Some Interesting Developments With Marilyn Manson's "Bad Girls Room"

I've been a bit busy and haven't had time to post anything, so I just wanted to quickly share a few interesting developments in my research that will be expanded upon in the future.

1. I believe I have found the prototype of Marilyn Manson's alleged "Bad Girls Room". It is something every Marilyn Manson fan has seen, but probably never made the connection. Because I want to share photos, even video, I will elaborate on this in a separate post.

2. I won't name him right now, but I sent an email and am awaiting a reply from the former Editor In Chief of V Magazine. On December 13, 2011 an interview with Manson was published in his apartment over the liquor store, of which he wrote:

"Marilyn Manson lives on top of a liquor store in Hollywood. It used to belong to the actor Billy Zane, and Manson first visited his future home when he'd just arrived in L.A. and was trying to make it as a musician. Now it's his perfect lair: a recording studio, a bedroom with a 'bad girls room' (some former shower or steam room that's now a lockable, soundproof glass enclosure), and an enormous and black-out space that serves as a movie theater, bar, art studio, and den for congregation."

When this "Bad Girls Room" was first mentioned in the allegations of Ashley Morgan Smithline, who claimed to have been locked in this room around 100 times, as proof for her claim this interview was mentioned. Since then there has been a debate as to whether or not this room really did have a lock.

The interviewer mentioned in another interview:

"I went to Marilyn Manson’s house to hang out and had a great correspondence with him for a long while."

This interviewer also has a website, here.

If you go to his website, you will notice Marilyn Manson is not among the musical artists he interviewed, though he clearly did. Also, he had no personal contact information. Why?

Well, I went to the Wayback Machine to see what his website looked like before the allegations - to July 15, 2000. In these archives I saw that he did have Marilyn Manson included, right before Peter Murphy in fact. Furthermore, if you click on the "About" link, at that time he also included his contact information. When you click on the Manson interview from that time which he posted on his website, he introduced it with the following new information:

"Contacted Manson. Brought idea to photographer/designer Hedi Slimane. Helped co-ordinate shoot, flew to LA for an evening of black magic with Manson at his home."

What is going on here?

Clearly this interviewer is hiding his association with Manson and does not want to be contacted about it. He apparently lives in Los Angeles and is a screenwriter. Being forced to comment about Manson may have consequences on his career. Perhaps he was being harassed with emails?

I don't know and I'm curious. My main question is whether or not he saw with his own eyes the "bad girls room" with a lock on it, or was it something Manson exaggerated for the interview. Since I now have his contact information, I decided to email him. Hope he replies.

The photo above is from the article this interviewer had on his website that was apparently taken by Hedi Slimane. There is one more that I will post when I develope this further.
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