The Relationship of Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood (Part 5: June 2009 - November 2009)

Mickey Rourke, Shane West and Alexander Skarsgard

As is usual when a high profile couple in Hollywood breaks up, the media with a keen eye will begin to circulate rumors who they are dating next, even if they happen to be merely seen with someone of the opposite sex. These rumors did not escape Marilyn Manson or Evan Rachel Wood after they first broke up. In November 2008, just days after her split from Manson, Evan Rachel Wood (21) was rumored to be dating her Wrestler co-star who plays her father Mickey Rourke (56), and in January 2009 they were spotted kissing on the lips at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills after the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Evan denied these rumors, and even issued a statement through Rolling Stone saying:

"I'm upset because I feel disrespected by the press and by Mr. Rourke. Just because I'm single doesn't mean that you can take advantage of me. It's unfair that the performances might suffer because of all these distractions. I'm not attracted to him; he's too old for me. Nothing ever happened and nothing ever will."

This statement at the time left the press dumbfounded, wondering why she was blaming Rourke for disrespecting her when they were clearly seen kissing each other. As to whether the rumors were true or not still remains unclear because of the flirty and intimate photos that were being taken of the two together at the time. Even until recent years Marilyn Manson's PR team cited Evan's rumored relationship with Rourke as if he could have possibly been the one who is responsible for abusing Evan, then Evan had to confirm on Twitter that Rourke never abused her and they were never "together" (original in quotes).

No serious dating rumor about Evan pops up again in the media at that time (besides her very brief reunion with Manson in February 2009), until June 2009 when she was rumored to be dating her former Once and Again costar who played her older brother Shane West (31), whom she called her "celebrity crush". The two celebrated his 31st birthday at Bardot Hollywood – and the two hung close all evening. Arriving together, they were joined by a large group of friends for the party. While West would mingle with his guests, he showed special attention to Evan – and even kissed her on the cheek and hand at the club.  When asked if they were dating, she replied to Hollyscoop at the Young Hollywood awards:

“I think you can put two and two together. I won’t confirm or deny it but I don’t think I have to. I have a celebrity crush on Shane West, of course. It was a great party."

About a week earlier than the birthday party, Evan and Shane were at Tao in Las Vegas, and at an after-party in their room one source reported: "At around 3 am, Shane and Evan Rachel were all over each other and making out in the middle of the table.” This was confirmed when a photo of the incident leaked on

On July 16, Evan Rachel Wood officially held hands publicly with new boyfriend Shane West after weeks of speculation. However, things didn't go very far after this, as she was not seen with him after July 2009. It was speculated by the press they broke up because his career was going nowhere.

Why are these details important? Because it wasn't until mid to late June that Manson started using the hyper-disturbing language about his fantasies of smashing Evan's head open with a sledgehammer and other ways of wanting to harm her, as recorded in the infamous Spin interview released on June 26, 2009, but with the release of The High End of Low these fantasies were revealed to be part of the movie/album Manson had created about his relationship with Evan. Nonetheless, could the media rumors, especially with the photos of Evan kissing Mickey Rourke and Shane West, have sparked this jealous outrage in Manson? It wouldn't be hard to imagine that they played some role.

The next person Evan was rumored to be dating was Alexander Skarsgard, a co-star on the TV series True Blood. This relationship began probably in August of 2009. She even visited him in Shreveport, Louisiana while he was filming Straw Dogs. They were only sighted a few times discreetly. It wasn't until late October that Evan revealed to E that she dated one of her fellow cast members on True Blood. She spoke of this relationship as being in the past, which means they were only together for a few months at the most. She also revealed that she now had her eyes on Ryan Gosling, another co-star and celebrity crush of hers. However, this relationship was not to be, as she began to date Manson again for the second time in December 2010.


It's a little bit more difficult talking about the dating rumors at this time surrounding Marilyn Manson. This is mainly because it is Manson himself spreading some of the rumors. For example, Manson kept saying in interviews that he spent the three month period from Thanksgiving 2008 to his birthday on January 5, 2009 alone, but as we mentioned previously he was seen with Isani Griffith in early December 2008 on a few occasions in Florida. Manson denied they were dating on Christmas Eve on his website, but he also did not hide the fact that they had a fling when he revealed that the song "Pretty as a Swastika" was written about her, after he made this sort-of compliment to her that became the title of the song which resulted in her having sex with him. Manson also claims that he was bringing other women to his house for discreet sex that he would try to frighten off but they would not leave, though its difficult to figure out whether or not he is joking around when talking about this or even just part of his album promotion. The only confirmed girlfriend he had during this period was the pornstar named Stoya, whom he confirmed to be dating on June 5 of 2009. This relationship with Stoya would last for at least six months till November 2009, when he and Evan got back together again.

Most of the relationship between Manson and Stoya was on the road while Manson was on tour for his album The High End of Low. The 23-year-old adult film actress, known for her intelligence, milk-white skin and small breasts, reportedly broke up with Manson after his touring schedule proved to be too much for her. A statement on her Twitter page, posted on December 4, 2009, read: "We simply weren't right for each other. Just because we had fun doesn't mean we were meant to be long term. C'est la vie." Keep in mind she was AVN's 2009 Best New Starlet, and spent a good portion of that year on the road with Manson.

Both Manson and Stoya were accused by the press at the time that they were feeding off each other's careers, she an up and comer gaining Hollywood publicity and he a rock star of the past gaining publicity by dating the top pornstar. However, despite being on the road, the relationship was pretty discreet. The main story that came out at the time about the two of them was revealed by Manson in an interview with Times Online, when he showed the interviewer a picture on his iPhone of a swastika he freshly shaved into Stoya's pubic hair. This led to accusations that Stoya was an antisemite, and the negative press may have affected their relationship.

Stoya never really talked about her relationship with Manson after the breakup. Even when she was asked some years later by Howard Stern on his show about dating Manson, she seemed annoyed to be asked about it, as if indicating that she didn't want her career to be defined by a relationship with a celebrity from her past. By 2015 Stoya would become a feminist icon in the porn world, and even dared to come out publicly with accusations against fellow male pornstars whom she considered abusive towards her. Among all the accusations she ever made publicly, never did she name or even hint at Marilyn Manson being abusive to her. 

In a February 2015 interview with Dazed, Manson had the following to say about dating porn actresses, including Stoya:
"I’ve always looked at pornographic stills or pictures of women in lingerie or the Victoria’s Secret catalogue, but I’ve never watched pornography. I can’t watch moving pornography, maybe because I don’t like to see other dicks. I don’t know why. The three girls that you mentioned, I’ve never watched any of their pornography. I did not know who Jenna Jameson was and Traci Lords I knew from Cry-Baby. I guess it’s strange, but with Stoya we were more like brother and sister."