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Bianca Allaine Kyne Issues Statement Attempting to Spin a Recent Court Loss Into a Victory

A little over a week ago I wrote about a significant partial dismissal granted to Marilyn Manson on July 2nd in the lawsuit issued by Bianca Allaine Kyne. First, it stated that Manson's motion to dismiss all allegations in Kyne's complaint referencing sexual abuse as a minor in 1995 when she was 16 years old was granted. Second, any reference to Kyne's own personal drawings of Manson from when she was 16 are to be removed. Third, Kyne is therefore ordered to make a Second Amended Complaint within 30 days removing all of the above. Despite this significant victory of Marilyn Manson in managing to get a partial dismissal in this case, on July 15th Bianca Allaine Kyne and her lawyer Jeff Anderson decided to issue statements spinning their loss into a victory. They argue that since Manson was not granted a full dismissal (which he was not seeking), then he lost and they won in this particular ruling. What Was the Ruling on July 2nd?   When you read the ruling issued on July

Marilyn Manson in the News (March 15-May 15, 2022)

When it comes to Marilyn Manson news in the month of March 2022, it was pretty much dominated by Evan Rachel Wood's documentary Phoenix Rising, released conveniently on the Ides of March, on March 15th and 16th on HBO as a two-part series. During the week of its release, Evan made four television appearances and Amy Berg the director made one appearance, and these I have already covered here. On the day of its release, two article (one by The Cut and one by Time) were released to supplement it. A few weeks before this, earlier in the month, Marilyn Manson issued his lawsuit complaint against Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore, which changed the narrative a little in media circles, though it would soon be ignored (because we know how much the media hates their narrative changed and how scared they are to go against a woman who makes accusations in the MeToo era).  Besides the documentary and the multiple television appearances, we were overwhelmed with a large amount of media coverage, whether it be film reviews for the documentary, interviews, podcasts, and other types of investigations and analyses. Below are some highlights from the news over the past few months, with some of my own personal comments.


17 - "The Fearless Filmmaker Who Took on Hollywood Pedophiles and Marilyn Manson": An Interview With Amy Berg (Daily Beast)

In this interview with Amy Berg, there are a number of falsehoods.

Amy Berg claims that the first year of filming Phoenix Rising was only about documenting the passing of the Phoenix Act and had nothing to do with Marilyn Manson. If this is true, then why did this first year of filming only end up being about ten minutes or so of the documentary? Did so little happen in a year?

Amy Berg claims that Dan Cleary's tweet in September 2020 about Manson changed everything, allowing many other accusers to come forward and inspiring Evan to name Manson. We know for a fact this is false, because the women had been meeting on multiple Zoom calls prior to September 2020, having been recruited by Illma Gore and Ashley Walters. We also know that in November 2019 the main accusers posted about their alleged abuse together on social media.

In other words, this documentary was meant to be about Marilyn Manson from the very beginning. Maybe Amy Berg was mislead by Evan, but Evan certainly knew when she approached Amy Berg that the documentary would be about Marilyn Manson.

Amy Berg clarifies here about the horror movies sent to her as a threat by Manson. It appears the horror movies were not actually sent to Amy, but they just appeared in her Amazon account. She has no proof this was done by Manson, but because it is weird she decided to associate it as a threat by Manson. Of course, this is absurd, first because inside sources have said that Manson only found out about the documentary when everyone else in the public did, and secondly, he doesn't have hacking skills like Illma Gore does, who is the only one in the equation that could have done this and made it look like Manson did it, just like she called the police to do a wellness check on Manson.

She also claims Evan was receiving threats from Manson during the documentary. This is false. Even Evan addresses this in her custody lawsuit with Jaime Bell in April 2021. There Evan says that she had last seen and talked to Manson at a public event in 2014, where he allegedly threatened her. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but Evan specifically says she had not heard from Manson since.

