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Marilyn Manson's Biggest Regret

  Throughout his career, Marilyn Manson has been asked by various interviewers about things he regrets, and in lyrics of his songs he has talked about both regretting and not regretting, but the last time he was asked about his regrets was in 2019, in an interview for the German magazine Numero Homme Berlin (Spring/Summer 2019) for which he graced the cover. I translated his response below: Sina Braetz: Looking back, what do you regret most about your life? Marilyn Manson: I regret that I was naive enough to let people believe that my kindness was weakness and that I allowed them to take advantage of it. Many people believed that I was actually stupid or naive because I was so friendly and they betrayed me. But that was my fault, not theirs. That's why I regret not having been competent enough to understand that my desire to have companionable friendship - or whatever you want to call it - to have friends or family, made me make a lot of mistakes that I wish I hadn't made. Bu

Marilyn Manson in the News (May 28 - September 28, 2023)

It's been four long months since my last news update. Much of the delay has had to do with it being a slow news summer, but mainly it's been a very busy summer for me work wise - I barely even got one day off this summer. It's a bit difficult to go back and go over every little news story that has to do with Marilyn Manson from these past four months, so I will concentrate this time on updating everyone on only some of the major and noteworthy stories since my last update. I'll begin with each accuser with whom a lawsuit is or was involved with Manson, to see what they have been up to, and then cover a few other matters of interest.

Evan Rachel Wood

Since her primary custody of her son was taken away back in May, Evan has been pretty quiet on social media, mainly focusing on doing more concerts this year with her band Evan + Zane, including an upcoming Halloween tour with four dates in October. With the writers and actors strike in Hollywood, she has leveraged herself on being an advocate on their behalf, and was even interviewed by NBC News on July 18th to offer her take on the subject and on the issue of the future use of AI in Hollywood, based solely on the fact that Artificial Intelligence was something discussed in her HBO show Westworld and making a few posts about it on her private Instagram account. It's not clear if she is currently working on the movies she has scheduled because of the strikes, but she will star in the movie Backspot as a cheerleading coach. In July the media reported that Evan is seeking compensation from Manson to pay her six figure attorney fees, since he lost the Anti-SLAPP. According to court documents, Evan asked the court to award her $346,470 to reimburse her attorney fees, plus another $9,193 in costs, another $22k for preparing the current motion and another $10k she expects to spend in the future. The grand total comes to $387,813.67. The hearing for this is scheduled on January 26th. In August, the 20th anniversary of Thirteen was celebrated with a few interviews with the director Catherine Hardwicke and star Nikki Reed, but absent from all interviews was Evan, who did not mention anything about it even on Instagram, which is not surprising since she basically slammed in her Phoenix Rising documentary this and other early films of hers for sexualizing her as a teen. Then on September 7th Evan finally had her 36th birthday, which is the same age Marilyn Manson was when he first met her.

Esme Bianco

Since her settlement with Marilyn Manson, Esme has been primarily working to revive her career, though she has been photographed picketing SAG-AFTRA, and posted on Instagram supporting the new Phoenix Act 2.0 bill and the human trafficking bill, both championed by Senator Susan Rubio. On September 8th she even posted on the Danny Masterson conviction, commenting: "Boom! The statute of limitations didn't let this one get away," despite the fact that she settled with Manson and allowed the man who she called her rapist and trafficker to "get away" with a simple payment to her from his insurance. If you follow Esme on Instagram, you will see that she has not only gone through a physical transformation, but she is even trying to project a more bubbly personality we have not seen from her in a long time. Her modeling photos come with cringy self-affirming messages, taken by a photographer who seems to have connections and friendships with other accusers of Manson. What you won't see, however, are any photos of her family. And this is really where the strangeness of it all begins. Esme is trying to come off as a single woman with no family ties who looks like she wants to take Hollywood by storm, but the reality is that she is married and has two children. But why doesn't she ever talk about her family - her husband and two children? Well, it has been revealed, as strange and wild as this may seem, that she is going around publicly denying the existence of her children! Yes, you read that right - Esme Bianco has recently publicly denied she has any children despite the evidence of her two pregnancies in 2016 and 2019. And there is damning evidence to prove this lunacy, or should I say cover-up, which I will talk about more in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, you can finally order a Cameo from the new and improved Esme for only $79.


