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Ten Thoughts and Observations I Had Rewatching Evan Rachel Wood's "Phoenix Rising" (Part One)

When the two-part documentary Phoenix Rising aired on HBO on March 15th and 16th 2022, I saw it and immediately wrote my review of part two, having already written my review of part one when I saw its premiere at Sundance over a month earlier. I didn't have much time to process it at the time, because it has a lot of information, and with limited space to write about it in a limited time, there was only so much you could address. After watching the documentary about 3 or 4 times, I realized I could easily write a book with all I had to say. Now that some time had passed since I last saw it, I just rewatched the documentary this past week on the anniversary of its premiere, and there were things that stood out to me that I didn't either capture a year ago or didn't have enough knowledge at the time to better comprehend. I will try to summarize my thoughts and observations into a list of ten things I wanted to address, though it could easily be more than ten, choosing five t

The Truth About Leslee Lane, Marilyn Manson's Most Toxic and Dangerous Fan (Part 1: Did She Really Have a Threesome With Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood?)

Those who love Marilyn Manson and those who hate Marilyn Manson have one thing in common: they know that Leslee Lane is the most toxic and dangerous fan of Marilyn Manson - the rest just don't know who she truly is (or are likeminded), which is why I will begin a series exposing this vile person as a warning to all. Make no mistake about it, Leslee Lane is just as horrible as Evan Rachel Wood, self-centered with a victim mentality, in fact she should be known as Evan 2.0, except that she is so obsessed with her fantasy about Marilyn Manson that she just won't let go and has devoted her life to gaining admiration for her supposed closeness with him.

I want people to know, that even though Leslee Lane has stalked, abused, harassed, bullied and doxxed numerous people, as the evidence will show, I have done absolutely no research on Leslee Lane. The only time I ever searched her name on the internet was to get a photo for this post. All the information I have of her is from the people she has wronged over the years, which is confirmed by a number of people who have known her, and much of it comes from my own observations following her antics over the years.

In part one we will examine a claim Leslee has been making for years till the present day to her followers. This is a claim that she never made to me, but many people have come forward to me about it, and even though these same people know how much of a fraud Leslee Lane is, they still believed this one claim to be true, which is why I have chosen to examine it first. Leslee Lane in her delusional fantasies has told many people, publicly and privately, with great pride, that she had a threesome with Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood.

Some background information. Back in 2007, when Marilyn Manson was dating Evan Rachel Wood, Leslee Lane claims she was living with Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood while she dated the magician and friend of Manson, Rudy Coby. This claim in itself is problematic, that she lived with Manson, but it will not be my focus here. At some point during this time, the alleged threesome took place. Here is how Leslee creepily described it on her Discord channel on April 30, 2020:
To summarize: 
Leslee Lane begins by bemoaning the fact that Lindsay Usich, who was engaged to Manson at the time of this post and married him a month later, won't share Marilyn Manson in a sexual way similar to how Evan Rachel Wood shared Manson in a sexual way with Leslee. 
Apparently it was Evan who initiated the threesome by making out with Leslee, and when Manson saw them making out, he was like: "Hey, I'm down."

We are then told that Evan and Leslee were on ecstasy while Manson was on his usual drug cocktail, whatever that is.

Finally, Leslee concludes by admitting that even though she should not be talking about this subject, she openly does, and clarifies that it was Evan who initiated the threesome and not herself, because she would not have otherwise done it. Still, she had a great time doing it (wink wink).


1. It is very clear from the beginning that Leslee brings up the topic of a threesome out of nowhere in order to get her admirers to start asking her about it, which gives her the excuse of sharing more details about how supposedly intimate she really was with Marilyn Manson.

2. She makes it a point to say Evan initiated the threesome and emphasizes how she was definitely bisexual, but at the same time says they were both on ecstasy. However, when someone is on ecstasy, users often feel love and affection for the people they're with and the strangers around them, so to make even these claims about Evan while in such a drug induced state in an indicator that what Leslee is describing is not truthful. 

3. Though I have never taken ecstasy, one of the main reasons why I would never take it is because everyone I know who has ever taken it has reported to me a certain loss of memory while on it as well as uncontrolled behavior. It also has a psychedelic factor to it. For this reason alone, whether Leslee believes this threesome to have taken place or whether she is making it up, her account cannot be trusted.

4. Where was her boyfriend Rudy Coby during this threesome? Did Rudy approve of Manson having sex with Leslee? What was the aftermath?

5. Leslee gives off a sense of eagerness to talk about things related to Manson throughout this confession, and her description is very creepy, as if she is describing a delusional fantasy.

