infiltrating it with spies.   “The Heavenly Tour was definitely the exact opposite of that,” Corey Feldman told Consequence . “It was the Hellish Tour. But that was due to infiltration. We had people that were sent in that were spies that were not there to be musicians but were there to cause mayhem.” Watch below the segment of the interview where he discusses this infiltration and sabotage: However, this is not the first time he has made this accusation. This accusation first came to light on Perez Hilton's website on January 11, 2018, when Corey Feldman was named in a sexual battery case issued by a former bandmate of Corey's, and the former child star's legal defense claimed he was framed. He claimed that the female accuser


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