One of the most bizarre claims by Amy is that Manson and Johnny Depp aren't really friends, but that Manson used Johnny and other celebrities for photo opportunities and that's it. I don't think I need to go into the long history of Manson and Johnny Depp's friendship to prove this is another false claim of Amy Berg, as they not only have been very close friends, but Manson has lived with Johnny, became the godfather of Lily Depp, and was given a house by Johnny, let alone performed on stage and on screen together on a number of occasions. By making such an obviously false claim that could have been fact checked very easily, Amy Berg loses all credibility.

She says: "If you were to Google him with other celebrities and check in with their reps, I’m sure you’d find out that he’s not close with a lot of those people." Well, obviously their reps would say that to a documentary filmmaker who was making an expose documentary against Manson. The last thing they want is for the celebrity they represent to become involved in his scandal.

She says: "In our research, I spoke to many people who had seen things at his house but didn’t like that they were recorded there, so didn’t speak up." How do they know they were recorded? And if they were recorded, why wouldn't they speak up? Were they recorded doing something that they don't want exposed? The more you ponder these things, the more absurd they become, and you begin to wonder how much Amy Berg is just making up things off the top of her head.

In the interview, they even talk about the infamous "snuff" film Groupie as if it is something real and not a film project whose sole participant, Pola Weiss, has gone on record as saying that her experience was a positive experience and that she was even dating Manson at the time. This shows that Amy Berg has no sense of how people create myths for promotion, in other words, she has no sales experience with art that pushes boundaries.

We are also told that Evan and Illma did an investigation by interviewing people involved in the video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses". Well, if this is true, no one by name has come forward to corroborate their story, only a few anonymous witnesses that really didn't see anything.

It's funny how when Amy is asked about Manson's lawsuit, she says that she cannot comment on anything. Of course she can. She is not in the lawsuit. Howard King, Manson's lawyer, told Deadline on March 2 that Berg and HBO were not named in the lawsuit because they were "also victims of Wood and Gore" and claimed they were "duped into making a documentary based on false claims and fraudulent documents."

Throughout the interview, Amy Berg comes off as being very naive, who blindly believed everything that Evan told her, and never did any research of her own, which means that Phoenix Rising was not only a documentary, but a propaganda piece.

Amy Berg stupidly asks: "Who collects Hitler’s artifacts? What kind of people collect that?" Has she never heard of historians or anyone who is interested in that era collecting these things? Manson made a whole album about the era of Weimar Berlin, which preceded the rise of Hitler and he criticizes the censorship he inflicted on German society. He has studied it deeply and made many comments on that era, and all of it is anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler, yet she still can't see the nuance and the commentary in anything he does. This shows a tremendous ignorance of what art is about.

An interesting comment is made by the interviewer. She says that though a documentary about Manson has been made, no documentary on Harvey Weinstein has been made yet. This is attributed to some sort of a Hollywood cover-up.

17 - 'Phoenix Rising' Director Responds to Marilyn Manson's Lawsuit (Newsweek)

In this article, Amy Berg issued an oral statement regarding Marilyn Manson's lawsuit:

"There were a lot of lawyers that looked at every single second of this film, and every frame. So I don't know, like, what else we could do, our film is completely legally sound. And that's all I can really say about that. I can't talk about the details of the lawsuit or the specific allegations that have been made, that's out of my realm. I'm sorry."

In response to Berg's comments, a spokesperson for Manson told Newsweek:

"As documented in Brian's lawsuit, Evan Rachel Wood impersonated a federal agent by signing and submitting a fake FBI letter as evidence in court. The whole premise of the fake letter — suggesting that a federal agency was investigating Brian and that Wood and her family were in danger — created the plot of Part 2 of Phoenix Rising. If Wood was willing to deceive the court and HBO about that, what else is she willing to say or do? If HBO was willing to script a meeting between Wood and the FBI that never happened, what other portions of the purported documentary were similarly scripted to portray false impressions?"

