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Marilyn Manson's Biggest Regret

  Throughout his career, Marilyn Manson has been asked by various interviewers about things he regrets, and in lyrics of his songs he has talked about both regretting and not regretting, but the last time he was asked about his regrets was in 2019, in an interview for the German magazine Numero Homme Berlin (Spring/Summer 2019) for which he graced the cover. I translated his response below: Sina Braetz: Looking back, what do you regret most about your life? Marilyn Manson: I regret that I was naive enough to let people believe that my kindness was weakness and that I allowed them to take advantage of it. Many people believed that I was actually stupid or naive because I was so friendly and they betrayed me. But that was my fault, not theirs. That's why I regret not having been competent enough to understand that my desire to have companionable friendship - or whatever you want to call it - to have friends or family, made me make a lot of mistakes that I wish I hadn't made. Bu

How Evan Rachel Wood Initiated the Romantic Relationship With Marilyn Manson

Evan's Story in 2020

In part one of Phoenix Rising, Evan Rachel Wood goes into some detail in describing her first kiss with Marilyn Manson. She talks about how they met in mid-2006 at the Chateau Marmont, they went on to work on Manson's movie project Phantasmagoria together, drinking absinthe and, as Evan put it in an interview, "we became movie buddies." Now she had to leave and go film a movie, so she wanted to say goodbye to Manson. Evan then describes what happened next: Manson went over to her, said he was going to miss her, they embraced, and he kissed her before she could fully say she was going to miss him too. "Before I could get 'too' out of my mouth, he just kissed me, he stuck his tongue down my throat." As she is describing this, an animation recreates the scene of Evan looking like a sweet little innocent girl, sort of like a naive Alice from Alice in Wonderland, while a long black tentacle wraps around her body in a haunted setting, then the tentacle forces itself into the tender mouth of little sweet Evan. Evan describes herself as shocked after this kiss.

He is also said to have known that she had a boyfriend and she was 18, since Evan likes to emphasize how young she was. She describes herself as allowing the relationship to go further than she wished she had. She says they didn't have sex that night, but they went up to the roof and he was on top of her, and felt a little grossed out because she wasn't really attracted to him, and it was the first time a man had ever kissed her that was so old. Until then only her teenage boyfriends had kissed her, aside from her film roles. This, by the way, despite the fact she was reported to be seen kissing Edward Norton in May of 2006 before she was with Manson and is of the same age as Manson.

Evan's Story in 2007

This story from 2020 contradicts a prior story Evan told of their first romantic encounter.

In the August issue of Elle U.K. magazine in 2007, there is an interview with 19 year old Evan Rachel Wood titled "Dark Angel" in which she explains how she met Marilyn Manson at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles a year earlier. The interview itself took place at the Chateau Marmont, for which reason she commented about a particular sofa there:

"I love this place and this is my favourite sofa. This is where I met Manson, both of us hiding in the corner of a party neither of us wanted to be at."

Evan goes on to explain in Elle U.K. how their relationship began after Manson's divorce:

"We became movie buddies until one night when we suddenly looked into one another's eyes and knew."

This story is very different from her story 13 years later. In 2020, Evan describes the first kiss pretty much as an assault when she was 18 and he was married to Dita, while in 2007 she recalls how her romance with Manson started with a mutual chemistry between the two at 19 after Manson and Dita were divorced.

Manson's Story in 2007

On May 17, 2007, SPIN magazine published a revealing interview with Manson by Jonathan Ames that tells us his side of the story. Below is a summary of how Manson describes Evan as being the one who initiated the romantic relationship between the two.

First Initiation
At one of their early meetings about the Phantasmagoria project, Evan jokingly walked in wearing heart-shaped glasses and looked like the movie poster for Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita. Manson was immediately struck by the humorous reference and it pierced his heart. It turned out both Evan and Manson were Nabokov fans, and Manson, who is a great believer in connections and coincidences, would point out out that Nabokov translated Alice In Wonderland into Russian, and that Lewis Carroll was long-rumored to have had a young-girl fetish, not to mention the 19-year age difference between himself and Evan. This clever act of Evan is what inspired Manson to write the song 'Heart-Shaped Glasses'.

Second Initiation
The romantic relationship began when Evan was 19 years old, during the time Manson and Dita were separated, which was after December 25, 2006. Both Evan and Manson have denied in other interviews that they had a sexual relationship before Dita filed for divorce on December 29th 2006, and this falls in line with that timeline. During this time Manson was wildly depressed over losing Dita, so Evan turned to him and said that she would die for him, that they could die together. “It might sound strange,” Manson says, “but this made me want to live.”
To confirm that this is probably true, later on, in 2009 when Manson was promoting The High End of Low and he and Evan were separated, he would talk about how the album sprung from a broken promise Evan had made to him, that they would die together, and when Manson proposed the first time to Evan in 2008 and rejected his proposal, he saw this as an act of betrayal, which springboarded into a fictional fantasy of Manson taking revenge on her for breaking his heart (which is what 'Heart-Shaped Glasses' warns about).

Third Initiation
In the SPIN interview, Manson also talks about what may be his version of the story of their first kiss. He says that one day Evan was licking a heart-shaped lollipop, and then she kissed him. He told her she tasted like Valentine’s day and immediately wrote a song about it, 'Putting Holes in Happiness.' “She’s nothing less than a muse,” he says.

Concluding Remarks:

In 2007, both Evan and Manson had a common story of their common chemistry which turned into a romantic relationship. In 2020, Manson is basically described as assaulting a young 18 year old Evan by jamming his tongue down her throat without her consent. Given that Evan has been rewriting her history since 2016 to fit a victim narrative so that she could emerge from an abusive relationship as a courageous survivor, I would not be surprised if Evan's 2020 story that she recalls for Phoenix Rising is entirely fabricated. It seems fabricated. I would bet it is fabricated. Maybe in 2007 both Evan and Manson seemed a bit idealistic, but as many describe them from that time, including Jonathan Ames in his interview after he talks with Evan and sees how they are together: "The two of them are madly in love." Evan's 2020 narrative never even hints at talking about that story, it is entirely ignored and overlooked, as if she is afraid to admit it - afraid because it is the truth. And if it is true that the 2007 version of events is more accurate, then it was Evan Rachel Wood who initiated the romantic relationship between herself and Manson, at a time when Manson thought he lost the love of his life in Dita, and Evan was there to tell him that she would be there for him till the day they die.