Jane Doe/Chloe Black

I won't say much here, because the trial is upon us, scheduled for October 3rd in Los Angeles, but right now there are back and forth exchanges between the lawyers of both sides, trying to figure out who the witnesses will be, what evidence will be allowed to be submitted, and whether or not Manson himself will be allowed to testify in his own defense at his own trial. In the coming days I will be going over all the details. Besides this, Chloe has been pretty quiet all summer, besides putting out a new song about someone who bullied her in the past, someone who sort of sounds like it could be Manson.

***Breaking News Update:*** Court files released on September 28th show that the case between Jane Doe/Chloe Black and Brian Warner/Marilyn Manson has been settled. Documents say the unconditional settlement was reached on September 26th, which means that in 45 days a request for dismissal will be filed. This is the second case that Manson has settled with an accuser, the first being Esme Bianco. This latest settlement, though not surprising and even expected, comes at a time when Jane Doe was caught off guard by the fact that Manson wanted to actually testify in this case along with witnesses on his behalf and present evidence he discovered which included private emails showing the plaintiff was pursuing him relentlessly even after she alleges some of the abuse took place. Jane Doe previously believed she was going into the trial with Manson pleading the fifth on pretty much everything.
The following statements were submitted to Rolling Stone:

Statement from Plaintiff Jane Doe/Chloe Black

I was fully prepared for trial and never in a million years thought I would ever settle, but over the past two-and-a-half years I have silently endured threats, bullying, harassment and various forms of intimidation that have intensified over the past few weeks. Marilyn Manson attended my deposition, and I was forced to answer seven hours of aggressive questioning with him staring at me from across the table. I’ve been told that this almost never happens, as it’s cruel, and that a main reason for it would be to intimidate and inflict emotional distress on a victim.
I never cared about money and only ever wanted justice, but if we had gone to trial, I could have lost my right to anonymity and been victim-blamed on a large and public scale. Most importantly I could have risked losing the freedom to tell my story, and that is worth more than anything in the world.
If any other victims are reading this, please know that you are loved and supported even if it doesn’t feel that way, and that in spite of everything I’ve been through I don’t for one second regret speaking up.

Statement from Plaintiff's Attorney Adam Wolf
I am honored to have supported Ms. Doe. My law firm stands with those who bravely push back against misconduct in all forms, especially by high-profile, powerful men. We are dedicated to fighting for justice, no matter how long it takes. You are not alone.
Statement from Defendant's Attorney Howard King
Brian is pleased that, just as previous lawsuits were abandoned without payment or settled for pennies on the dollar, this plaintiff has now agreed to drop her suit in exchange for an insurance payment representing a fraction of her demands and far less than the cost to Brian of proceeding to trial.
The following reply statement from Howard King was later submitted to the Los Angeles Times and People, along with a reply to King from Wolf:
Statement from Defendant's Attorney Howard King
A little honesty is long overdue. If this individual had actually wanted to share her story, she could have done so in front of a jury next week. Instead, as soon as the facts came out, showing that her case was meritless, she settled for pennies on the dollar.
As a result, since we wholeheartedly support her freedom to tell her story, we would be thrilled, with her permission, to release the full transcript of her deposition under oath, including the provocative emails and materials she sent to Mr. Warner after the alleged assaults, so that everyone else can know the truth as well.
Statement from Plaintiff's Attorney Adam Wolf 
One should view the comment quite skeptically, as Mr. Manson has an ethical obligation not to disclose information about the amount of the settlement. As for his attempts to smear Ms. Doe after settling with her, we have no interest in commenting further on Mr. Manson’s behavior. Mr. Manson’s history of misconduct speaks for itself.
Ashley Walters

Last we heard, Smashley was seeking to appeal the dismissal of her case against her former boss, Manson, but there has been silence about this for months now, except that in June Manson conceded to the appeal. Instead, what we have now is her listed as a possible witness on behalf of Manson in the upcoming trial with Jane Doe/Chloe Black. If this happens, then she will under oath ask to testify to the facts regarding Jane Doe's claims, mainly the claims that Manson gave her the key to his apartment, that she lived with him for a certain amount of time, and that there was no soundproof room in the apartment, among other things. The fact that Manson is willing to call Walters to testify on his behalf says a lot about the confidence Manson has that what he says is the truth and that what Jane Doe claims is a fabrication. And it should be noted that Jane Doe tried to prevent Walters from testifying, as with other witnesses for Manson. Besides this, she is mostly silent about serious matters on her Instagram (except when she posted that the Phoenix Act 2.0 recently passed extending the statute of limitations from 5 to 15 years in California) and is mainly occupied with showing her living life to its fullest by going on vacations, doing her photography, and attending concerts.

