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Marilyn Manson in the News (May 4 - May 28, 2023)

May 9 - Anti-SLAPP Rulings Revealed and Why Marilyn Manson Has a Strong Case for an Appeal Anti-SLAPP laws work by putting more burden than usual on defamed plaintiffs like Manson, forcing them to clearly show at the outset that their case is legitimate. In California, the reason strict anti-SLAPP laws exist is because they have so many cases to go through, and it helps to alleviate the pressure of the courts by making cases less time consuming by eliminating certain aspects of a claim before they go to discovery. The major drawback of this is that a plaintiff must enter the case with all their evidence in hand when it comes to defamation claims even before discovery can be conducted. Thus, it makes it almost impossible for a defamation claim to pass into the discovery portion of the case unless the unquestionable evidence already clearly exists. In some cases, like Manson's, the intentional infliction of emotional distress claim can also be part of the anti-SLAPP.   Summary of the

Marilyn Manson in the News (March 15 - April 6, 2023)

March 15

- Professional Wrestler Rob Ryzin Talks About the Marilyn Manson Cases on Social Media

March 20

- Rolling Stone Labels Evan Rachel Wood Critics as Misogynists

On March 20th,  CT Jones, an Internet Culture Reporter at Rolling Stone, accused anyone online criticizing Evan Rachel Wood of being a misogynist, in her piece titled "Evan Rachel Wood Is the Latest Celebrity Victim of an Online Misogyny Playbook". She says that since March 2nd 2022, when Manson brought a lawsuit against Evan Rachel Wood, "Warner’s fans have used their platforms to attack and harass Wood and his other accusers." Further on she says that celebrity women who accuse past partners, like Evan did, have "armies of fans accuse them of lying, misrepresent their legal proceedings, and encourage misogynistic rhetoric against them." And when Amber lost her case against Johnny Depp, those who monetized on YouTube got a follower and monetary spike that motivated them to latch on to Evan next in order to continue their mysoginistic-based monetization. This, according to Rolling Stone, is the new playbook misogynists follow. These "misogynists" do this by "directly co-opting reporting and then twisting its findings" on these cases, in order to make money.

If you read the whole article by CT Jones, what you will find is just a bunch of gaslighting by a reporter who gets paid at least $50,000 a year to report a bunch of garbage like this. It accuses critics of Evan Rachel Wood of following a supposed playbook, in order to get people to think that the only playbook we should be following is the playbook written by Rolling Stone and other media sources. Nowhere does CT Jones ever tell us to read the original court documents and make a decision for ourselves. What CT Jones does say is to read media sources like Rolling Stone and to completely trust their reporting, and this reporting should be the final word on the matter, even though Rolling Stone follows a playbook that is heavily biased to the far left when it comes to political and social issues and demonizes all others. What Rolling Stone doesn't realize is that we get no information from Rolling Stone or other media publications because they have proven to be biased, unreliable and have poor standards when it comes to investigative journalism. Their only retort to anyone who disagrees with them is to call them names and accuse them of belonging to hate groups, which is funny because the people they call misogynists are by far females. CT Jones herself isn't even a female, according to her own gender identity, since she identifies as non-binary and prefers a they/them pronoun. So here we have someone calling females who are more female than "themself" a bunch of misogynists. Talk about someone who belongs to a hate group.

March 23

- The Search for the Missing Voicemails

Both the Law & Crime network and someone that gave a fake address as being from Cologne Cathedral in Germany, have requested access to the voicemail messages that were allegedly submitted by Karl Neilson last month. They are allegedly of two voicemails left by Ashley Morgan Smithline on June 8th 2022 for Neilson, saying Manson's attorney Howard King was trying to contact her to convince her to recant (both King and Smithline deny this). Both requests were denied due to the fact that the voicemails were never submitted as USB drives, as was previously stated. This means that as of now, the only evidence we have of these voicemails is the written testimony of Karl Neilson, a sketchy friend of Ashley Walters.

March 25

- Double Date Night

On March 25th, Marilyn Manson and his wife Lindsay went on a dinner double date with Kat Von D and her husband Rafael Reyes. Rafael posted the video below on his Instagram stories of the happy couples kissing. It should be noted that Rafael and Kat Von D will be leaving Los Angeles permanently to move to Indiana on April 7th, so they have been trying to see all their closest friends before they go.

March 27

- Case Management Statements Filed for Warner vs. Wood and Gore

On March 27th, three separate Case Management Statements were filed that offer a brief summary update of the case of Warner vs. Wood and Gore. What we learn in these files is that

1. no trial date has been set, 
2. discovery is stayed until after the anti-SLAPP motions are heard, 

3. there is a premature estimation of 10 days estimated for the length of the trial by Evan's attorneys (though Manson's and Illma's attorneys say it is unknown pending two special motions to strike on April 11th), 

4. during discovery the defendants, namely Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore, will face a deposition and Evan will have an independent medical exam done, and

5. plaintiff, namely Marilyn Manson, requests a jury trial

April 5

- Vulture Attempts to Write a Detailed Timeline of Allegations Against Marilyn Manson

Jennifer Zhan of Vulture seems to have taken on a task that is beyond her capabilities when she attempted to write "A Detailed Timeline of Allegations Against Marilyn Manson", which a few hours prior to the change was initially titled "A Detailed Timeline of Allegations Against Brian Warner" (it seems they preferred the more incendiary title, but then realized that most people would not know who they are talking about).

Though this is the most detailed and up to date timeline produced by a media source, the problem with it is that the author gets a lot of facts wrong, does not have a good all around knowledge of the cases, and relies too much on their own media articles of the past in an effort to garner more clicks and monetization. It is also a very selective choice with selective bits of information that make certain things misleading. The only rebuttal to the accusers that are given are very sparing excerpts from Manson's lawyers and representatives. Though I do like the idea of putting all the allegations in a timeline, this is unfortunately not a timeline I would recommend.