6. It becomes clear by the end that Leslee had a crush on both Manson and Evan, and is likely describing to her admirers a delusional fantasy she carried with her for years. Her daily obsession with posting photos of Manson and making sexual comments about them till this day shows she continues to cling to her delusional fantasies.
What about Dita Von Teese? 
Besides the claim that she had a threesome with Evan and Manson, it seems she also made a claim that she had a threesome with Manson and Dita a few years earlier in 2003 or 2004, and her husband at the time, whom Leslee only allowed to have sex with her once backstage at a Manson concert, was made to wonder for three years whether the child belonged to him or Manson. She said this on her Discord in 2020:

Here Leslee is talking about Lindsay's "great body" and how different she is look-wise from both Dita and Evan, of whom she "like a perv" makes a point of stating that she saw the latter two naked. At first I thought, "Well, ok, I mean, who hasn't seen Dita and Evan naked?" Both have appeared nude on a number of occasions.

But then someone sent me this, which Leslee posted around the same time:

Essentially what we have here is Leslee telling her teenage daughter and her mother about her threesome with Manson, and explaining that her daughter was conceived backstage at a Manson concert. Apparently after she had sex with her husband that one and only time, she spent three hours with Manson backstage, which made him wonder for three years if his daughter was his or Manson's. It appears that she may be saying she had a threesome with Manson and Dita at the time, but it's not clear. It does seem clearer however that she is at least claiming at this point she had sex with Manson, and putting all the facts together it seems the implication is that it was a threesome with Dita.

What else does Leslee say about her alleged threesome?
Creepy Leslee Lane seems to claim here that either after the threesome or while living with him and invading his laundry, that she was so obsessed with Manson that she took his used underwear and saved them in her drawer. During this revelation, on June 24th 2020, Manson was married to Lindsay, but still Leslee does not hesitate to point out stains and pubic hair on the underwear allegedly from Manson and take photos and share them with her admirers, sort of like when Anthony Michael Hall publicly displays Molly Ringwald's underwear in Sixteen Candles, but this is a mother in her thirties who was doing it.

What does Marilyn Manson have to say about about Leslee's claim that she had a threesome with him and Evan?

"I don't consider myself to be as... open as people might consider me to be. I'm a little more shy. I think that's why you become extroverted, when you're a little bit more shy about who you are. Especially you know, in sexual, er, terms. So I wouldn't say there's a lot of sexual decadence around me." (The Guardian - May 2007) 
"I'm not some sort of sexual deviant. I think I would laugh nervously in the face of a threesome. I'm shy. I'm the kind of person who turns the lights out." (The Guardian - July 2012)  
"Threesomes, I don’t like threesomes, just for the record. I thought for so many years—you were talking about love earlier—I had this conversation with my ex-wife [Dita Von Teese] after ten years, I said ‘do you remember the time we weren’t married and we were in Zurich and you said hey, why don’t I go pick up some hot goth girls and bring ’em backstage, and she brought two girls. And I was just finishing my show, leaning back looking cool. Wearing my hat, stripe across my face. Tight dick player. I have that tattoo by the way, TDP…
And she brings back two girls, so she picks the hot one and starts making out with her, so what do I do? I get stuck with the dud. But then I get punched and then I didn’t realize for ten years, it was a foursome because there were not three people in the room. And then I asked her ‘why did you hit me?’ And she said ‘You’re supposed to stare at your girlfriend having sex with the hot girl.’ I said: 'But it was my concert, why did you stick me with the dud?’ So no threesomes, it’s an extra crying, bleeding machine in the morning. If someone’s gonna cry in the morning, it’s probably gonna be me.” (The Howard Stern Show, September 2017)
“At the end, when you see the underwear burning, those are mine — and that’s Johnny’s lighter — he burnt my f***ing underwear! I was embarrassed to be nude in front of these two girls, Johnny too. We’ve been friends for so long but we don’t sit around and look at each other’s undercarriages.” (The Sun - November 2017 - Manson describing the making of the video for "Kill4Me")

The message is clear:

1. Marilyn Manson does not seem to have ever had a threesome with two girls.

2. Marilyn Manson does not want to have a threesome with two girls.

3. Leslee Lane is calling Marilyn Manson a liar, because if she is a true fan she would have been aware of this.

4. Why would Marilyn Manson lie about not having, enjoying or taking part in a threesome? One would think as a rock star he would brag about it, like many rock stars do.

What does Lindsay, Marilyn Manson's wife, say about Leslee's claim?

Someone who I know that is in open communication with Lindsay informed me that she recently asked Lindsay about her threesome claim with Manson, and Lindsay emphatically denied the claim and said it was not true.

Concluding Remarks:
Leslee Lane is a phony and a fraud who claims a closer relationship with Manson and Lindsay than what exists in reality. Both directly contradict her claim that Manson was involved in a threesome with her. Furthermore, these claims of Leslee Lane, even if they were true, are nothing but a betrayal and humiliation of Marilyn Manson to elevate her own status in the Manson community. This makes her no better than any of Manson's other accusers, who use him for their own gain.