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Marilyn Manson's Biggest Regret

  Throughout his career, Marilyn Manson has been asked by various interviewers about things he regrets, and in lyrics of his songs he has talked about both regretting and not regretting, but the last time he was asked about his regrets was in 2019, in an interview for the German magazine Numero Homme Berlin (Spring/Summer 2019) for which he graced the cover. I translated his response below: Sina Braetz: Looking back, what do you regret most about your life? Marilyn Manson: I regret that I was naive enough to let people believe that my kindness was weakness and that I allowed them to take advantage of it. Many people believed that I was actually stupid or naive because I was so friendly and they betrayed me. But that was my fault, not theirs. That's why I regret not having been competent enough to understand that my desire to have companionable friendship - or whatever you want to call it - to have friends or family, made me make a lot of mistakes that I wish I hadn't made. Bu

Manipulation At Its Finest: An Analysis of the Trailer to Evan Rachel Wood's 'Phoenix Rising"

In this video, Martin DeCoder examines The Extreme Manipulation in ‘Phoenix Rising’ | Evan Rachel Wood vs. Marilyn Manson. How does the docuseries ‘Phoenix Rising’ create sympathy for Evan Rachel Wood, and what does this tell us about the reliability of Wood’s allegations against Marilyn Manson? These are the questions that this in-depth film and language analysis will answer by looking at the trailer to the docuseries.   Link to his previous analyses of this case are linked below: Are Evan Rachel Wood’s Allegations Against Marilyn Manson Reliable? | The View Interview Analysis What Evan Rachel Wood Didn’t Want You to Notice | The Daily Show Interview Analysis    

Marilyn Manson in the News (March 15 - April 6, 2023)

  March 15 - Professional Wrestler Rob Ryzin Talks About the Marilyn Manson Cases on Social Media View this post on Instagram A post shared by 𖤐 RYZIN 𖤐 (@hailryzin) March 20 - Rolling Stone Labels Evan Rachel Wood Critics as Misogynists On March 20th,  CT Jones, an Internet Culture Reporter at Rolling Stone , accused anyone online criticizing Evan Rachel Wood of being a misogynist, in her piece titled " Evan Rachel Wood Is the Latest Celebrity Victim of an Online Misogyny Playbook ". She says that since March 2nd 2022, when Manson brought a lawsuit against Evan Rachel Wood, "Warner’s fans have used their platforms to attack and harass Wood and his other accusers." Further on she says that celebrity women who accuse past partners, like Evan did, have "armies of fans accuse them of lying, misrepresent their legal proceedings, and encourage misogynistic rhetoric against them." And when Amber lost her case against Johnny Depp, those wh