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An Exclusive Report on a Private Email Bianca Allaine Sent to Jeordie White in July 2021

On January 30th 2023, Bianca Allaine filed a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson as a Jane Doe, alleging he sexually assaulted her as a minor. She first came out against Manson in early February 2021, around the time Evan Rachel Wood and other accusers named him, when The Sun published her allegations twice . In those articles she stated that she had been in contact with Esme Bianco and that she had contacted the FBI in Maryland, where she lived, about her allegations against Manson. It even stated that she would soon be meeting with the FBI to discuss Manson, and that she would be giving them her evidence against him. On her social media pages at this time, Bianca began to discuss Manson a lot (they have all since been deleted). On February 8th that same year, Bianca appeared on a double episode of the CDAN podcast , where she discussed in detail her experiences with Manson. In a reply to a comment where this podcast is posted, Bianca stated: "I have a mission now to help those who a


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