Bianca Kyne (Bianca Allaine)

Not much to say in regards to an update here. As far as I can see, there are no new significant updates in this case. Even her outspoken law firm has been silent about pursuing predators in the music industry, which was a campaign of theirs when this case started. Probably the most amazing thing here has been Bianca's silence on social media, which was an outlet for all her wackiness before she opened a case against Manson. For many months now she has completely disappeared from social media, but not more than a few weeks ago she has restored her Facebook account, though no new postings have been seen.

Illma Gore

Since the Brisbane Art Festival in May, in which Illma, like Evan, had a lot to say about the rise of AI, Illma has also been keeping quiet, except when in July she requested that Manson pay her lawyer's fees for losing the Anti-SLAPP. Gore is asking for about $204,485 and the hearing on her motion is set for February 1. Besides that, nothing, except that I recently learned her name "Illma" was inspired by her high school friends who called her "Ill Matherfuka" (this was also her Instagram handle a few years ago), which she shortened and then replaced her real name Ashley with it. Since Illma has been so out of the radar, you may want to check out what her sister Bryton has to say about her and other relevant matters on Medium, especially the one titled "The Golden Child’s Web of Lies – Illma Gore is a Fraud."

Los Angeles District Attorney Criminal Investigation

All is still silent from the LADA regarding the criminal investigation against Manson, except that the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday, September 29th: "The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office confirmed Friday that it is continuing to weigh whether to criminally charge Manson after a 19-month sexual abuse investigation by the county sheriff’s department." I have a few theories why this is dragging over a year since the LASD submitted their evidence to the LADA, but I won't get into too much speculation right now. Lenora Claire, friend of many Manson accusers, is still very active working as an advisor for the L.A. District Attorney George Gascon in the area of sex crimes, which is a position she has held, ironically, since January 31, 2021, the day before the infamous Manson naming of February 1, 2021. Now she is studying to be an investigator for sex assault charges. There are theories there may be a cover-up going on by the LADA, possibly for political reasons, and though things have been very questionable, we can only speculate for now what is really going on. Though in the recent filings of the Jane Doe lawsuit, it is confirmed the LADA is still conducting an investigation, and we even have been given a list in those documents of the various items that were confiscated in the seizure by the LASD in 2021, which includes the infamous Groupie film.

June 20
An Article About the MeToo Movement by Someone Who Was MeToo'd

Roy Price, a Manson supporter, wrote an article on his Substack on June 20th titled "What Percent of Hollywood's #MeToo was Real?" It's worth reading. He is not the only MeToo'd person to write an article about it, but it deserves attention. Here is another article from someone who was MeToo'd from 2020. And here is an article about MeToo'd men.

July 7
Valley Eyewear Confirms A Manson Collaboration

On July 7th, Valley Eyewear posted on Threads that Marilyn Manson is once again working with Tyler Bates on his new album. As is known, Tyler Bates worked in the past with Manson on both The Pale Emperor (2015) and Heaven Upside Down (2017), and now it looks like they have reunited six years later.

August 1
Linsday Posts a New Photo of Manson

On August 1, Manson's wife Lindsay posted a series of photos on her Instagram account, which included the following photo below. It was captioned with a quote from the French poet Charles Baudelaire: "Through the Unknown, we'll find the New" (Les Fleurs du Mal), which is the closing line of his poem "The Voyage". An appropriate quote in a time of present uncertainty, and in a time of optimistic hope.
The Tate House Door and the Marilyn Manson Connection