When asked if she would consider working with Evan again to follow her in the aftermath of the documentary, Berg said:

"I mean, we told this story, and I think it's pretty complete at this point, so I'm interested to see what happens. I never would say never, but I feel like this film stands for itself and it speaks to what we wanted to say, it feels very complete to me."

18 - "Remove the Video of Evan Rachel Wood's Sexual Assault From ALL Video/Streaming Platforms" ( and The Cut)

With the release of Phoenix Rising and the allegation by Evan Rachel Wood that she was drugged and "essentially raped" during the filming of "Heart-Shaped Glasses", a petition was established on to have the video removed from all video and streaming platforms.

“Evan has re-victimized herself over and over again to create change … and doesn’t deserve a constant reminder of her sexual assault on the internet,” the petition reads.

A spokesperson for the YouTube says it’s “monitoring the situation closely” and will take “appropriate action” if the video is determined to be in breach of creator-responsibility guidelines — which could depend on a relevant conviction, confession, or ruling.

I want people to know, if the petition is eventually successful and the video is removed, which is unlikely, as they only show the censored version on those platforms, then be assured that the uncensored version will always remain on my own website,, where it has been directly uploaded.

22 - "Marilyn Manson Told Us What He Was" (The Atlantic)

I will just summarize this article by saying that it is itself a summary of the documentary Phoenix Rising, but it focuses mainly on the persona of Marilyn Manson, exploring who he is in reality and who he is as just a character. There is no real conclusion drawn, but the author, Sophie Gilbert, is disturbed by her investigation. The investigation, however, is very shallow, but to the average reader it will present more than they knew before, so it is very deceptive in that way.

There is only one thing I will address from this article. We read:

"Berg also highlights parts of Manson’s autobiography (co-written with Neil Strauss, a former New York Times music critic and the author of The Game) that seem to back up Wood’s account. According to the memoir, he’s studied 'philosophy, hypnosis, criminal psychology, and mass psychology' for his 'character' — a man who 'does everything he can to trick people into liking him. And then, once he wins their confidence, he uses it to destroy them.'"

This is a very misleading reference to Manson's autobiography. Sophie Gilbert is desperately trying to associate this quote with Manson using the study of these subjects to try to manipulate and abuse women, when Manson very specifically tells us why he studied these things. He writes:

"As a performer, I wanted to be the loudest, most persistent alarm clock I could be, because there didn't seem like any other way to snap society out of its Christianity - and media induced coma."

One wonders why Sophie Gilbert could not be at least fair enough to state why Manson says he studied these subjects, and instead just leaves us to think it had to do with abusing women? When you mislead in such an obvious and outright way, you lose your credibility as a reporter.

22 - "Marc Bouwer Describes Painting Marilyn Manson" (Women's Wear Daily)

In this article we are told that "director Amy Berg, who is a friend and neighbor, enlisted Bouwer after seeing some of the portraits he had painted." Bouwer was inspired to take this project after suffering abuse in the South African Army in the 1970's. The most popular Manson piece by Bouwer depicts him with a Hitler mustache. All the information he received about Manson came from Amy Berg. It should be noted that he is not the one who did the animation in the documentary. This was done by Italian illustrator, Nicoletta Ceccoli, who created a fairy-tale feel for Phoenix Rising.

24 - "Phoenix Rising & Harsh Realities" (Dan Cleary's Podcast)

I will address everything about Dan Cleary in a future article, including what he says in the this podcast, so I will just offer the link here to allow people to hear it in the context of when it was given.

25 - "A Deep Dive Into The Timeline And Evidence In The Marilyn Manson V. Evan Rachel Wood Abuse Case" (Evie)

I wanted to put a spotlight on this article because it actually has some good things to say that are not said enough in other media sources, mainly because most publications and the reporters covering this story are radical feminists who blindly follow MeToo principles. The author of this piece, Jaimee Marshall, is actually pretty fair and balanced. Though I disagree on some stuff personally, it is a respectable article and I think it should not be overlooked.

28 - "The Messy Saga of the Marilyn Manson #MeToo Allegations" (YouTube)

In this video @LegalBytes , @Legal Mindset , @Boss Attorney Bri , and @Good Lawgic talk about the various allegations made against Marilyn Manson. It is a very good and fair discussion of the topic.

28 - "It was Evan Rachel Wood’s idea to have REAL sex in Manson video" (Poptopic)

In this article from an Australian-based tabloid, an anonymous crew member from the set of the "Heart-Shaped Glasses" music video has come forward in defense of Marilyn Manson, and claims it was Evan Rachel Wood who instigated the real sex depicted in the video.

Honestly, I don't know what to make of this article. I would encourage this person to come forward, if he really exists, so he can be vetted properly. There are things I personally don't find credible in this article. I would argue that Manson and Evan did not have real sex in the video, but as Manson's reps say, it was simulated. I don't even really have any confidence in the allegation that Evan was "high as a kite". Now maybe she was high at some point, and maybe Evan did suggest they have real sex, but to claim they actually did is a claim I would not agree with.

Again, I'm not entirely discounting this article, but I do think it needs further clarifications.

28 - Vince Romo Meets With Marilyn Manson

Actor Vince Romo, long-time friend of Marilyn Manson from the show Sons of Anarchy, shared with us a news update on Marilyn Manson (the photo is not new), which can be read below:


1 - Joyner Lucas' "Ye Not Crazy" features a reference to Marilyn Manson

In the rap song, Manson is referenced with the following lyrics:

"Yeah, they try to do me like Marilyn Manson
Back me inside of a corner and turn me to someone who shot up and dances
Someone who won't go to Sway in the Morning and tell him he don't got the answers
Someone afraid of takin' the mic from niggas and takin' my chances."

3 - Marilyn Manson Up for a Grammy (

Despite all the allegations against Marilyn Manson, because of his involvement on Kanye West's Donda album, he received his fifth Grammy nomination this year for "Album of the Year". Though he did not win, there was a lot written in the media about the fact that he was allowed to be nominated at all, along with other controversial artists in other categories, such as Louis C.K., who did win. There was even talk as to whether or not cancel culture was a real thing. But the fact that so many media outlets were denying cancel culture does exist, and bemoaning this, shows us that cancel culture does indeed exist, it just does not always win. The fact that Manson was nominated this year is a big deal and a positive thing, even if he didn't win. There were even rumors that Manson was going to attend the event, but the fact that Kanye himself became involved in some controversy over his relationship with Kim Kardashian, he did not attend, which means Manson would not attend either.

7 - "Evan Rachel Wood Opens Up About Being ‘Publicly Gaslit’ for Marilyn Manson Abuse Allegations on Jameela Jamil’s Podcast" (Variety)

A lot of what we hear in this podcast is the same thing we heard in Evan's other recent television interviews, which I have commented on in detail. Probably the highlight of this interview is the following confession:

"After being involved in a large investigation like the one I’m involved in now, I really started to understand why people pull out of investigations and why victims recount their statements and why they go forward and then pull back. Because man, it’s no joke having to go through the things that have happened to you in excruciating detail. Questions you’ve never been asked. And to have to go back there over and over again, to be publicly gaslit on a large scale or even a small scale, it’s very, very re-traumatizing. I sit here knowing I’m not lying, knowing I’m telling the truth, but people make you feel crazy. So I have to sit there and meditate and go through the things that have happened to me and go, ‘Did this happen to you? Yes. Did this happen? Yes.’ And I go through the details and replay them in my head just so no one can take my truth away from me, because they try, they really try to break you down.”