An interesting story that surfaced at the end of June was in regards to the auctioning of the Tate House Door. This door was attached to the Sharon Tate murder house and gained infamy due to the fact that as the murderers were leaving the massacre, one of them took a rag and wrote PIG on the door with Sharon Tate's blood. When Trent Reznor purchased the home in the 1990's, he kept the door and named the studio in the house Le Pig. The Marilyn Manson connection is that this door was around when he also lived and recorded in the house with Trent. Later on, when Trent moved to New Orleans and sold the house, he took the door with him and replaced the door to his Nothing Records studio there with the Tate House Door. Basically, this door was the door to the studios where Manson recorded Portrait of An American Family, Smells Like Children, and Antichrist Superstar. When Trent moved out of this building, he had some regrets about having the door, so he had it put in the basement, where it was left forgotten. Then recently, the new owner uncovered the door and decided to auction it off, even though Sharon Tate's sister was against such an action. Finally, on September 16th, TMZ reported that the door was sold at auction for $127,000 to an anonymous bidder.

August 19
The Marilyn Manson "Spitting Case" in New Hampshire Comes To a Conclusion

Marilyn Manson made his appearance in the Laconia, New Hampshire courtroom on September 18th, where he plead no contest to blowing his nose on videographer Susan Fountain at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford on August 19, 2019. Manson pleaded no contest to just the nose-blowing charge in a fully negotiated plea agreement with prosecutors. The prosecutors agreed to dismiss the other charge, which alleged that he spit on the videographer. A no contest plea means Manson is not contesting the charge and does not admit guilt. Fountain was not in attendance, but issued a statement in which she called the incident “the most disgusting thing a human being could have done.”

Manson was fined a little more than $1,400 as part of the deal, with $200 suspended. He needs to remain arrest-free and notify local police of any New Hampshire performances for two years. The judge agreed to allow Manson to serve his community service in California. He mentioned to reporters that he might choose to work with people in recovery. Manson has to give proof of his community service by February 4, 2024.

Upon leaving the courtroom, Manson was asked by a reporter what he plans to do for his community service, to which he replied in a soft-spoken voice that he would probably work with those in rehab. When asked if he wanted to apologize, he remained silent as he exited the court in an elevator.

It should be noted that despite the many accusations that have been brought against Manson over the decades in his career, now at the age of 54 this was his first offense and he has received a sentence for the first time which will go on his criminal record. Also, though there is one video publicly available which shows Manson spitting into a camera held by Fountain, this charge was dismissed by the court. Manson was charged for a later incident that was captured on a video that has yet to be released in which he allegedly blew his nose on Fountain.

Initially Manson was going to plead not guilty to both charges, and argue that any contact related to spitting or sneezing was unintentional. His attorney Kent Barker initially argued the following: “The defendant’s performance for the past twenty years are well known to include shocking and evocative antics similar to those that occurred here. The alleged victim consented to exposing herself to potential contact with sweat, saliva and phlegm in close quarters.” “It is no secret to anyone who has attended a Marilyn Manson concert that he likes to be provocative on stage, especially in front of a camera,” Manson's attorney Howard King said in 2021. “This misdemeanor claim was pursued after we received a demand from a venue videographer for more than $35,000 after a small amount of spit came into contact with their arm. After we asked for evidence of any alleged damages, we never received a reply.” He added, "This whole claim is ludicrous, but we remain committed to cooperating with authorities, as we have done throughout."

According to Fountain's attorney Andrew Livernois, who apparently saw the unreleased tape, the incident was as follows: "During that song, at one point, he approached the camera, looked into the lens and spit at the camera and struck the camera operator with saliva. He approached the camera again, and this time, he expelled matter from his nose at the camera, striking the woman again this time."

By this description, it appears Manson was aiming for the camera when he spit the first time and when he blew his nose the second time. Video footage publicly available of the first incident confirms that Manson was aiming at the camera, not the videographer. If this is true, then Manson was indeed targeting the camera as a part of his stage act which he has done on a number of occasions, and did not target Fountain as she alleges. If spit or mucus got on Fountain, it appears it was not intentional, and Manson may have found her disgusted reaction humorous at the time. Without seeing the unreleased video, however, we can't be sure what really happened.

Media reaction seemed to just report on the event, though a few had some fun with the titles:

"Marilyn Manson Punished for Using Someone as a Kleenex" (Metal Sucks)

"Marilyn Manson attends New Hampshire court in makeup resembling Nic Cage’s Dracula" (New York Post)