I'm sorry, but if you really know something happened to you, you don't have to replay the details in your head to convince yourself your not making it up. Even if you were the only person alive who believed your story and everyone else thought you were lying, this would not be necessary. In fact, Evan is not exposed to people not believing her. Everyone she chooses to be around, thinks she is telling the truth. I have not heard of one instance where Evan was ever challenged by anyone, especially by the media. The only place is on social media. If she feels such a weight from social media, then that can only tell us that Evan is reading a lot of Manson supporter accounts. Other than that, I don't see where she is getting the opposition.

8 - Illma Gore is Served

According to documents obtained by defense lawyer Andrea Burkhart, Illma Gore was served on April 8th. We are awaiting a response.

11 - "JOHN 5 Explains 2003 Onstage Incident With MARILYN MANSON: 'I Just Snapped'" (Blabbermouth)

During an appearance on the April 11 episode of SiriusXM's "Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk", John 5 reflected on the infamous 2003 video of him throwing down his guitar on stage and pushing Manson after he accidentally kicks John 5 in the chest during a live performance of "The Beautiful People" at the Rock Am Ring festival in Germany. He confesses that it was his fault that happened, not Manson's fault. This is a big deal, because a lot of people have used this footage to show Manson was abusive to his bandmates. Now we know the truth.

I made a video of this appearance, which can be seen here:

14 - Scrubfrog Releases an Old Prank Call by Marilyn Manson

On Scrubfrog's new album Atychiphobia, there is a track of an old prank call by Marilyn Manson. Apparently the lead singer would run errands for Manson many years ago, and from that time he had this recording, which is now released for the public.

15 - "Marilyn Manson Accuser Heading Into Third Showdown Over Her Lawsuit" (Rolling Stone)

Lawyer James Vagnini, who represents Ashley Walters, told Rolling Stone the following:

“[We] believe our amended complaint specifically addresses the court’s concerns and establishes that Ms. Walters suffered such severe harm while working for Mr. Warner that she repressed the vast majority of abuse she was subjected to, and that the nature of the abuse should strip [Warner] of any statute of limitations defense. Regardless of the outcome, we will continue to work to expose Mr. Warner for exactly who he is, a narcissistic predator and pathological violator.”

Manson's new demurrer filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court states:

“Plaintiff contradictorily claims that throughout her employment she was cognizant of a need to hide from her employer, while simultaneously arguing that she did not know that her employer was committing arguably actionable acts towards her."

15 - Vanessa Alexandra, a Former Friend of Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood, is Interviewed by Colonel Kurtz (YouTube)

According to the description of this video:

"Former friend of Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel Wood breaks her silence in this exclusive interview about Manson’s behavior, his relationship with Evan,  and the truth about the controversial Heart-Shaped Glasses music video sex scene. There’s a crazy twist at the end of this interview, so stay till the end."

20 - Rico Nasty Releases a New Song "Vaderz" Which References Marilyn Manson

In the song "Vaderz" by Rico Nasty, Marilyn Manson is referenced as follows:

"Give out holding us, he riding Banshee
Give a fuck 'bout that bitch, skrrt off on that bitch
Throwin' salt on my name, you end up in a ditch (yeah, yeah)
Let me brush that shit off, let me roll up a spliff (yeah, yeah)
'Cause that shit can get dark, Marilyn Manson."

21 - Johnny Depp Talks About Doing Drugs With Marilyn Manson During His Testimony

Johnny Depp briefly talked about his friendship with Marilyn Manson in the testimony for his trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard on Thursday April 21st.

Asked by one of Heard's lawyers whether they used drugs together, Depp answered that they did.

"We drank together, we've had cocaine together, maybe a couple of times," Depp answered.

When asked whether they took "pills" together, Depp's answer led to laughter in the courtroom.

"I once gave Marilyn Manson a pill so he would stop talking so much," he said.

Text exchanges between Depp and Manson from September 2012 were also presented as Rottenborn, Amber's lawyer, attempted to paint a portrait of the actor's heavy drug and alcohol use.

27 - "Esme Bianco Claims Marilyn Manson Is Continuing to Mess With Her" (Rolling Stone)

In new legal filing, Esme Bianco, who is suing Manson for sexual assault, claims she shot a video for the Deftones’ tour but Manson was involved in getting the footage scrapped. “In exchange for providing her images,” the legal filing alleges, “Ms. Bianco expected an economic benefit from significant public exposure via the band’s worldwide tour and the opportunity to continue working with the highly sought-after creative director who oversaw the project.”

Bianco claims to Rolling Stone that she heard Warner “flipped out and was having a complete meltdown about the fact that I was working with Deftones and … they decided to cut my footage.”

In the new motion, Bianco claims that Warner “used his power and influence in the entertainment industry to interfere with Ms. Bianco’s ability to continue working with Deftones. Defendant Warner’s actions were intended to cause the contract with Ms. Bianco to be breached by Deftones when they refused to utilize her images,” she alleges in her filing.

Bianco tells Rolling Stone she believes “the consensus had been reached that it was easier to cut me than to deal with Brian … Someone in [Deftones’ camp] decided to scrap me because of Brian calling them.”

In the new filing, her lawyer argued that Warner’s alleged interference “is a recent continuation” of his efforts “to silence Ms. Bianco through threats, intimidation, and coercion.”

“By continuing to threaten my career opportunities, Warner again demonstrates that even amidst criminal investigation and civil litigation he will stop at nothing in an attempt to silence his victims,” Bianco tells Rolling Stone. “The complicity of those who enable these intimidation tactics demonstrates why survivors are so hesitant to come forward. If those who hold power to stand up to abusers choose not to, survivors will stand alone.”

“This is further evidence of Mr. Warner’s continued attempts to intimidate Ms. Bianco into silence,” adds Jay Ellwanger, the attorney representing Bianco and Ashley Morgan Smithline, who is also suing Warner for sexual assault and human trafficking, among other charges. “The threats and coercion must stop, and our hope is that today’s filing will help inform Mr. Warner that there will be consequences for his actions.”

From what has been described, Bianco does not really seem to have any evidence against Manson in this latest allegation. Furthermore, the breach of contract came from the Deftones, not Manson, so if anything it is the Deftones that she should be suing. Lastly, Fred Sablan, a long time friend of Esme Bianco, recently joined the Deftones on tour as their new bass player, and instead of defending her actions, he has unfollowed her on Instagram.

29 - Evan Rachel Wood Files an Anti-SLAPP Motion Against Manson

Defense lawyer Andrea Burkhart obtained documents, which she explains as follows:

"Evan Rachel Wood has now made her appearance. She is filing an anti-SLAPP motion arguing that Manson's claims are penalizing her for engaging in protected First Amendment activity. Funny, I don't remember the 'filing a false FBI letter in court' exception to the First Amendment from law school. We know that Manson's team will have been prepared for this so let's see how they respond."

29 - Marilyn Manson and Lindsay Attend Prayers Show With Kat Von D

On April 29th, Marilyn Manson and Lindsay attended a Prayers show with friend Kat Von D at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. 

Though there was support for Manson shown for this appearance on social media, there was also a lot of fuss made over it, including from Evan Rachel Wood, who said the following, among other things:

Evan further took aim at Valley Eyewear, for saying something positive about Manson:

Valley Eyewear started getting negative reactions on their Instagram, for which reason they responded:

Remember to support Valley Eyewear in return for supporting Manson, and purchase from them for your eyewear needs.
No doubt Evan's strong reaction is due to the fact that in 2018 she got a tattoo from Kat Von D and was friends with her on Instagram, but Evan seems to have now blocked Kat Von D for showing her support for Manson.


10 - Evan Rachel Wood Returns for Season 4 of Westworld (EW)

It was officially announced on May 10th that Evan Rachel Wood would be returning to Westworld, even though her character was killed off last season. Though it hasn't been confirmed, it looks like Delores may be resurrected, which is interesting, because then the resurrection on this HBO series will coincide with the HBO documentary series Phoenix Rising.

10 - "‘I Stand With Marilyn Manson’ Movement Grows As Johnny Depp Fans Target Evan Rachel Wood" (Your Tango)

Though the title sounds like some positive progress for the Marilyn Manson case, the author's intent was the exact opposite. If you read the article, you will see that the author, Nia Tipton, is disturbed by the trend in seeing the hashtag #IStandWithMarilynManson becoming more and more popular as the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial moves along. She writes:

"The issue at hand, however, is that many of Depp's fans have started using the defamation trial between the actor and his ex-wife as an excuse to discredit other women who have suffered abuse and spread misogyny. Unable to understand the complicated nature of abuse allegations, fans are now taking what they believe about Depp and Heard and applying it to other allegations in completely unrelated circumstances."

Basically, the author thinks Johnny Depp fans are blind followers of a cult who cannot comprehend the complicated nature of abuse, which is why they are jumping from one celebrity case to another. The fact of the matter is that Nia Tipton doesn't understand how the cases do relate, and the evidence that strongly suggests that Marilyn Manson, like Johnny Depp, is part of a MeToo hoax of wannabe celebrity activists. The fact that the media has taken notice of this should be a strong incentive for Manson supporters to keep using the hashtag.

11 - "‘Westworld’ to Headline ATX TV Festival Closing Night With Star Evan Rachel Wood and Creator Lisa Joy" (Collider)

If you're in Austin, Texas on June 4th, you can see Evan Rachel Wood in person. It has been announced that the Westworld panel, with Evan Rachel Wood, will be at the ATX TV Festival during the Closing Night Event on Saturday, June 4. The series comes back for Season 4 on HBO on June 26.

12 - Johnny Depp Fans Rally Behind Marilyn Manson, Slam Evan Rachel Wood (New York Post)

Like the Your Tango article a few days prior, the New York Post took notice and published an article of their own. Though they bemoan the support Manson is getting from Depp supporters, they also fail to understand why. It's not too complicated - two good celebrity friends with wild public images were involved in long-term relationships with radical feminist activists with multiple mental illnesses who are now trying to perpetrate a hoax against them and have them canceled while elevating their own activist profile. This is what it is in a nutshell. You can also reference the fact that Evan and Amber have shown support for each other and tied their own cases with each others.

15 - Happy Two Year Anniversary to Marilyn Manson and Lindsay (Usich) Warner!

On the two year wedding anniversary of Marilyn Manson and Lindsay, Lindsay herself took to Instagram and posted many photos, which include her own official statement for the first time since everything began, as well as never-before-seen wedding photos. The statement is below, together with a sample of her photos:


Below are instructions in how to obtain the complete court documents in the custody case of Jaime Bell vs. Evan Rachel Wood.

After doing some research to obtain these documents, what I found was that it seems the case was filed in both California and Tennessee, but in California it looks like the documents were sealed, while in Tennessee you need an account through the circuit clerks office to look up cases. After finding out the circuit clerk for Nashville was Richard R. Rooker, I looked him up and found this website:

When you go to this website, click on SIGN UP and fill out the necessary information.

To obtain the documents, it will cost you $25. You are signing up for a subscription, so I suggest you print all the information as soon as possible then cancel your subscription, otherwise you will be charged another $25 a month until you do cancel.

When you have subscribed, make your way to where it says GO TO CASELINK. Click on that link and enter the case number, which is 21D284.

You now have access to everything. It seems like a few folders are sealed, but there is plenty of other material.

I have decided to not release this publicly for free only because the case seems to be sealed in California, which tells me that probably Jaime Bell does not want this stuff circulating for free. Out of respect, I will at least keep a certain barrier, and anyone wishing to obtain the documents will have to pay for them.